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  1. public function ___install() { // do something when istall module $this->files->copy(__DIR__ '/templates/', $this->config->paths->templates); } You can add this operation inside install method. And don't use URL you need to use PATH.
  2. I checked, Hotels, Booking, Airbnb admin panels all they have different solutions about managing availabilities, i created my own one like on video. You can find a solution for your self.
  3. Its a private module, not public. You can take FieldtypeEvents as reference for you.
  4. You can create your templates inside your modules folder, like "MyModule/templates/" on module installation you can copy these templates to "site/templates/" folder.
  5. I registered for check it, but confirmation mail didn't come. I wrote a Fieldtype Module like this. I am using this private module for managing hotel rooms availabilities and room prices etc. I made 2 video for you, you can check the usage. I used https://flatpickr.js.org/ Backend Ekran Kaydı 2021-03-27 01.52.04.mov Frontend Ekran Kaydı 2021-03-27 01.58.10.mov
  6. Nice module, i added this feature to Mystique module next version. You can set a fallback function as a config. Here an example config. Also next version will support most of ProcessWire selectors. You can check or test it from next branch.
  7. Do you think to add support for sqllite database? Sometimes i need it for small projects.
  8. I have builder system with PageTable input field, Text field is InputfieldText Field (Searchable) Properties field is Mystique Field (Limited search support) Current Mystique field version support search limited. Working with next version on my side and it will support searching.
  9. @jploch You can check my Mystique module
  10. @modifiedcontent Can you put these files under a folder something like : templates/extends or site/src. After do that can you add this path to wire classLoader. You can do this on ready.php file or you can try it before apply your customizations (didn't try that). <?php // ready.php example $template = $page->template->name; if (in_array($template, ['template-with-comment-field'])) { wire('classLoader')->addNamespace('ProcessWire', wire('config')->paths->templates . '/extends'); // or wire('classLoader')->addNamespace('ProcessWire', wire('config')->paths->site . '/src'); } or (didn't tested) <?php wire('classLoader')->addNamespace('ProcessWire', wire('config')->paths->templates . '/extends'); // or wire('classLoader')->addNamespace('ProcessWire', wire('config')->paths->site . '/src'); $page->comments->render(['className' => 'CommentListCustom']); $page->comments->renderForm(['className' => 'CommentFormCustom']);
  11. I am currently working on custom comment form output and custom comment list output. I copied `CommentForm.php` as `CommentFormUikit.php` and copied `CommentList.php` as `CommentListUikit.php`. Renamed class names on these and extend base classes files and removed not used codes and modified needed sections. When i want to use my custom outputs : <?php // include customization classes include __DIR__ . '/CommentListUikit.php'; include __DIR__ . '/CommentFormUikit.php'; // custom list output echo $page->comments->render(['className' => 'CommentListUikit']); // custom form output echo $page->comments->renderForm(['className' => 'CommentFormUikit']); ?> CommentListUikit.php <?php namespace ProcessWire; class CommentListUikit extends CommentList { // do your customizations } CommentFormUikit.php <?php namespace ProcessWire; class CommentFormUikit extends CommentForm { // do your customizations } Example output for uikit 3 frontend framework, still working on it, specially writing a javascript for comment form
  12. I fixed this error, but i can't update module on module directory. There is an error on module directory at the moment. You can update module by directly downloading it from Github.
  13. Module updated, can you check ? Its look like adding same method to Fieldtype class solve the problem.
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