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  1. We are working to fix exactly these issues. But it is slower than I imagined) Hope to get all this fixed some time soon, as we do need it. The Address field use here is different comparing to FieldtypeMapMarker. It is for storing the object address returned by geocoder, not for storing address data you enter. That's why I think it is better to have another field to store the actual address, and Leaflet Map to only set and store a point on the map. Maybe we could find a way to connect them via js, but now it is impossible. By the way, storing address in a a separate field is better for ML environment anyway.
  2. Good day @BitPoet! This module doesn't seem to work with latest FormBuilder. Are you planning to maintain it and fix issues? Maybe there is already a newer version, just not in the repo?
  3. @Mats, would you allow someone to take it over? We need this and looking for a way to make it maintainable.
  4. Good day! @Mats, are you still maintaining this module? I can see rather old issues in github unanswered, so decided to ask first before creating other ones))
  5. That's quite an expressive post, @bernhard! I am actually a pretty slow driver. My Renault is no racing car, and that's because I never wanted to race) And when I need to go a long way (like, to the mountains), I actually try to take a train, so I can have some (root?) beer and yes, chips, along the way and not exhaust myself driving. So you're right - at least in describing me) To my defense, I can say that I actually did install your... car... in my remote testing... garage. And now I am testing how it is showing itself in a... no load situation. But you're right - I (we?) could go faster out of that garage to the mountains (I would rather go to the sea, but nevermind))) Getting rid of those comparisons... yes, I am kind of picky here, as migrations / versionable config is something that can easily break things. ProcessWire is a really author's project, so I am used to be inclined to choose 1st party solutions. But I've already read the source code and tested in a few different ways. Long things short - agreed, I need to get in you car and step on the gas))) Will do so and report back! Still this topic is about something similar, but a bit different than migrations - another way to store configs. So it interesting to me see how things go here. And, as always, Ryan's say on this is a big thing to me. And he still didn't answer in that issue).
  6. Just a few days ago upvoted this github request. Everyone interested please do so too) I am quite interested in @bernhard's take on this (RockMigrations). But it doesn't work with RepeaterMatrix and other Pro fields, as far as I know. And this is essential to me. And just maybe a core functionality would be a better solution? Anyway, RockMigration is what we have now and I really appreciate @bernhard's effort on this. I still yet need to get my head fully around how it works though))
  7. Great news! I've just installed the new Inputfield on a testing installation. It seems to work well. I've tried both standard and inline modes. Pwlink and pwimage are working, same classes are added for alignment as before. I can't see HTML Purifier. I guess content managers will be happy now inserting all the pink h1's everywhere they love so much) Is it planned or will this be abandoned? As @cb2004 said migration instructions from CKEditor are indeed needed. Hope they are planned. And I guess we should politely ask (beg?) the CKEditor-related module authors to create new versions for TinyMCE. I am talking about: @Robin S and his HannaCodeDialog, @FireWire and his Fluency Translation... Please, please))
  8. I cannot say that I am stuggling... But those automatic things make me a bit nervous. I would much prefer to run those migrations manually. Another thing is I need to work in the environment where some changes to fields and templates are still made in the admin. And that red notification there is no way to deal with that,
  9. Hey @teppo! I am running circles around this module for a long time. And last week did install it on a dev env for the 1st time. I am not quite sure how to integrate it in my workflow. And not sure my workflow fits it (not the other way around))) Please write back about your experience with RockMigrations if you progress with using it. Your opinion and feedback are a really valuable!
  10. Good day, community! I have found another great opportunity to support PW ecosystem - just look here! This is @teppo's sponsorship page. He is doing such a load of super cool and useful things, that sponsoring him is a sure must))) Please start throwing your money at this fine gentleman)) Pitifully I cannot do it myself now easily, but I'll find a way. I almost feel guilty for not paying for Wireframe)) I've updated my other post with the modules' authors accepting donations list - just in case. You can check other great sponsorship chances there.
  11. Live Server Extension for VS Code + a browser extension for it are a tool to refresh any page in the browser when the watched code in VS Code changes. It can work with php-generated content - see here on how to set it up. Nothing unique to ProcessWire though.
  12. Thanks for the answer @szabesz! I've read the RuntimeMarkup module thread, and @kongondo also recommends to put the actual code in a file and just wireRenderFile() it. So that must be the main difference. I also thought about the easy inclusion of js and css in Runtime only as a substantial difference. By the way, I do not read any real sarcasm in @bernhard's post. I guess it is just a his style) He is always asking himself questions and answers them. Sort of inner dialog)
  13. @Robin S, I am choosing a module for markup in edit page. You mentioned RuntimeMarkup module in the 1st post, but did not mention, what are the differences between that module and yours. Could you please help me here and outline pros and cons of your module comparing to @kongondo's ?
  14. I think the cheatsheet is here. Maybe just change the link in the original post? I remember starting my way with this cheatsheet. I learned a lot. Not sure if it is up to date, but even as is it could be of a great value to many. Captain hook is also available, just moved to github.io
  15. Good day everyone! Last year we had some great improvements for admin theme customization. Big thanx to @bernhard and @ryan. But there is an area of customization that is not so easy to approach - changing the layout generated by process modules. For example, I want to change how tabs on page edit screen are positioned. On one project of mine I got so many tabs, it is reasonable and preferable to have them on the side to the left, not on the top of the page. Preferably sticky (see the screenshot below). Did anyone try to implement something like this? Did you succeed? Could you please share how you managed to do it? I am pretty sure I cannot do it just with this module. I have seen something similar done in Admin Theme Boss with jQuery UI Layout Plug-in, but I'd rather do it in php)) Please share your knowledge!
  16. @Clarity, could you please share, what was the solution?
  17. It seems like a good idea from the API consistency point of view)
  18. Great new module! Love it! I would also love to extend this module (or have a similar one) to export / import translations for fields' labels / descriptions / notes with per template override support + templates labels. That would make the translation workflow more complete and easy for sites with many languages. @ryan, doesn't your customer accidentally have this need too? ?
  19. $page->fields->getField('my_field_mame', true)->getLabel() This also works and is a bit shorter.
  20. Hey, @ukyo! I read the module description, but I can't say I fully grasp what it does) Could you please write why this module, what problems it solves, what are typical use cases. Looking forward to learn more about this one, as I already use and love other modules of yours))
  21. That one seems to have a paid license, which is probably a showstopper for having it inside the core.
  22. As far as I know CKEditor 5 is quite a different beast and transition to it would require some massive changes. But it surely could bring a lot to the table. Maybe even some basic content builder functionality.
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