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  1. This is where I started)) Thanks, I'll look into it. But I always try to first use a native solution if it exists) And PW always tried to be all-in-one thing. I am actually thinking about building a module on this feature, so do not want to have an external dependency. The 1st part I didn't understand) But the second looks promising. Could you share an example of this in a template file context?
  2. Good day! Is there an easy way to add events that some listeners can subscribe to in ProcessWire? I am thinking about adding these events in the template context, so I can add some listeners later. Preferably I'd like to be able to pass some variables to the listener. I am guessing it could be done calling some hookable method of a specially-made class. But please share anything more specific on that if you got some experience, colleagues.
  3. Super! Love reading those long feature lists for the new master versions! I usually read every week's posts too. But by the time a new master is out, I forget a half of new cool things that were added. So they come as new and bring the joy once again, like finding a banknote in a pocket of pants you didn't wear for while 😀 Great release for ProcessWire once again!
  4. This should be possible to do with a hook. Look here for inspiration. Or just search for something like "hook admin inputfield show" (preferably, in Google)
  5. The hook priority did the trick! Thanks @adrian! I have found the post about the module autoload order. But it did not help me as you predicted (still not quite sure why, though).
  6. As of now I am a user of this feature too) Thanks to @adrian's link. I did need it to fix this issue. If you read through the linked thread you'll see that I confused module autoload order with hook order. Actually I thought that the module, that gets loaded first, would add the hook first (or last). So the autoload order would affect hook order. I did play with autoload order of the modules without success. Why is it not it the case? If it was, there could a chance to add an option to override module autoload order in admin, making it adjustable without code hacks , solving this question.
  7. Oh, I see. I've indeed confused the two. So looking at the thread it seems I need to modify the modules code, right? No way to sort'em afterwards? Sorry for asking the questions in the wrong thread))
  8. Cool! I was sure it has made it's way into the core though, so was looking in the blog posts... Or was it just your Tracy Debugger that got privileged))
  9. Thanks! I remember reading about the possibility to change the module load priority, but cannot find it( Could you direct me there to make the answer complete for someone finding it later?
  10. Good day, @adrian! I have found your super-module installed on a client's site. And it lives alongside PageEditPerUser. The If no match, give all access or no access? option is set to No Access. For some users we need to apply restrict branch per user limitation via your module. But for others we need to limit page access on a per page basis with PageEditPerUser, leaving the branch option empty. But this does not seem to work. If the branch_parent field is left empty it still rules over other page edit permissions. Could you please explain, why is that happening, can we get around it (like changing the order of hooks applied or something). Or maybe suggest another way to deal with it?
  11. There is no easy way I know of to do exactly what you're asking for. But as far as I understand the actual need is to find pages with selected templates. If you do not need to select the templates to be used in selector in admin, you should be able to hard-code the selector like this (see here for explanation): <?php $childChildren = $pages->find("template=template-a|template-b|template-c, sort=sort"); If you need to be able to select the templates in admin, you could add this module to some page, and then use it's value in a selector. Hope the module still works in current version of PW. There is an option to tag fields in admin and then use the tag instead of a list of fields in selectors. If the same thing worked for templates, that could be a good way to solve this task. But I did not find any docs on that, so you just might want give it a try first, and then fallback to the module if it's not possible.
  12. Thanks, @ryan! Sometimes I think that ProcessWire is so mature and feature rich that only fixing the issues at hand can make it stand out even more than adding the new stuff (until the the stuff is added and I start thinking that I could not live without the features just added))) Thank you so much for keeping the right balance.
  13. Just try it. I think it will work. I fixed my advice above a bit to make it more clear.
  14. Aren't en and de just the titles names of corresponding language pages? So just change the name of the secondary language page to en.
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