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  1. Hello Milo and welcome to the forums. $config->userAuthSalt For security reasons this should be different for every page. This value is used to hash your passwords to add an extra layer of security. That means when you change it you won't be able to log in anymore without regenerating the password. $config->httpHosts This should be just the host, without the protocol. So without http/https site/assets/files As far as I know there is no better way to do this, so you would have to delete files that are not needed on the new site manually. I could be wrong tho. As for the title of the topic: try to add a couple more words so people with the same questions will have it easier to find your topic in the future 😉 Best regards and again, welcome to the community
  2. I was struggling with that recently too. It doesn't seem to be too well documented. If I remember correctly you could do the following <?php .... $form->add($f); if($this->input->requestMethod('POST')) { // validate and upload the file to /site/assets/files $form->processInput($this->input->post); // access file $uploadedFile = $form->get('prop_pix_1')->value; }
  3. Please no. 🙂 I've been working with JsViews on a project and as the project became considerably large it became a nightmare to maintain. It's not necessarily JsViews fault though, it does a splendid job at what it does. But attaching event listeners to things based on their ID somewhere in the DOM and then reacting to it isn't really maintainable in a larger scale. In my opinion VueJS (https://vuejs.org) would be a great addition to the ProcessWire backend as they also somewhat follow the same philosophy and are a joy to work with.
  4. Hey Eduardo. Thank you a lot for the honest status update. It's nice to read something about the module again and get some insights why there wasn't an update in a while. I (and probably many others in this community) would love to get my hands on the module. The teaser videos looked just too awesome. For me it definitely looks polished and powerful enough to be a sold as a Pro module.👍 But if you lack the time and resources to support it at the moment, I'm sure the community would be infinitely grateful if you just released it as is.
  5. @elabx@joshuag Are you still planning on releasing the module? It would be a pity and a huge loss if such an awesome module would never see the light of the day. If you currently lack the time to continue on the module maybe you could publish it along with a list of things that still need to be done? I would gladly work on completing it.
  6. Hey everyone, this week I found the time to write some modules and came up with something that I think could be greatly improved in ProcessWire. In my opinion when developing PHP applications today there should barely be the need to manually require files that contain classes anymore. Instead this should be handled by an autoloading function and probably by more strictly following a fixed PSR naming guideline. In ProcessWire as developers we unfortunately still have to manually require files which, besides from feeling somewhat dirty, has two major drawbacks: 1) files get loaded even when not needed to process the current request 2) file includes are all over the place and also have to be considered when refactoring
  7. Super cool, congratulations on the upgraded infrastructure. I definitely would like to read more details about how you two setup ProcessWire in that environment. That would make for a good, enterprise-y tutorial here on the page too.
  8. Hey Mike, is there anything the community could do to support you with v2? The new version is highly anticipated 🙂
  9. If I want to show tens of thousands of rows, but just 100 per page, the only options I have at the moment are: Load all rows and let agGrid handle the pagination (fast navigation, slow initial load) Just show 100 results (fast initial load, but data is incomplete) implement my own server side ajax implementation for pagination (fast, but higher development effort) Is that right? Or does RockFinder already provide a solution for pagination without having to load all the data? If it doesn't: Is that something that falls in the scope of RockFinder and you @bernhard would like it to be implemented?
  10. This is awesome Ryan, keep it up! I can imagine going through the issue reports is not as exciting as developing new features but it's definitely more important in terms of maintainability and long-term user happiness. Happy that these issues are being tackled. I wish you and everyone in the community a great weekend too.
  11. Late to the party, but this looks really good at first sight. I recommended Ag-Grid to @bernhard back in the day, because imho it is much more powerful and at the same time easier to customize than the jQuery Datatables plugin he was using at the time (https://datatables.net/). Now (again at first sight, I didn't deep-dive into Tabulator) this looks on a par with Ag Grid, feature-wise and easy-of-use-wise. A big plus I see is that it's completely MIT-licensed and there aren't any features hidden behind an enterprise licensing model. Have you come across any downsides when working with Tabular or any essential features that it lacks?
  12. I was searching a lot too and settled on https://bitwarden.com/ Maybe it fits your needs as well.
  13. Mainly this. I didn't know it's not visible for non-superusers. That makes it better. Still, I think this could become something you add as a module when you are in need of it, nothing that almost all users at all times need.
  14. Hey, this is not a feature request, the feature is already there. But for me personally, it's more often cluttering the UI than being useful. I would like to know if I'm the only one that thinks so. I'm WOW'ed by ProcessWire because it really often offers just the right amount of functionality and keeps things clean and simple. The bookmarks feature is something I thought from the beginning should be an optional module rather than something that's tightly built into the core. Or is there a specific reason this has to be part of the ProcessWire core? Looking forward to hearing your opinions.
  15. Fully agree with @LostKobrakai. I guess a well documented ->sanitize() method would do, I'd say those magic methods are more confusing than helpful. Also I originally came here to comment that a "slug" sanitizer method that also handles Umlauts would be an awesome addition too. "I drink Jägerbombs" -> "i-drink-jagerbombs"
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