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  1. I have a repeater image field: <img src='$repeater->field->url'> In the browser it appears like this: <img src='image.jpg->url'> Why the "->url" is not interpreted? Actually the path should be placed <img src='site/assets/files/123/image.jpg'> !?
  2. There is nothing in the backend to Tracy. There are only two entries in the modules directory: Tracy Debugger + Process Tracy Adminer. I have viewed both, but find no option for a debugger. The help unfortunately also gives no information about the use, no 'go on'.
  3. I have installed Tracy, but I don't understand how to use it? The options are massive. I assume that if there are any errors, Tracy will show them in the front or back end? But, no errors displayed. Then maybe it's not a code error!? Maybe the 'Images' field does not can handle multiple photos? Maybe I need a ProFields repeater for this? I don't use any additional scripts, except the CSS framework, which could cause the error, which is not shown. The slider is already in Materialize: materializecss.com/media.html#slider
  4. No, that unfortunately does not work either. The result looks this way: <section class="slider"> <ul class="slides"> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> <li> <img src="" alt=""> </li> </ul> </section> Uploaded were 2 photos, 10 list items returned blank. The name of the field is correct. When I start the photo single it is not displayed either. <img src="<?php echo $heroimage->url; ?>" alt="<?php echo $heroimage->description; ?>"> Is it perhaps because the field is a multiple field and I am uploading multiple files (Maximum allowed number of files: 5)? That's why I took foreach, so that the list items build up based on the number of photos. I need it for the Materialize CSS Slider, it's built up in a simple list, one list item per photo.
  5. Sorry, I wake up an old post, but it fits exactly my question: I don't upload multiple photos with the editor, I upload them with an image field (heroimage). Will this work then too? I have adjusted the code so, but unfortunately the output is missing: <section class="slider"> <ul class="slides"> <?php if($page->heroimage->count): ?> <li> <?php foreach($page->heroimage as $image): ?> <img src="<?php echo $page->image->url; ?>" alt="<?php echo $page->image->description; ?>"> <?php endforeach; ?> </li> <?php endif; ?> </ul> </section> The output is without error message, but unfortunately also without list: <section class="slider"> <ul class="slides"> </ul> </section>
  6. @Pixrael this code replaces the if query in one line? Edit: It has no nested brackets 😀
  7. I was searching for hours, I have not seen it – thanks!
  8. I have a template with fields for a settings page. Because the pages that should access the fields from the template 'settings' use a different template 'base', I access them via ID: <?php echo $pages->get('1025')->FIELD; ?> But now I need an if version for some fields. Unfortunately not so easy, because I have nested brackets that lead to an error message. <?php if ($page->get('1025')->FIELD): ?> <?php echo $pages->get('1025')->FIELD; ?> <?php endif; ?> I have tried it with square brackets, but i can't get it work. <?php if ($page->get['1025']->FIELD): ?> How does a if query from a field from another template (ID) looks like?
  9. Is the module not developed further? I have the same error which was reported back in 2017: Module is not installable because not all required dependencies are currently met. PHP 7.4.14 >= 5.6MarkupPwpswpGallery PHP 5.6 is hardly supported anymore for many providers. It makes no sense (!?) to use tricks to start the installation. A question to the developer, what is the future of MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe? Will the PHP problem be fixed upon backend installation?
  10. awesome, it works! Thanks for your continued patience!
  11. Thanks @Zeka I don't understand the code, in what context is the size line above the div tag? Where does this line belong? I am a newbie, I don't understand the connections so far, belongs the line also in the template?
  12. I can't get that background images work. An example of two situations in default template: Once the image as a simple image - that works: <img src="<?php echo $page->myimage->httpUrl; ?>" alt="<?php echo $page->myimage->description; ?>"> And then the image as background image - unfortunately that doesn't work: <div style="background: #999 url('<?php echo $page->myimage->httpUrl; ?>') no-repeat center"></div> The path of the images is correct, the source code is fine, no matter if I use 'url' or the full path 'httpUrl'. How to build a background image from a defined image field, for example myimage?
  13. I have placed the code as indicated by the developer. I couldn't find a bug. But I'm not a master programmer, so it was probably my fault. I've changed the module: MarkupMenu works fine, doesn't output the module name. Now it's time to write the CSS. A pity that developers don't include a simple css sample 😉 Allow me a question: Is there no way to list the page tree without a module? I understand that it needs options to write the CSS, but maybe if there is a way without a module, it could be solved with simple code in an template?
  14. I have installed for the first time the "Markup Simple Navigation". It works, the UL is given, as well as the LI with labels parent has_children: <nav class="nav-main"> Array<ul> <li class="level-1 current"><a href="/">Home</a></li> <li class="level-1 has_children"><a href="/service/">Service</a> <ul> <li class="level-2"><a href="/service/general-service/">General Service</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul>1 </nav> But I don't understand why the word "Array" is placed before, and a "1" after the UL. ProcessWire 3.0.165 Blank Installation MarkupSimpleNavigation 1.3.6
  15. kaz

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    Why I can't ask a question for a module in the Modules/Plugins board? Where could that be better? I can't understand, that a search for a module is better placed in the General Board than in the Modules Board ;) No problem, push it …
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