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  1. Good day, @adrian! Hope you're just fine! I am using Mail Interceptor option to debug LoginRegisterPro. It sends mails with codes and links. But Mail Interceptor output window doesn't let me copy from it. I can see that all Tracy windows are like that, but this is probably the place, where this behaviour is extremely undesirable. Could we fix this without breaking everything else?
  2. Double Commander is the best. I use it on Windows too. Powerful as... itself!
  3. Great article, @FireWire! I would add that Wireframe is another great way to start working with PW in a more MVC-frameworkish-OOP-kinda-way. So check it out too.
  4. I think that redmine is still the best open source solution. The best PHP based thing I ever came across is kanboard. This one looks ugly at first, but is extensible (themable in particular) and can do lots of things. If you only need tickets look through this list or something similar.
  5. Great stuff! Thanks for this @ryan! I think that another great thing to have would be custom repeater item actions. As far as I understand, we now cannot add any of these. But they could be as useful. Especially for repeater matrix based content builder setups.
  6. Thanks for this @ryan! Great to see something becoming free in the days that so many simple things tend to become paid on the contrary. The ProFields pack is still clearly a must have and worth its money 💯for sure)
  7. As the error message says, check site/templates/_uikit.php on line 830. This file calls for data you've removed, therefore the error.
  8. Hi @rooofl! What are your goals? Is SEO a conсern? Best practices should always help achieve a goal. Anyway, let me add some options to go under "something else": Create a template for projects and out put nothing there but a link to the main page. Optionally restrict its indexing. Make sure no links point to that page (take care of breadcrumbs if you have them). This way noone but freaks who like to modify the url bar in the browser will ever get there. Same as 1 but add a redirect. You could put it in the template file for projects with something like this. Maybe with 303 or 307 code. If you really care about the beauty of the urls, could make use of url segments and make your project pages be accessible as home/project1. But that would require some work. You could put something useful on the projects page' Like a search box.
  9. Ok, if it's time for claiming rights for abbreviations I will put PATU here. It is unpoly instead of htmx. Umpoly is more close to PW way of doing things being an opinionated but more full fledged solution. More to that, Ryan once said he liked it more. And it is not such a buzzword as htmx nowadays, quite in the spirit of PW. I even have two logo ideas for that to choose from: 1 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patu_digua 2 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patu The only small thing left is to actually build something meaningful with it))
  10. Good day everybody! How are you doing @teppo! Wireframe\Controller has int() and render() methods. Their docblocks say that inti() is to perform early checks and render is the place to pass vars to view. I've been working with this a while but still do not quite grasp how to use them together. I either use one or a another. Demo repo doesn't have any examples with both methods. Could plrease someone in the know share their wisdom (or opinion) on this? And a more specific question. If I use them together and put checks into init(), how do I avoid triggering render, if those checks do not pass? For example, some fields are empty and regular render should not happen, but an error should be shown instead. Thanks!
  11. @bernhard, is that module not deprecated in favor of migrations tweaks? If not, shouldn't we be encouraged to develop the Tweaks module instead? Does it have its own support thread?
  12. I really like the idea with a tweaks pluggable collection. But I would prefer its usage was separated from the RockMigration module, so one could use tweaks without the more developer-centric migration tool. I thought that @bernhardstarted a dedicated module for that, but not sure if it is still alive.
  13. PW doesn't work with SQlite, so no PW based nativephp apps possible) This is PW forum, so my first reaction is to explore possibilities of every tech mentioned concerning PW. I am sure the DB is not the only limitation though) But nativephp is something cool to know about anyway. Thanks, @szabesz! P.S. I've seen @flydev following static-php-cli which is a dependency for nativephp. Maybe he can share his wisdom on the topic.
  14. Looks cool! PW based desktop apps on the way? Ahh... SQLite not supported... Probably not.
  15. @Chris-PW, the module looks pretty cool. But using it without github and modules repository is kind of hard and limits the possible audience for it. And it is harder to contribute. Could you please reconsider @netcarver's advice?
  16. Hey, @Michael Lenaghan. The setting() function might be a fit.
  17. As it is all urls and html content at the end the answer is yes to all of those questions. The difference is that you don't get a unique page object for a urlSegment as you do for a regular page. The urlSegment can show data from some other page though (as you mentioned). You need to code all this. And there might be only a little or a lot of code. You need to start solving tasks one by one to find out all the answers. I do not see any difference where to test it at. Surely, most of the time it is done in some sort of a test env. Locally is totally fine. But maybe there is some sort of a limitation at your external data provider. If so, elaborate on this and we will answer in more detail.
  18. Look here for a detailed instruction.
  19. @franciccio-ITALIANO, everyone here gives good options. But it seems that either you are not yet into PW or PHP deep enough to fully grasp the answers or we just have not understood your case well enough. Please provide more details (like screenshots or code snippets) to help us help you better)
  20. There is also this free module. Didn't try it myself though.
  21. Those retrogrades surely understand their fate and deserve no adminer updates))) But seriously we need to move the tech forward a bit also by upgrading system requirements. I think it is time to move!
  22. A useful feature indeed! Thanks Ryan and Jonathan!
  23. The next major upgrade to admin in general would be to support saving without reloading IMHO. This could be a SPA. But maybe unpoly or htmx would fit PW spirit better. Anyway, this seems like a gigantic task to tackle. And surely Ryan should decide if he is willing to do it now or ever.
  24. Great to learn that not only Santa has been working these days))
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