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  1. Good day, @kongondo! I can see some great features (like extra_fields option) on a dev branch (added in version 0.2.7). Is there a reason for not releasing it yet for everyone to enjoy on a master branch, which is being installed by default?
  2. So true! And I can't believe it is not in the modules directory yet))) Hope that Adrian will find time for it eventually. This module deserves its place in the top rankings (if not in the core).
  3. Hey, @jds43! You should be able to just add 'baseUrl' => '', to the options array above.
  4. Just recently @ryan presented a little module for making batch user role assignment with lister easier. You can already batch send emails to users from lister. I am not sure we can expect such a module to be developed quickly, so would suggest adding functionality to lister with action modules. But you can probably hire Ryan to build this module (or some of its parts) if that is affordable.
  5. Good day! I am putting @adrian's TracDebugger's bd() in a Hanna Code and it seem to be running 3 times while rendering only one Hanna code item. Why is that?
  6. I've solved the issue. The problem was that I was hooking the wrong method. I've adopted the code from this post and everything started working properly.
  7. One way would be to give them labels sorted in alphabetical order. Something like: 01 - Most used template (a label for most_used_template) 02 - Not so much used template (a label for not_so_much_used_template)
  8. CKEditor 5 is a completely different kind of editor. It doesn't store the entered text/markup as is, but rather transforms it to it's in built data model. The transition to it would probably be pretty complicated if possible. Things like text formatters, image plugin and a lot of textarea-related stuff would probably have to be redesigned. So do not think it is going to happen soon (but Ryan can surprise us like he did a million times)))
  9. 1. Change this AOS module setting as you wish: 2. Add templates definitions to that file (as described here or here).
  10. You can try CKEditor content templates. I think you can get it into your system with AOS module.
  11. Sounds like a minor thing in the end just to finish the post, unless it's your issue, your site falls apart without it being solved) Thanks!
  12. Those functions are needed in _main.php to render correctly. I think there must be some better solution. If I run $page->render() in the same hook, it works fine. Though it obviously also load both _init.php and _main.php on the way.
  13. Changing the condition to use a super global variable indeed helped me to prevent _init.php from running once again. But in this case the TemplateFile object doesn't get any variables from _init.php which it need to render correctly. I thought, that I need to move all the code to another hook before the Page:render. So I made PageRender::beforeRenderPage hookable and moved the code there. But that still didn't work. I am definitely lost here((
  14. Actually, if there is no more than one CKEditor field in a Repeater item, custom styles should work. Check it out again. But when there are more, I know no solution. Please give a thumb up to the issue and write a comment, so @ryan gets a notification. I has been a while without anything new on this issue, so your voice could make a difference)
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