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  1. Ivan Gretsky

    Browsing this new Pundits' site a came across this little blog. Although it was spotted before by @diogo, I thought it might be a good idea to link it here, as it has a couple of PW cases described and seems to be made with PW itself.
  2. Ivan Gretsky

    I am sure it is something useful not only in my case, but for Tracy usage in general. I'll be glad to at least test it if not switch to it for that dev/prod PW project if it will be implemented. I am pretty sure I never sent emails on init events.
  3. Ivan Gretsky

    Going back to the original question, here are a couple of ways to get rid of too much pages. You could use URL segments instead of a page hierarchy to route requests to your REST class (hope I am using the right words)))) You could install some 3rd party router (maybe even laravel's own) via composer, include it the root api template and use it to route requests to your REST class. You could use GraphQL instead of REST.
  4. Ivan Gretsky

    Yep, that's probably it.
  5. Ivan Gretsky

    One more offtop question here, @adrian. Is it possible to set Tracy mail interceptor option programmatically as part of environment config?
  6. Ivan Gretsky

    Will this method work everywhere, @adrian ? I mean sending emails from hooks and scripts bootstraping PW initiated via cron? I really can't allow to accidentally send a few letters))
  7. Ivan Gretsky

    Here it is, @adrian. Not in the modules directory, unsupported, and does not work without some minor modifications with recent WireMail versions, but serves me well for quite a while. Thanks, @LostKobrakai!
  8. Ivan Gretsky

    Thanks, @horst. That was about what I was thinking. But my desire was to use predefined WireMail instance as a lot of code already relies on it. As I can guess from your answer there is no way to be sure which of the installed WireMail modules will be used in $mail API variable... Or is there? I am asking again thinking about the other use case I am keeping in mind. I am using your wonderful WireMailSmtp for production, but switch to @LostKobrakai's WireMail Testing in dev. So I wish I could have both installed and use one of them for $mail depending on some $env variable. Is there a way to do it?
  9. Ivan Gretsky

    Good day! I need to use 2 different modules which extend WireMail in the same script (WireMailSmtp and WireMail Mailgun). How do I do it?
  10. Ivan Gretsky

    Seems like a nice addition to your in-place documentation module suite, @Macrura: + I think that with PW in-place docs are a real help for editors. And you are the expert in this field. I would love to read or watch a screencast about all those modules used together. If you could find time to share your knowledge, that would surely be an awesome gift to the community. And yes, that is just a fancy way to ask something free for myself
  11. Ivan Gretsky

    This is how it works in Bitrix, popular Russian proprietary CMS:
  12. Ivan Gretsky

    Not answering you question directly, but to provide alternatives to solve the problem. There is a commercial module by kongondo that does just that. And another open source and free one by justb3a that does something similar.
  13. Ivan Gretsky

    Hi @louisstephens! Are you putting all that js inside a foreach? If so the variable names are the same for each list element. Therefore they get overwritten and you always get the last value in your itemId. Either change the variables to have index as part of their name (itemId1, itemId2) or (preferably) store the id as a data attribute and write a universal js which will get the corresponding data-attr value for each button click dynamically. If I totally misunderstood you case, please forgive me and provide some more details.
  14. Ivan Gretsky

    It seems like browsers do not need an extension to recognize the image MIME type. But ProcessWire Image Field limits files that you can add to it by extension list (see field's Details tab). I am not sure if you can configure it to accept no extension (probably not). But you could write some script to add an extension to the image based on its MIME type before adding it to the field. PHP should be capable of doing it easily.
  15. Ivan Gretsky

    My simple Google search gave me this module (and this discussion as a bonus). Maybe it will help you.