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  1. Cool thing! Is there an easy way to include all the necessary fields (by name/type) from Repeater/RepeaterMatrix fields?
  2. Two more) How is it possible to separate logic for partials from their presentation? I often find the need to prepare content for partials same way as for the views. Do you have experience of using Wireframe with RepeaterMatrix based content?
  3. This time you came prepared, @teppo! Great intro post and a cool documentation site. Congratulations! I did not have time to dig into it (yet). The 1st question that comes to mind is can twig or some other templating language be plugged in for the views?
  4. I am not sure I quite understand your problem. But maybe this API reference can help? If not, feel free to explain yourself a little better🤓. Source code would be the best.
  5. Good evening here) Maybe this feature can help you to manage users with lots of custom fields. The frontend login should be managed with some custom code or a ready-made module like this one.
  6. Good day, community! Somehow this one was left unanswered since 2015! I have googled and found the question, but not the answer. Does anyone has a ready-made solution? I know that processwire.com has these, but they are probably added by ProCache.
  7. @franciccio-ITALIANO, is there a direct link to your site? Could you post it for testing?
  8. Great to see updates to the major pro modules. Looking forward to new RepeaterMatrix version!
  9. See ryan's comment on this here. Check teppo's module as a workaround.
  10. There is a github issue that makes Soma's answer even more clear and proposes a solution.
  11. I was reading a bit about Cloud9 yesterday, which is now an AWS service. Could this (cloud in-browser IDE and everything running on a remote server) be an ideal solution for developing on a low-end machine? There is also a github-trending code-server which offers vs code in the browser. But it probably will need much more effort to set up. Just for an alternative
  12. I think it will be it_IT.UTF-8. Was looking for a list of locales, and found this one. Does not look like something official thought)
  13. Nobody's talking about bringing content builder stuff to the core. I guess only Ryan could)) But the request for content building is high. Content is king. And RepeaterMatrix + Hanna codes are not as user friendly as Gutenberg seem to be. SPA editing is way more pleasant than opening and saving things one after another and adding images only after 1st save. PageTable Extended showed a way true block editing could be done in PW. Frontend editing is another step that could revolutionize content editing, but I never read about any good implementation. RepeaterMatrix is cool and could be even better if it would be PageTableMatrix with a similar Inputfield))) I think we can and should find a way to solve this need in true ProcessWire way. And we have to look at competition. Gutenberg might be hard and messy for developers, but it is desirable for end users. Let's make good for both using our strong points. P.S. js page api was on the roadmap. Might be a good fit here once it's done.
  14. Hey, @teppo! Last night I spent a few hours reading through Gutenberg docs and marketing materials. I must say those are very well written and the whole concept is appealing to me. But it seems to be coupled with Wordpress and not so easy to bring into ProcessWire. I know, there is a Drupal integration and the "editor for the open web" marketing stuff. But it still seems to me it is primarily for Wordpress for now. I am talking not about those static html type blocks with defined styling, but rather those they call dynamic, which use data stored in the database. I wish we could have an editor like Gutenberg (in tearms of UI) in PW where we could easily create static and dynamic (based on other pages) content for a content area. And we could easily add blocks ProcessWire way and maybe even be able to render them with ProcessWire or ProcessWire-like API. Kind of like a mix of Gutenberg and Repeater Matrix. I can see that as an Inputfield that could generate json data describing content and store it in the textarea fieldtype. Same way as Gutenberg does store its data as html+comments. Same way as CKEditor 5 seems to work. To generate that json we would need some kind of a an SPA editor with visual block representation. And GrapeJS seems to provide that type of functionality, calling itself a Web Builder Framework. I can imagine we could build whatever UI we need with it and add only what we need (no paddings, but rather a data description - look here). Maybe it will turn out GrapeJS does not do just that, but that's what I'm talking about)) And then we could query this field from PW template like foreach ($page->grapenberg_field as $block){ wireRenderFile("views/blocks/{$block->name}"); } $block could be a new virtual page-from-json type and/or a Page.
  15. I think this one is pretty popular and powerful. Just to provide an alternative))
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