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  1. This is strange. Are those category pages actual pages in the frontend? Or are they just helper page to store data and they do not exist as pages in the frontend? You could reset the module cache to make sure, it's not cache related. Do those pages/templates have any special settings? Any non defaults? content-type? url segments?
  2. @protro I'm not familiar with rockfrontend. As you can see in a browser console your final code loads several files (uikit.min.js, uikit-icons.min.js, main.js, main.css) before loading your oswald.css file with the @font-face rules. The browser reads your oswald.css file and then sends a request to download webfonts. So two things delay the webfont download. The order of your js and css files and also the chaining via the font-face rule inside a css file. Most of the time it helps just to change the order and to set the css file at the first place. And as I said before the fastest way would be to inline those @font-face rules. If inlining does not help also, you could also give the browser a hint to preload webfonts like this: <link rel="preload" href="/site/templates/styles/whereever_your_fonts_are/webfont.woff2" as="font" type="font/woff2"> <!-- or for crossorigin <link rel="preload" href="https://www.domain.com/webfont.woff2" as="font" type="font/woff2" crossorigin> -->
  3. @protro you could try to avoid FOUC by loading you oswald.css earlier or even one step durther and inlining the webfont css part into your head part
  4. @kaz that is the way to go Or using embed option D and writing custom code
  5. just add a dot before the folder name. PW will ignore the module. Then install the new Module
  6. @V7dev in case you wonder, why you do not see the repater in you dump. Repeaters are pages themself linked to your actual page Also see here for more options to get the repeater items:
  7. @V7dev you just need a loop $items = $pages->find("template=event_day, event_schedule.speakers={$page->id}"); foreach($items as $item) { foreach($item->event_schedule as $repeater_item) { echo $repeater_item->event_start_date; } }
  8. @Tyssen I use this module which builds on this (yours). And it has template select fields on the module edit page. Maybe the old module has also these fields.
  9. @cpx3 please triple check everything. It works for me. Which embed version are you using?
  10. @cpx3 you could select the html5 native date field as your type and choos today as your default value. Your minimum values can be set via a hook $wire->addHookBefore('FormBuilderProcessor::renderReady', function($event) { $form = $event->arguments(0); if($form->name != 'your-form-name') return; $inputfield_1 = $form->getChildByName('your_date_field_1'); $inputfield_2 = $form->getChildByName('your_date_field_2'); if($inputfield_1) $inputfield_1->attr('min', date('Y-m-d')); if($inputfield_2) $inputfield_2->attr('min', date('Y-m-d', strtotime(' +1 day'))); });
  11. Actually I prefer custom sizes or labels instead of numeric sizes. It far more intuitive to have small/medium/large instead of 3/12, 4/12 or 6/12 for users. In one of my projects I used numbers in combination with ion range slider (see screenshot). I don't like it anymore! After that almost all of the projects I tried to avoid column layout options via backend. Just here and there a „smaller“ or “bigger“ checkbox.
  12. @BrendonKoz could you elaborate more on the difficulties? And why having a 12 grid system and preset 2/3/4/6 column sizes, which you could assign to the matrix items, does not fit you?
  13. @ManuelBridwell this a thread from the ProMailer forum. You need to buy ProMailer to have access to that forum.
  14. go here: https://processwire.com/talk/clients/purchases/ And look for ProMailer. You should see somthing llike There is a pending renewal invoice for this product. Pay Now If not, just contact Ryan and tell him, you would like to a renewal If the ProMailer key does not belong to you, you have to buy ProMailer first
  15. I think you need to extend your annual subscription and this automatically gives you access to the promailer-forum And yes it is possible to have multiple lists. see here:
  16. @kaz you could store your class in a variable before echo // storing class in a variable $class = ($page->check == 1) ? "checkedClass" : "defaultClass"; // // or emtpy by default // $class = ($page->check == 1) ) "checkedClass" : ""; echo "<img class='$class' src='{$page->image->url}'>";
  17. hi @Rob0610 processwire is a CMS. If you have a html document and want to publish it, just upload it to a webserver. You don't need processwire for that.
  18. I guess you use numbers in you url segments right? So this would result into $images->2->get('foo|bar')? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think this syntax is correct.
  19. @biberI don't get what you are doing with the $seg1 variable. What are you trying to access with $images->$seg1 ? And I doubt that the pageimage/s Classes have a get method that accepts two fieldnames. Let's say you want the value of the description field from your third image. You could access it this way: $images = $page->images; echo $images->eq(2)->description;
  20. I'm not sure where $images or $seg is defined in your code. Anyway, you can access images with key inside loops like this: foreach ($page->images->getValues() as $i => $image) { echo "<img class='number_$i' src='$image->url'>"; } // $page->images is an object // $page->images->getValues() is an array You can also access an image without looping $firstImage = $page->images->eq(0); // first image $thirdImage = $page->images->eq(2); // third image If name_1 isn't an extra image field, then you should access it via $page->name_1.
  21. @biber have a look here Since 3.0.142 there is a core option to have additional custom fields for image and file fields I guess they are stored separately.
  22. @joe_gi would recommend to let user add and sort pages manually. And add an extra checkbox or option/page field in which sorting options are available. Then you would use a hook to sort them by the option used after save. Your option field should have an empty option as default and should be resetted after save. I'm sure there are also ways to do that via JS in the backend.
  23. Hi @SIERRA, I guess you have to find a solution for this via hooks. May be you can use https://processwire.com/api/ref/inputfield/get-errors/ or other error methos. Take your time and have a look at the API docs And please avoid duplicate questions, thanks!
  24. @SIERRA i think repeater items are actually pages. They are somewhere down the site tree branch of the admin page. So you could change the select field in your Test2 Repeater into a page reference field first Then you would use a hook to make those pages be selectable. Maybe it's even possible through the page reference, look here:
  25. So when you create another page (lets call it homepage_new) with the same template as your homepage template, it works and the body of homepage_new is editable in frontend?
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