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  1. thx @BitPoet I guess there is Typo in your Snippet. Missing closing }? However I get a 500 Error. So I tried this: <script type="text/javascript"> <?php $jsConfig = $config->js(); ?> var ProcessWire = {config: <?php echo json_encode($jsConfig); ?>}; var config = ProcessWire.config; </script> and $config->js('mySettings', [ 'foo' => 'bar', ]); but console.log(ProcessWire.config); outputs an empty array
  2. I would like to pass over a string from PHP to JS. I guess thats the way to go: https://processwire.com/api/ref/config/js/ However when i try it i get the error: Uncaught ReferenceError: ProcessWire is not defined at HTMLDocument. I think it's because of missing ProcessWire object in my js file. How do I import it?
  3. Hi @wbmnfktr, look here: https://dr-dsgvo.de/ist-mailjet-datenschutzkonform-nutzbar/ I don't know if this is a reliable source but sounds legit. And did it work for you with the WireMailMailgun?
  4. hey @benbyf, as you see above i had/have same problems. Back then i read something about issues with SSL preventing tracking.
  5. i would say the name on a profile page lacks a bit of contrast
  6. I found another solution and it works for me. First I loop through my pages and save the needed content into a helper-textarea-field. I added this helper-field into the indexed fields and this works. I guess this is not the best for the performance but it works for me. Thanks again
  7. ok, I'm a noob but I'll give it a try. I will use my loops and add the needed content to the searchindex. But where should i place this hook to run it after a page is saved in the backend?
  8. hi @teppo, thanks for the module. it's great! i have pages which are selected through a page reference field from inside a table which is inside a repeater which is inside a repeater matrix item (matrix_repeater) -> (matrix_repeater_item) -> (repeater) -> (table) -> (table column [page reference field]) -> title or text_field the search_index has already the title of those pages in it. is there an easy way to also get the other fields of the reference page inside the search_index. those selected pages have also a search_index.just to be sure you know where the pages are, here's the route i go on the frontend: foreach($page->matrix_repeater as $matrix_repeater_item) { if($matrix_repeater_item->type == 'xxxxx') { foreach($matrix_repeater_item->repeater as $repeaterItem) { foreach($repeaterItem->table as $tableRow) { $selectedPage = $tableRow->pageReference; $selectedPage->title; // this is automatically in the search_index $selectedPage->body // this should be added to the search_index } } } }
  9. wow! processWire is just amazing, thank you
  10. i need to search inside an table which is inside a repater which is inside a repeater matrix fiels so this is the structure: (matrix_repeater) -> (matrix_repeater_item) -> (repeater) -> (table) -> (table column [page reference field]) -> title or text_field $matches = $pages->find("matrix_repeater.matrix_repeater_item.repeater.table.table_page_reference.title%=$q"); is that even possible?
  11. Is there a way to search in a multilingual-site only through default language values? My selector for my other languages work like this: $selectorEn = "seo_description.data1032~=$q, limit=50, template!='pw_child'"; $selectorFr = "seo_description.data1031~=$q, limit=50, template!='pw_child'"; 1032 is english and 1031 ist french and my default language ID is 1021. However this does not work $selectorDe = "seo_description.data1021~=$q, limit=50, template!='pw_child'"; and this selector searches all languages $selectorDe = "seo_description~=$q, limit=50, template!='pw_child'"; What i want is to search and get the results in different languages and show those results in the different languages.
  12. 😂 ok, is it possible to do this via php? $_COOKIE["cookieName"];
  13. thanks @horst for js-beginners like me here is my solution: function eraseCookie(name) { document.cookie = name+'=; expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 UTC; path=/; Domain=.your-domain.tld;'; } var privacyWireCookies = JSON.parse(window.localStorage.getItem('privacywire')); if (privacyWireCookies !== null) { if(privacyWireCookies.statistics == false) { eraseCookie("cookiename"); } } Be aware that you have set the domain to be able to remove the cookies for google-analytics!
  14. great! thanks again @joshua But i wasn't able to find any info in the window object path you suggested. I found it here: window.localStorage.privacywire But this console.log(window.localStorage.privacywire) outputs a string, so i'm not able to check with if(window.localStorage.privacywire.statistics !== true) { // remove cookies } Am i missing something?
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