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  1. I fixed this error, but i can't update module on module directory. There is an error on module directory at the moment. You can update module by directly downloading it from Github.
  2. Module updated, can you check ? Its look like adding same method to Fieldtype class solve the problem.
  3. ukyo


    Today we have 2 covid-19 case. I live in Turkey (Marmaris). Everything normal at the moment. I work from office.
  4. Follow these steps for solve duplicate problem :
  5. Next version merged with master branch. Image field removed from example 😞 sorry about that. Module updated.
  6. Image & File fields are not supported yet, i will check these fields later. Feel free to play with module for add support 🙂
  7. Thanks @bernhard, I updated module with same finder function used on FontIconPicker module. I am using dirname function for getting module or templates folder names from file path. "Example : Dive" is title of config, "(mystique)" is name of module folder
  8. @LAPS @J_Szwarga i updated config file finder and pushed new version of module. You can update your module ! Please let me know if you have same issue. @bernhard i updated finder https://github.com/trk/FieldtypeFontIconPicker/blob/master/FieldtypeFontIconPicker.module#L46 as your recommend, if it success on this module. i will apply same function for my Mystique module.
  9. I added prev brach on github repo, this repo is previous version of module, you can use it. I will try to fix your problem, but let me know your server or computer software versions. https://github.com/trk/FieldtypeFontIconPicker/tree/prev
  10. Copy / Paste files enough
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