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  1. Okay, forget the question. I'll find my own solution.
  2. Okay, and at which point str_replace must be executed. In Form Builder I see only a checkbox "Remove HTML Tags". A line break is not an HTML tag unless <br /> is added? I would then need to replace that with a simple space. But there are no HTML tags in CSV. 500 is the maximum length, which is not to much for a text in prints.
  3. I have a Form Builder form with a textarea field of 500 characters. The data / CSV file are imported into a DTP application with several text frames, this works great. But I have a slight problem: line breaks (soft return) in the textarea. Because in the DTP app the text frame jumps to the next text frame after about 500 characters, line breaks are annoying, because several text frames are skipped. Short: The 500 characters do not fits the text frame, if line breaks are included. Therefore, no line breaks should be allowed in the textarea. What can I do?
  4. Under the GDPR it is not allowed to activate the options, they must be set inactive! Only essential cookies are allowed to stay active. Klaro is great, I use it also.
  5. Hi Gideon So, it does not work, no matter which link I enter manually, the current page is always reloaded. In the source code (frontend) I see the link to the other language, but nevertheless the same page is called. It looks like PW is blocking the whole thing. I've tried both ways: a href="https://www. ..." a href="/de/pagename" 1. the same page is updated in frontend, although another link is called in the source code. 2) In frontend the same page is refreshed, the editor does not allow any language change. It must be possible to link in an page from one language to another. Especially for lawyers it often happens that one language is referred to another. Sorry, I can't get it, but this restriction is nonsense. This restriction must be lifted, in Europe every second page is a multilanguage page ;)
  6. Via the link function in the editor. The selections Page and URL is available, no way to connect another language page.
  7. I want to link in a page (en) to a page with a second language (de). If I choose "Page" I can only select one page of the same language. I then tried to enter the full URL, https... the page will still be linked to the same language (same page) in the frontend. How do I link to a page with another language in a multilingual website?
  8. kaz

    Module updates – how?

    Is there no upgrade for modules? When I today purchase Lister Pro, I don't see any way to enter my existing product key. Did I overlooked something when I purchase Lister Pro ..? Are there no updates? Do I have to buy new versions all the time, after one year?
  9. kaz

    actual date

    Correct, as text (variable) in the editor window.
  10. kaz

    actual date

    I would like to display the actual date in a page. Is there a code which I can use in the editor, not in template?
  11. I need a form with upload function for PDF, DOC and maybe other files. The files should be sent to an mail address. How may I do that, which module supports file upload plus mail sending?
  12. I need the CKEditor in an Textarea field. Is it possible to attach the CKEditor to a field, perhaps by specifying it in the template, or in another way?
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