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  1. @ryan, just tested the new page export/import module in zip-mode. I was able to move some rather basic pages with images from one installation to another. Felt like launching a spaceship. And it worked! Yahoo! Congratulations! I did not get into much testing, but spotted a bug. When using "Pages that I select" and "Pages having parents" options? I could not actually select pages. The select button appears when hoverung a page and disappears instantly not allowing to make a selection. So I had to cope with selector option. Tested on 2 computers with the same result.
  2. Good day, @horst! Was messing with an old site of mine. I did not even remember I used pim2 on this one. And getting to use this powerful tool once again was a pleasure. Thank you for your work! I had to make a overblurred version of an image for a background. So I used smooth(255) about a 10 times in a row. That did the trick, but the code looks kind of ugly. Am I missing some shortcut way to do it in a more beautiful manner?
  3. I am facing the same problem. Made a github issue to get more attention to it.
  4. Thank you Ryan! Both modules look awesome! And I see use cases for both of them on sites I am working on right now. It is especially nice to see these developed in response to a community feedback made through a PW weekly poll. And this is the first reason I hope both fill be released in the core. The second is that that FieldsetGroup is such a natural and kind of even expected extension of the regular fieldset it must be valuable to many. I got my ProFields subscription anyways, but still...
  5. The answer to the original question seems to be: // use this $config->httpHosts = array(); // instead of this $config->httpHosts = array(''); I guess the 2nd line creates an array with an empty item, not an empty array. But I still have a problem with empty httpHosts config on https sites. They just do not want to work without $config->httpHosts set explicitly.
  6. This stuff is amazing! The built-in help videos for ERPNext are auto-generated and are always in sync with the evolving interface. Just wanted to share.
  7. Hey, @flydev! I am sure those that are not beta testers will have most questions, so better ask us, eagerly waiting for the release, after it happens) Glad you are back here, by the way!
  8. Good day @adrian! Tracy debugger is one of the tools I can't live without no more Thanks for supporting it! I got an unexpected behavior I can't explain. Tracy bar foes not appear on form sent (there is actually quite a lot happening processing that form). I does appear on all other pages of the site as expected though. That can cause such behavior?
  9. Just read your comment here and found out AOS now has some profound documentation. You're a monster, @tpr! The wiki is awesome! I saw it and said to myself: "Ha, but he probably does not have changelog!" But I was wrong (and astonished)! I think the main PW repo could benefit from a CHANGELOG.md like this. Especially that there are enough of nice changes to be mentioned almost every week. Sorry for offtop))
  10. Admin on steroids adds that functionality (among many others). Just for the record.
  11. Great, @mel47! But I was not actually advising to add an extra field to the template. I thought it would be enough just to write $page->sizeColumn = 2; before the render call. It would add a temporary property to the current $page object, which will be passed to field template (but will not write this field to database).
  12. When you create a new product page a reference to some tags get automatically added to the product page, right? Is it your site or you are working with some clients you did not make? What tags are added? It might be that it is done with some hooks. If so, you can check the site/modules folder for some suspicious modules and read through site/ready.php and/or site/init.php - they might be there .
  13. Hey, @webhoes! I did not dive too deep into your code, but: I think you use $inputs instead of $input. I don't see the code for the form which has to include the select and therefore do not see the way that r_selector will ever get into the $input object. You need to sent the form to get the input parameters.
  14. There are a couple of topics kind of about this question with working solutions: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/9675-page-field-bidirectional/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/14689-connect-page-fields/ But there are other ways. Put page reference field on vehicle-template template and add synonyms from there. Create a separate category for vehicle groups and reference category pages from both vehicle-template and vehicle_synonym-template (do you really need 2 of them?) Add a RuntimeMarkup with some easy-to-write php finding and showing the pages you want to back-reference.
  15. Hey, @mel47! Here is the code for the method. Seems like the 3rd parameter is to override default field value, not to provide additional variables to the template: @param mixed|null $value Optionally specify value to render, otherwise it will be pulled from this $page. Did not try this, but you probably can do this to have additional variable in the field template context: // main template $page->$sizeColumn = 2; $content .= $thanks_page->render('images', '/images_column'); // images_column.php foreach($value as $image) { echo " <article class='column is-{$page->sizeColumn}'> .... }