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  1. module

    Good day, @owzim! I have a (maybe rare) need to pass the FieldtypeYAML textarea contents through a textformatter before objectifying it. It seems to be not possible in the field settings (or I am missing something). Can I hook somewhere to do it?
  2. Nothing to be sorry about @flydev. Thanks for your work. Really hope it will work out in your personal matters.
  3. Dear @flydev! Just wanted to let you know that this module is eagerly awaited. Just in case you had a doubt)) Any news?
  4. module

    Good day! Thank you @flydev for the very useful module and @ukyo for making it possible to have multiple instances of reCAPCHA on the same page. I am having just that: two forms on the same page both with reCAPCHA via the module. Both work using jQuery ajax. After an unsuccessful call I get response with error messages. Right here I need to reset reCAPCHA like described here in the JavaScript API section. But as I have two instances of reCAPCHA on the page I need to explicitly specify the opt_widget_id option. Is there a way to I get it with the module?
  5. Module

    Yep, non-zero default could be better to figure things out))
  6. Module

    There is no one-click way to log in again, is it?
  7. Module

    Good! That did work. Are there any string reasons why not allow it for DETECT mode? Does it allow to switch to default guest user somehow?
  8. Module

    Good day @adrian! I try to turn on User Switcher panel, but somehow it does not work for me. Could you please explain a bit how to get it to work, under what conditions it appears... how the icon on the panel should look like)))
  9. One way would be to use url segments. Look here for an example.
  10. Great thing @Robin S! Something to make content creation even easier. I see there is an option to exclude some Hanna codes from the list. What do you think about a whitelist option (preferably overridden on a template basis)?
  11. Just an idea (somehow related to this topic): maybe it could be useful to be able to change the processes that are running in those sidebars? So it will be possible to load the tree in the left sidebar or the right sidebar or in both or in neither? Or load something completely different there (a menu, new page bookmarks, so on). What do you think? I mean controlling the process modules loaded in the panels.
  12. Hey, @Tom.! It might sound weird, but the use of the word bad in this context actually means good. Like in Michael Jackson's "Bad". Sometimes the meaning is lost in tanslation) Forgive me for confusing you.
  13. Looks bad! Even with no styling, it is now much more functional!
  14. Good day! Not so long ago panels were introduced providing slick functionality, which I like very much. The contents of these panels are loaded in iframe on almost every page (including in frontend editing popups) and execute the hooks as expected, but as not desired this time) Is there an easy way to turn the quick-tree (or even better all the panels) off? For a specific user or for everybody. Via admin or via hook. Please help!
  15. I had a question about turning the panels off. It seems it does not belong to News & Announcements, so moved it to a separate topic.