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  1. search for array chunk. you could divide all your blog-posts into segments with five posts. and add a work sample add the end of the segment
  2. @Robin S was very kind and had a deeper look at my problem and found the problem:
  3. @Robin S thanks for the Module. I installed the module and added it to my template. But it looks like PagePathHistory is overwriting the new custom path. my old path: /test/folder/page/ new custom path /test/page/ When i enter domain.com/test/page/, the site redirects me to the old path. Did i forgot something?
  4. @joshua thx. I tried it, and does not work for me. i also have not another repeater-field above or below my matrixfield.
  5. @David Karich i remember using this module and everything was fine. I wanted to use it again but the copy icon doesn't show up anymore after installing the module. am i missing something? pw 3.0.148 and tested with matrixrepeater v4 and v5
  6. thx @dragan this works if($allguests->has("id=$input->urlSegment1")) { } but i'll do it like you suggested. first sanitizing.
  7. i have a event-page with a table. first column in this table is page-reference-field how can i find out if a urlSegment matches one of the rows having the same page-reference-field (page-id)? // all guests $allguests = new pageArray(); foreach($page->event_guests_table as $event_guests_table_row) { $allguests->prepend($event_table_row->guest); } // echo allguests would output: 1101|1102|1103|… // domain.tld/event/1101/ // show content if guest is in the table or redirect if($input->urlSegment1 ~= $allguests ) { // show content } else { // redirect } which selector operator do i have to use? the one above does not work
  8. i bypassed it with a static helper-array and it works. would be nice to know how to do this without a helper array $mNames = array("zero", "Januar", "Februar", "März", "April", "Mai", "Juni", "Juli", "August", "September", "Oktober", "November", "Dezember"); $ms = wireArray(); $m1 = date('n', 1579643232); // 1 $m2 = date('n', 1583107200); // 3 $ms->prepend($m1); $ms->prepend($m2); foreach($ms as $name) { echo "$mNames[name] "; } // result: Januar März
  9. I want to have filters with month names in german. I fetch them from date-fields with strftime('%B', $timestamp); But i'm not able to add them correctly to a wireArray() What's the right way to do that? $ms = wireArray(); $m1 = strftime('%B', 1579643232); // Januar $m2 = strftime('%B', 1583107200); // März $ms->prepend($m1); $ms->prepend($m2); foreach($ms as $name) { echo "$name "; // result: Januar M�rz }
  10. thx it's weird, maybe i try mailgun and see what happens there
  11. hi @guy i corrected that comma on line 132 still getting no statistics/activity-data on sendgrid. maybe its like this because of SSL (https)?
  12. did the update i guess there's a typo this appears on the settingspage of the module
  13. hey @guy i installed this module and have a free-sendgrid account. generated an API key and did this: $m = new wireMail(); $m->body('hello'); $m->from($email = 'test@test.com', $name = 'John'); $m->to($email = 'mail@test.com', $name = 'Jane', $substitutions = null, $subject = 'TESTING'); $m->___send(); Email is send out and delivered. But i don't see any statistics about them being sent on sendgrid. Did i forgot something? Tracking is enabled.
  14. Got it working by using two loops. One for sending out emails and the other for changing the value. … // loop through table and send out emails foreach($event->event_clients_list as $event_table_row) { // get client page $clientPage = $event_table_row->client_name; // get client email $clientEmail = $clientPage->email; // email html body ob_start(); include('./_inc/emailbody.inc'); $emailBody = ob_get_clean(); if($event_table_row->client_invited == '') { // send email $m = new WireMail(); $m->to($clientEmail); $m->from($fromEmail, $fromName); $m->subject($emailSubject); $m->bodyHTML($emailBody); $m->send(); } } // make event-page editable $event->of(false); // loop through table and change value foreach($event->event_clients_list as $event_table_row) { // if client isn't invited yet (checkbox not checked) if($event_table_row->client_invited == '') { $event_table_row->client_invited = 1; $event->save('event_clients_list'); } }
  15. thank you @rick it works! here the code: // event ID $eventID = $input->get('eventID','int'); $event = $pages->get($eventID); // config $testEmail = $event->event_mail_test_adress; $fromEmail = $event->event_mail_from; $fromName = $event->event_mail_from_name; $emailSubject = $event->event_mail_subject; $filenameDate = strftime('%d-%m-%Y', $event->date_start); // filename $filename = "{$event->name}_{$filenameDate}"; // create ics file $file = fopen('ics/'.$filename.'.ics', 'w') or die('File can not be saved!'); // fetch start date $event_start_ts = $event->getUnformatted("date_start"); // build the .ics data $ical_data = "\r\n"; $ical_data .= 'BEGIN:VCALENDAR'; … … … $ical_data .= "\r\n"; $ical_data .= 'END:VCALENDAR'; fwrite($file, $ical_data); fclose($file); // HTML BODY ob_start(); include('./_inc/emailbody.inc'); $emailBody = ob_get_clean(); // send email $m = new WireMail(); $m->to($testEmail); $m->from($fromEmail, $fromName); $m->subject($emailSubject); $m->bodyHTML($emailBody); $m->attachment('ics/'.$filename.'.ics'); $m->send();
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