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Found 3 results

  1. I am about to create several pages via API. In another script I populate the fields per language. I found that each page generated via API, even when alternative languages are also populate, they are inactive by default. Is there an API method to set it to active? Either when creating a page, or when updating it (setting field values). (PW 2.3.2 setup)
  2. I've been trying to make a carousel with a repeater field that has an "active" class on the first div. I found a similar thread here but still can't get it to work. Most likely me having a dumb moment Here's my code: <div class="carousel slide <?=$page->position?>"> <h4><?=$page->heading?></h4> <!-- Carousel items --> <div class="carousel-inner"> <?php $output = ''; $class = 'item'; foreach($page->testimonials as $testimonial) { $status = ''; if ($testimonial === $page->testimonials->first()) $status .= ' active'; $class .= $status; $output .= "<div class='{$class}'> <img class='quotes' src='{$config->urls->templates}assets/img/quotes.png'> <p>{$testimonial->body}</p> <h6>{$testimonial->person_name}</h6> </div>"; } echo $output; ?> </div> </div> Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
  3. i want to output a menu with just one dropdown-option and an class="active" if the user is on the active page this is my tree – root –– page A –––– child page A –––– child page A –––– … –– page B ––– child page B ––– child page B ––– child page B –– page C ––– child page C ––– child page C and the output should be like this –– page A (just dropdown, no link! just text) –––– child page A (link) –––– child page A (link) –––– … –– page B (link) (children should not be listed) –– page C (link) (children should not be listed) and if the current page matches A, B and C matches on any level a class should be added to page A or B or C this my code so far but i dont how to make page B and C an link and page A just text and how not to output the children of page B and C <?php $root = $pages->get("/"); $children = $root->children(); foreach($children as $child) { $class = $child === $page->rootParent ? " class='on'" : ""; echo "<li $class ><a >{$child->title}</a>"; echo "<ul>"; foreach($child->children as $grandchild) { echo "<li ><a href='{$grandchild->url}'>{$grandchild->title}</a></li>"; } echo "</ul></li>"; } ?>
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