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  1. A lot of (even shared) hosting providers nowadays use nginx for static. And you may have no control over which extensions they include. So renaming to .php could be more secure than doing .htaccess restrictions in some cases.
  2. Thanks @bernhard! I did try about the same tricks to make it work and ended up just doing exit(0);
  3. Yes, that is what I need to do. But in a function, where $this (which contains current template) is out of scope.
  4. Good evening (at least in my part of the world)! Is there a way to call halt() method from within a function in a template file?
  5. Yep) There is a link to process module that is broken "by default" if the process module is not installed. And I would guess most of the time users would expect an admin page to be in place after installation for such a module. Maybe reconsider and make it auto installed?
  6. Maybe not the direct answer to your question, but You can easilly enable/disable Tracy in config dependant on your $config->debug setting.
  7. Maybe edit the 1st post of this thread too?
  8. Thanks for your answers and for you generously shared work, @teppo! I really like your Wireframe idea - a well-established and documented way to structure code in ProcessWire MVC way. So one could follow rules that are thought out and described. I understand quite well that in order for this to work one should give up some of his own preferences) Will be looking forward to next additions to the project we've been talking about here.
  9. I can relate to that. But the thing is I often do not do my html/css/js myself and pretty often people with very little knowledge of php are to make minor changes to view code. That's why I try to have my markup as close to raw html as possible. And render functions are clearly the opposite. A am with you here. Entities should not be multiplied without necessity)) And that's why I do not quite like the placeholder thing. I think it should be that generic call for controller and view. And in this specific case sidebar usually is not tied to a particular template. So this thing seems "too opinionated" for me) I even think that the whole layout thing can be moved to view folder. I now think it is more clear to keep all the view related stuff in one place (though i did use dedicated layout folder in the past - now it is inside the view folder in my recent projects).
  10. As MVC is about separation of concerns, as you said a number of times yourself, @teppo, I think render functions are not so good here. Because a html/css is mixed too much with php. Logic and presentation together again) I was talking about something like described here, with dedicated controller and view. I looked through recent projects for examples of those partials. These are common ones: menus; breadcrumbs; sidebar; repeating forms (any repeating elements really, anything like wordpress widgets / joomla modules).
  11. Cool thing! Is there an easy way to include all the necessary fields (by name/type) from Repeater/RepeaterMatrix fields?
  12. Two more) How is it possible to separate logic for partials from their presentation? I often find the need to prepare content for partials same way as for the views. Do you have experience of using Wireframe with RepeaterMatrix based content?
  13. This time you came prepared, @teppo! Great intro post and a cool documentation site. Congratulations! I did not have time to dig into it (yet). The 1st question that comes to mind is can twig or some other templating language be plugged in for the views?
  14. I am not sure I quite understand your problem. But maybe this API reference can help? If not, feel free to explain yourself a little better🤓. Source code would be the best.
  15. Good evening here) Maybe this feature can help you to manage users with lots of custom fields. The frontend login should be managed with some custom code or a ready-made module like this one.
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