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  1. kaz

    customer login

    Client Login may not be detailed enough. ‚User management‘ would probably be the better term? Backend module user management: Add user: user (nameprename) is created, and user's page is created (user/nameprename) The user receives the login data (email, password) by mail. The content of the page is not managed by the user, the content is read-download-only, placed by me. It contains clients CI/CD data; downloads, logos, colors, fonts, … Data which are permanently requested, so I would like to make these data available to the customer online, on its own protected page, – available via a login page that redirects to the user/nameprename user page.
  2. kaz

    customer login

    The LoginRegister module doesn't exist anymore. I couldn't find it even with the search for Login, Login Register, LoginRegister and so on. It may have been removed because it has a Pro version?
  3. I need a customer login. After the login, the customer should be directed to a separate page which is set up for the customer with downloads, infos, especially for the customer. The Login Register Pro module seems to be suitable, but: I don't necessarily need the possibility for users to register themselves, because registration is is only for selected clients. Does anyone have experience with "customer login", how do you provide login to customers?
  4. A question about the Pro Shop module ProCache: I have read through what the module offers in the shop. I'm interested in HTML, CSS and JS Minification and Merge. That sounds great. How do I implement the whole thing? In the description I read: "No code changes to your site are required, just check the box to enable and it takes care of it for you. Thoguh should you prefer it, ProCache also provides API-functions for merge/minify that you can use from your template files." Does this mean that I don't have to make any changes to the code, ProCache minifies the structure of my website alone and temporarily, the full code of the css and templates remains? If I load templates from content blocks, different css and js files via src in my template, will it be minified in total? Are comments from HTML, PHP, JS and CSS files automatically removed? Does this work so easily, without any changes to the code of my templates? Excuse my question, I just want to understand before I buy, whether the module is worth the price for my need.
  5. If I need content into one page I call the id if ($page->id == 1042 ): When I need these content on a second page, is it possible to add a second id? Or need the line to be duplicated, then it would be nested.
  6. @Jan Romero "since" I added only for understanding, it's not the original content. It's not about birthdays, it's for company anniversaries like this: …, we have placed great value on personal advice for [[count_years]] years … therefore it is important that the full date Y-M-D added up the year.
  7. Great, and I don't need the entry in the Attributes Panel. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I would like to output the distance between a defined date and today in years. Example: 1980-07-01 (y-m-d) and today (current date, without time) calculate and echo via Hanna code. <?php $start = date('Y', strtotime($start)); $diff = date('Y')-$start; echo $diff; Attributes: start=1980 Page: <p>Hannah Code Test: since [[count_years]] years</p> count_years is the name of the Hanna Code. In my test, I tried it only with years, the result is: since 0 years so I had to put the month and day back for now. Code type is PHP code. I think the problem could be the PHP strtotime function? Maybe someone has calculated the distance in years between a fixed date and the current date with Hanna code, and might be able to help?
  9. I want to output the values from Leaflet Map Marker in the header. $site_settings are a global settings page: <meta name="geo.placename" content="<?php echo $site_settings->map->address; ?>"> <meta name="geo.position" content="<?php echo $site_settings->map->lat; ?>; <?php echo $site_settings->map->lng; ?>"> <meta name="ICBM" content="<?php echo $site_settings->map->lat; ?>, <?php echo $site_settings->map->lng; ?>"> The result remains blank: <meta name="geo.placename" content=""> <meta name="geo.position" content="; "> <meta name="ICBM" content=", "> The map works fine, is displayed. What is wrong with my header query? Edit: Error found, the field name map wasn't correct.
  10. @kongondo I will try that, thanks!
  11. A question for the developers who work on multiple projects at the same time: When working localhost on several projects at the same time, must the /wire folder be placed in the project folder for each project? Or is there a solution for developers that works by with a single /wire folder? Maybe a link in the config to a fixed /wire folder outside a respective project folder? If the environment has anything in common with it: I use the MAMP PRO macOS development solution.
  12. @LMD In one template, that's a great solution. Thanks a lot for this, it works perfect.
  13. I need an if else or if or else to check the following: There is a field aside in each page. A simple info field where you can store info "We are on vacation …". The content is displayed only on this page. Next, there is a settings_aside field in the Global Settings, which is displayed on all pages. The fields are called this way: <?php if ($page->aside) { include('views/blocks/block-sidebar.php'); } else { include('views/blocks/block-sidebar-settings.php'); }; ?> I want, if no field is filled, then nothing is displayed. If both fields has content, the aside field on this page takes precedence. On all other pages the settings_aside content is displayed. block-sidebar.php <div class="uk-card card-bg uk-padding-small uk-margin-small-bottom"> <h6 class="uk-margin-remove uk-text-uppercase uk-text-normal" style="letter-spacing: 1px; margin-bottom: .5rem !important;"><span uk-icon="icon: info"></span> Aktuelles</h6> <?=page()->aside?> </div> block-sidebar-settings.php <div class="uk-card card-bg uk-padding-small uk-margin-small-bottom"> <h6 class="uk-margin-remove uk-text-uppercase uk-text-normal" style="letter-spacing: 1px; margin-bottom: .5rem !important;"><span uk-icon="icon: info"></span> Aktuelles</h6> <?php echo $pages->get('1032')->settings_aside; ?> </div> Roughly it works, but unfortunately not 100 %. Unfortunately the h6 of the templates are displayed. That means I would have to query the headlines via if else with the fields (!?). Just where? In the templates, or in the first if/else query?
  14. When I move over the map with the Magic Mouse, the map zooms in / out. Can this be deactivated, the finger movement should be for moving up and down the page ;)
  15. After every login I receive this mail: Hi kaz, You just logged in from a device we haven't seen you use before. Browser and Mac are always identical …
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