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  1. @adrian, @teppo, thanks to both of you. I think I spotted the problem. There is the Page Edit Per User module installed on the same project that causes errors in some cases. I manages to get Admin Restrict Branch Select to work. But I now face another less mysterious problem with frontend editing. It is available only for the branch that is currently selected. So when I switch from Branch A to Branch B in admin, Branch A is no longer editable on the frontend. It must be the way the module is intended to work. But is there a way to make the Page List in admin show only the currently selected branch, but keep the edit permissions to all of the selected branches? I think that even seems to be more expected from the user point of view, so maybe a might be a good improvement for the module)))
  2. Thanks for the tips, @adrian! My setting is User Specified Branch Parent, as it is on your screenshot. I am visiting /admin/page/. Didn't know I could even link to a specific branch via URL. I did everything to clear the cache if that could affect it somehow, but with no luck. Still getting this error.
  3. Thanks, the module now installs from the directory as it should. But I must be missing something while configuring it. I assign two branches to a user, then login and get this error: AdminRestrictBranch: You don't have permission to view this branch of the page tree. I was thinking that the module will redirect the user after login to a branch he has access to. But this doesn't happen. Could you please suggest am I missing or misconfiguring something?
  4. Good day, @teppo! I am having trouble installing the module from the modules directory. I am getting this error: ProcessModuleInstall: File could not be downloaded (https://github.com/teppokoivula/AdminRestrictBranchSelect/archive/master.zip) 404 Not Found: (tried: curl) Could you please check, if the download URL is correct.
  5. Good day and once again thanks for the great module! Is it possible to use ckeditor as an inputfield for text? I am trying to create a readmore hannacode and need to provide a rich text input for the content to be only partly shown.
  6. This module is exactly what I need on a current project. And did need on a number in the past, but had to cope without. Thanks, Teppo!
  7. Sorry to ressurect this old topic. But I've got the same problem. For now I am fine going to Setup -> Sessions as @horst suggested in his original post. But it doesn't seem to work. I visit this page, but sessions do not get deleted (as I can see in PhpMyAdmin). There is no button to clear old sessions either. Is it some bug on my side, or the sessions are not supposed to get deleted in this case?
  8. Good day, @ryan! I'm in! As for now I always used Repeater Matrix for content builders as @Jonathan Lahijani, my first approach would be to develop additional features on that side first. So lots of us already using this pro module could do it even better. I started a topic in Repeater Matrix forum to gather wishes you could help us with. Everyone else interested, please contribute!
  9. Great! There are a couple of other superusers and a bunch of users with different permissions on the site. I am trying to make sure nobody will have a chance to ruin it (but myself))) I set these permissions: Enable Tracy Debuffer - true; Output mode - Development; Force superusers into DEVELOPMENT mode - true. Is this good enough? How can I hide Tracy from other superusers?
  10. Good day! I discovered the Tracy Debugger console not so long ago and now trying to make the best use of it. It is quick and easy to run simple maintenance scripts in it (of course, I do all the debugging on localhost first). But how save is it? And how to make it as safe as possible? What would be my settings on the production server for this case?
  11. Just found this topic while creating another one in the FormBuilder support subforum. If you like the requies, please give it a thumb-up on github.
  12. Good day, @teppo! There is a rather empty Patterns and practices section in the docs. I got a suggestion for what to put there. Or should it be in examples? Anyway... Could you describe how does the template with a controller handle get variables and/or url segments? I do not quite understand that, as I have no prior experience with general purpose frameworks.
  13. It seems not to work when not on https. Must be a youtube restriction. Maybe it is your case too?
  14. This is a great topic! I would love to learn more about the features of Tracy Debugger. I did start to read the docs a few times, but never had time to proceed)) As for me, I actually do not have a lot to share, as I only seem to use: the great bd() and the dumps recorder, and the bluescreen (you can't avoid that, but it is really helpful anyway), and the console once in a while to test selectors or something minor like that, and the donate button every time I install TracyDebugger on a site, ...but nothing more advanced, really. Would love to learn new tricks though)
  15. I like @bernhard's approach where every content block has it's own template (if I am getting it right). I also wrote that "Repeater Matrix should be PageTable Matrix" back in 2018 (though I never did try to fix that as @bernhard 😃) This way you can easily move content-type-templates between projects. Though I am not that sure that on-code-only solution he proposes for quickly creating/duplicating/moving those templates would suit most of the users. A decent UI for that should be in admin too with the ability to be extended with hooks, but that is built-in anyway; RepeaterMatrix got it right with the ability to create types on the fly, but that at a cost of putting all the fields in the same template). There are other points not covered, like nesting, defining parent/child relations (for creating blocks with nested elements, like wrapping a header, a text and a calculator with some custom background like here), crafting a grid for column design (we can get around by creating a lot of custom sections, but would be great to do it more easy), copy-pasting content from one page to the other. I am not sure this can be done easily, @ryan but can we at least have another look at "The data storage" part of my previous post. If implemented, it could solve a lot of problems, making our builder a lot like editor.js while reusing a lot of goodness ProcessWire already has. If it is not possible at all I think that @bernhard's way is great (with UI improvements, some of which can be borrowed from RepeaterMatrix). Any way, editor.js or alike do not seem to me a solution to problems we are talking about. Let's just watch at @Jonathan Lahijani's video, the Bard field video again) Editor.js could be a one field inside of some blocks of our builder though.
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