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  1. A. If we stay in our separate installation per site realm we still have a number of options to do what you want: Use multi-instance mode from the main site. Get data from chapter sites via web service, REST, ... GraphQL... or maybe just RSS or Atom. B. You can always go for putting everything in one installation and configuring access rights for editors with something like this or this too, but probably that'll make it only more complicated. C. Finally you can go for writing a custom frontend admin for you chapter site editors while staying in the comfort of a single installation)) But that will take some time and sweat to do. I do not know the scope and budget of your project. Might be a decision worth considering.
  2. It seems like chapter sites are to be rather independent, though alike. So you probably would like to have them each in separate installation (with different databases). [Relatively simple stuff] To speed up the creation of a new chapter site you can develop a site profile and start each new one with it rather than from one of the default ones. But this way you will still have each site with non-connnected-to-other-sites files and will have to handle the updates to the site files separately. [More advanced further...] You can run the sites from the common core though (see here, option 1), so you will have to update the core only once for all of the chapter sites. [Try at your own risk] If the chapter site will have really the same template structure and will differ only with the database-stores content you could symlink all site/templates and probably site/modules folders to one common place. But you will still have to manage changes made in admin area one by one... [That is only for the record. Never done it myself] Or use something like this or this.
  3. Welcome to the forums, @future_vision! Please provide more details to get a (hopefully) good answer (an advice applicable to any question. I know)) Should the chapter sites have their own domains/subdomains or they will be all on one? Do you need to manage access control to chapter sites or they will be managed by a single person/group of people? How different/similar would the chapter sites be? Maybe even paste the chapter and the main site structure outlines. The question seems too general, I suggest we narrow it down a bit.
  4. @ryan, I want to let you know I really admire the way you get things done! Every time you solve a problem it is an example of a perfect engineer solution. Spot a chance to create a feature everybody wants but few have, examine existing solutions present, learn from them, build on them, make them work better than before, deliver a working feature within a reasonable time frame, provide comprehensive docs right there in the code for tech people, write a press release for the end users, move on to another task. Way back I once started a topic called "What is "Reiska". I think now I can feel what @apeisa and others at Avoine meant by this title. There is such a word in every language, and all of them fit you and your type of people (of which there is quite a few here in forums, luckily). I sometimes find myself questioning some of your marketing and organizational decisions, but I always applaud to and try to learn those problem solving skills and mindset from you. ProcessWire is unique thing, that inspired my way from "anykey clicking" web development to managing to read and write some relatively complicated code. I try hard to provide my clients with the best engineer solutions they can get based on ProcessWire. Because I can, and because it so exiting to do with PW, and because this is the way real stuff should be done. Thanks for the inspiration.
  5. The way I would deal with the question is looking at InputfieldImage's code. It has an option to resize image if it is larger than defined maximum width and hight. I think it is around here. The logic seems to be: loading the original sized image first, making a resized copy, then deleting original image and saving resized image with original image filename.
  6. Advancement comes over time. See here for some contemporary options.
  7. Years later we have more options) There is a special module by @ryan for that now. You can also do a backup from cli with wireshell. There is a nice module by @flydev still in the way, but looking promising. Look here for some discussion and 3rd party tools.
  8. module

    Good day, @owzim! I have a (maybe rare) need to pass the FieldtypeYAML textarea contents through a textformatter before objectifying it. It seems to be not possible in the field settings (or I am missing something). Can I hook somewhere to do it?
  9. Nothing to be sorry about @flydev. Thanks for your work. Really hope it will work out in your personal matters.
  10. Dear @flydev! Just wanted to let you know that this module is eagerly awaited. Just in case you had a doubt)) Any news?
  11. module

    Good day! Thank you @flydev for the very useful module and @ukyo for making it possible to have multiple instances of reCAPCHA on the same page. I am having just that: two forms on the same page both with reCAPCHA via the module. Both work using jQuery ajax. After an unsuccessful call I get response with error messages. Right here I need to reset reCAPCHA like described here in the JavaScript API section. But as I have two instances of reCAPCHA on the page I need to explicitly specify the opt_widget_id option. Is there a way to I get it with the module?
  12. Module

    Yep, non-zero default could be better to figure things out))
  13. Module

    There is no one-click way to log in again, is it?
  14. Module

    Good! That did work. Are there any string reasons why not allow it for DETECT mode? Does it allow to switch to default guest user somehow?
  15. Module

    Good day @adrian! I try to turn on User Switcher panel, but somehow it does not work for me. Could you please explain a bit how to get it to work, under what conditions it appears... how the icon on the panel should look like)))