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  1. I use WSL all the time, but my local server is still on Windows. It used to be XAMPP, but now I move to Laragon. One of the beauties of Laragon is that you can easilly swith PHP, Apache, MySQL and everything else versions almost instantly. As far as I know from my attempts to set everything up on Linuх, it is not that that easy there (though, surely, possible). I have not found any configuration for Linux that would be nearly that easy. Docker based Laradock was the closest, but it still required some additional docker skills, was not as fast and more complicated. And docker sucks badly on WSL)))
  2. Hey, @alanxptm! I am just guessing, but maybe you got your description filled only in one language, but output the value of some other (probably default) language. And it is blank.
  3. Probably nothing to do with the ProcessWire core. Maybe you are setting/configuring sesssions in your own code not with the API, but with plain PHP and that causes the warnings?
  4. Hey, @JeevanisM! Seems to be the same question as here. Please be patient and do not doublepost. That would probably do more harm than good (to receive a nice and thorough answer).
  5. Hey, @JeevanisM! You use an Integer Field for the phone number. Maybe that field cannot store such a big number as 9446196667? Test it with a 123 to check. I guess you should store a phone number in some other field any way. Text would be ok (with some frontend and server validation). There are dedicated fields for this as well like this one.
  6. I guess you are referring to this. As far as I can tell from the Wikipedia article, there are different implementations of this and you probably need to be more specific about the one you need to use. Anyway I never heard of a ready-made ProcessWire module for this or a tutorial how to implement it. If there is some library that can be used out of the box, it is probably not so hard to do. I can imagine that Ryan could implement it for his FormBuilder as a paid add-on. I think it make sense to advise this route, because I've found JotForm have already done this and are offering widgets for their form builder. But that requires you to have some budget.
  7. I think it can. You need to install the extension on the remote to make it work.
  8. Super cool gallery, @MadeMyDay! Just like for @ottogal, that article about PW over MODX convinced me to try ProcessWire seriously. In those times there were not really much meaningful stuff about PW on the web, so we are probably not the only 2)) You made our yesterday too) Would love to see/read more from you here on the forums! P.S. What about that "rant against Joomla"? Where can we find it?
  9. Hey, @ngrmm! Check out this module by @Martijn Geerts. The description says it has css inliner built in.
  10. Thanks, @johndoe! The conversion did not work on my local xampp with some php 5.6, but did work on a live server. I can guess some requirements are not met on localhost. It would be nice to know those requirements, bit for now I know that I should try to keep the server environment as fresh as possible (which is a good thing anyway)))
  11. This one is converted to webp with black background by GD on my localhost. I tried another one it behaves the same way. Is there any requirements on GD version or php?
  12. A lot of (even shared) hosting providers nowadays use nginx for static. And you may have no control over which extensions they include. So renaming to .php could be more secure than doing .htaccess restrictions in some cases.
  13. Thanks @bernhard! I did try about the same tricks to make it work and ended up just doing exit(0);
  14. Yes, that is what I need to do. But in a function, where $this (which contains current template) is out of scope.
  15. Good evening (at least in my part of the world)! Is there a way to call halt() method from within a function in a template file?
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