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  1. thx @dragan and @flydev ok i understand. this also means that i'm not able to remove items (fields) with ->remove()?
  2. i want to output some of my pagefields as options in a html select tag i can do this this way: $search_options = $templates->get("catalog_item")->fields; but i'm not able to sort them: $search_options = $templates->get("catalog_item")->fields("sort=label"); array_multisort() ksort() doesn't work either. is sort limited to pagearrays?
  3. try to use RewriteBase /page in your htaccess no need for a RewriteRule
  4. thx but how do i extend it globally in config.php? is there something like this? $config->sanitizer->pageNameUTF8(int $maxLength = 200);
  5. i get 404-Errors when my url is longer than 128 characters using pw 3.0.127 where do i find the options to set a higher limit?
  6. i'm trying to reduce redundancy and creating a structure which can be used later (relation-links) some existing should be also used as tags beside the new ones. yes yes ok, i though PW would use the first settings (parent/template) for creating the new pages, and additional setting and selector for additional options any tutorials/how-to for backend-hooks?
  7. i'm using a page-field with the inputfield-chosen-select-multiple as a tag-system – there are two different templates (template_A & template_B) which can be chosen – and both have different parents (parent_of_A's & parent_of_B's) – new pages (tags) generated from this field should be children of parent_of_A's and have template_A so i've chosen parent_of_A's as the parent and template_A as template. and selected template_B as extra template. this is must because that how the system know where to put the new pages. but this does not work when i try to add other templates as extra-templates or with the selector string method. error says: not the right template only using selector-string-method works for choosing, but no new pages can be generated
  8. i created a new role and activated all permissions but publish. now a user is able to create and edit new pages with this role. but editing existing pages (created by superuser) isn't possible templates acces rules are also set right
  9. hmmm...was easier than i thought however, if someone wants to do it: here is a good how-to by Ryan: @Autofahrn you were right. makes more sense by json. it's also way faster
  10. reason is my shitty javascript skills. i'll give it a try
  11. don't think so. i have a follow up question. i get data as a whole. is there a way to get the content of specific fields. like data->divWithClassX? i want to update the content of two different divs on the page. do i have to that with the json-method?
  12. yeah! thx @Autofahrn my mistake. i had a variable defined in my header.inc which was missing!
  13. i did, 500 error again! send @ jquery.js:2 ajax @ jquery.js:2 w.(anonymous function) @ jquery.js:2 (anonymous) @ main.js:43 dispatch @ jquery.js:2 y.handle @ jquery.js:2 main.js:43 $.get($("this").attr('href'), function(data) {
  14. thx i had also another typo no errors now. but after clicking, the whole page is reloaded
  15. my ajax-reload leads into a 500 error (console) am i missing something? i just want to reload the random content of the the #data-div template-markup: if(!$config->ajax) { include("./inc/header.inc"); echo "<a href='$page->url' class='button' >PRESS THE BUTTON</a>"; echo "<section class='content' id='data'>"; // some images echo "</section>"; include("./inc/footer.inc"); } else { echo "<a href='$page->url' class='button' >PRESS THE BUTTON</a>"; echo "<section class='content' id='data'>"; // some images echo "</section>"; } and js: $(".button").click(function() { $("#date").html("<p>Loading...</p>"); $.get($(this).attr('href'), function(data) { $("#data").html(data); }); return false; });
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