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  1. ukyo

    Updated PHPMailer to 6.0.5 Module setting singular: true Module setting autoload: true v.1.0.6 PHPMailer required PHP version is >=5.5.0 I am using module with PHP 7.2.x and 7.1.x versions with multiple sites and didn't see issue like this. I hope module update will fix your problem.
  2. ukyo

    <?php if($image->width > $image->height) { echo "Width : `{$image->width}px` bigger than height : {$image->height}px !"; } else { echo "Height : `{$image->height}px` bigger than width : {$image->width}px !"; }
  3. ukyo

    Check this doc :
  4. ukyo

    Thanks for feedbacks !
  5. ukyo

    PHPMailer updated to v6, Module version updated to v1.0
  6. ukyo

    I updated WireMailPHPMailer module to PHPMailer v6. I will update WireMailPHPMailer support post. I have request for deletion of this topic and WirePHPMailer from module directory.
  7. ukyo

    I tested them long time ago, before i wrote my first Mail module and i think there is problem getting DKIM.
  8. ukyo

    I don't have any reason for not extending base WireMail class. This is why i updated module and now module extending bas WireMail class. Now you have 2 usage types: 1. Use directly PHPMailer class 2. Use extended send method For InputfieldHelper requirement, its easy to create configurable modules with this module and usable module for many cases, i won't remove requirement of this module. Like i mentioned, i am author of WireMailPHPMailer, i am not caring about module usage statics, if someone need PHPMailer module, they can use it. - I tested swift mailer module (smtp) - I tested base WireMail class (smtp) - I tested mailgun (curl) I am not prof. of mail sending but when i make simple mail send tests with same settings (mailgun not included), test result not ok for me (problem with DKIM). My test result with PHPMailer 10/10, this is why i am using PHPMailer library with my modules.
  9. ukyo

    I am using it for different cases. For modules (everything from a config file) : I am not defining default values as you see here : Getting module configs : Settings default values : Merging module values with defaults, building inputfields : - Its easy to build configurable module for me, no need to set all things on different places. For creating form you can see simple example usage on I am using it for creating dynamic fields for page templates on runtime by hooking ProcessPageEdit::buildForm. In screenshots Settings and General tabs added dynamically and fields inside these tabs added by a config file. Use case change up to you.
  10. ukyo

    InputfieldHelper for ProcessWire v3 Module Directory - Github repo This module extends base `ModuleConfig` class add some features to this class. This module creates Inputfields from array configs. I used this module for create module configuration panel for WirePHPMailer module. You can see configs here. Also you can use this module for create forms from array.You can check github repo for usage.
  11. ukyo

    PHPMailer for ProcessWire v3. Module Directory - Github repo I am author of WireMailPHPMailer. Old module using PHPMailer v5 and its extend WireMail base class. No more update will come for old version, but its still working :). This module using PHPMailer v6 and not extending WireMail base class. This module integrating the PHPMailer mailing library into ProcessWire v3. Usage almost same with original PHPMailer library (no need to include PHPMailer files). Here is a simple example usage : Using directly PHPMailer library $mail = wire("modules")->get("WirePHPMailer"); $mail = $mail->mailer(); $mail->addAddress("", "Someone"); $mail->isHTML(true); $mail->Subject = "WirePHPMailer"; $html = "<h1>WirePHPMailer</h1>"; $text = "WirePHPMailer"; $mail->Body = $html; $mail->AltBody = $text; $mail->send(); Using module like classic WireMail $mail = wire("modules")->get("WirePHPMailer"); $mail->from("") ->fromName("A From Name") ->to('') ->subject('A Message Subject') ->body('A Message Body') ->bodyHtml("<h1>A HTML Message Body") ->send(); Note : This module requires InputfieldHelper, PHP>=5.6.0, ProcessWire>=3.0.0 module.
  12. ukyo

    I opened an issue on github and have a question. Did you try this module with multi language support ? If page have multi language support what's happening on cache naming side ? When i work languages with cache, adding user language id as suffix to cache name.
  13. ukyo

    Try to use: $session->get('number'); or wire('session')->get('number'); // You can make a test function setMySession($key = '', $value = '') { wire('session')->set($key, $value); } setMySession('foo', 'bar'); echo $session->get('foo'); Here is doc page about sessions:
  14. Info : Before pull AdminThemeUikit module to dev branch, check this issue fixed. I see this issue after update my forked AdminThemeUikit module uikit files and opened an issue on uikit repo.
  15. ukyo

    @tpr I don't want to use a TemplateEngine. My module meet my needs and i am ok. Thanks for your advice !