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  1. Ivan Gretsky

    Seems like a nice addition to your in-place documentation module suite, @Macrura: + I think that with PW in-place docs are a real help for editors. And you are the expert in this field. I would love to read or watch a screencast about all those modules used together. If you could find time to share your knowledge, that would surely be an awesome gift to the community. And yes, that is just a fancy way to ask something free for myself
  2. Ivan Gretsky

    This is how it works in Bitrix, popular Russian proprietary CMS:
  3. Ivan Gretsky

    Not answering you question directly, but to provide alternatives to solve the problem. There is a commercial module by kongondo that does just that. And another open source and free one by justb3a that does something similar.
  4. Ivan Gretsky

    Hi @louisstephens! Are you putting all that js inside a foreach? If so the variable names are the same for each list element. Therefore they get overwritten and you always get the last value in your itemId. Either change the variables to have index as part of their name (itemId1, itemId2) or (preferably) store the id as a data attribute and write a universal js which will get the corresponding data-attr value for each button click dynamically. If I totally misunderstood you case, please forgive me and provide some more details.
  5. Ivan Gretsky

    It seems like browsers do not need an extension to recognize the image MIME type. But ProcessWire Image Field limits files that you can add to it by extension list (see field's Details tab). I am not sure if you can configure it to accept no extension (probably not). But you could write some script to add an extension to the image based on its MIME type before adding it to the field. PHP should be capable of doing it easily.
  6. Ivan Gretsky

    My simple Google search gave me this module (and this discussion as a bonus). Maybe it will help you.
  7. Ivan Gretsky

    Hey, @quickjeff! There is already a discussion going on here. Maybe you will find something useful. But as I see it, not really much to be done on PW side, but rather on developer side.
  8. Ivan Gretsky

    Seems like you just want to email the contents of the cart. You probably do not even need to store the data, just send it right away like this or with FormBuilder (which seems like handy thing for you anyway).
  9. Ivan Gretsky

    I am still confused where you at and what you are trying to achieve: The form is on a product page and you want to store the selected number of products to display in the cart later. The form is at the end of a checkout process and you need to make a new order ...something else, like my 1st assumption. But let's think you know what you are doing and you want to save shopping cart contents (one or many product, quantity and price) to database and make that connected to the user currently logged in. You need to decide, where are you going to store that data in PW, choose a fieldtype for that. It can be a Repeater, ProFields Table or some specially crafted custom fieldtype. Those all fit as the are capable of storing random number of defined data (product, quantity and price). Them you need to create s field based on that fieldtype and configure it. Than add it to desired template. Depending on your case you could add that field directly to user template. But much more likely you need to create a new template (probably, "order" or something like that) and add this field there. On form submission you would use PW API to get the data from the user $input and save it in the created field on use page or order page. How to do that depend on the chosen field and template it was added to. Explain the case better please.
  10. Ivan Gretsky

    Welcome to the forums, @hellboy! As I can understand, you want to store the content of the last (or maybe more than one) abandoned shopping cart in the db, so retuning customers can continue the purchase. This is all possible with ProcessWire. But PW does not have shopping cart feature out of the box, so I guess you either bought Padloper module or crafted something yourself. Not sure about all those terms you use like 'Userdatabase' and stuff. Could you explain a little bit, how are products stored within your ProcessWire installation, so we can suggest how to store information about them.
  11. Ivan Gretsky

    There is a couple long trending repos with checklists on github: https://github.com/thedaviddias/Front-End-Checklist https://github.com/thedaviddias/Front-End-Design-Checklist ...and a whole lot more of alike here. I know, I 'm not sharing something of my own as you asked, but a something to start with anyway.
  12. I tried to instruct composer running from PW root to put vendor one level up in the folder tree with vendor-dir setting. It seems not to work (at least with the relative path I provided). Did you manage to solve this, @gmclelland? Or are you moving the vendor folder manually? If so, maybe a simple require_once('../../vendor/autoload.php'); in site/init.php can help?
  13. Hey, @gmclelland Seems like you can't change the composer autoloader location in ProcessWire. But maybe there are ways to configure composer itself to store packages elsewhere? A quick search gave me this. Not sure it can help though)
  14. Ivan Gretsky

    Hey @Robin S! Thanks for the cool module! Did you ever think about making it chainable to PageImage?
  15. Ivan Gretsky

    @Jan235, I think not. But there is a 7 day "Satisfaction guarantee" period with full refund. See here.