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  1. @flydev ?? - sorry for the mention, but are we going to have this module soon ?
  2. @Sephiroth Thanks alot for the video tutorials ?
  3. @kongondo I'm using Laragon Windows 10. PW is not installed in sub-folder. The files are uploaded in ../site/assets/files. I did everything i can, but still nothing works ?
  4. @kongondo -- Yes I have jqfu & uploads folders. I also modeified the post_max_size so it's bigger than upload_max_filesize I get this in network tab >> Notice: Media Manager: No valid media found to add to Media Library One More thing: I checked again, all the files I tried to upload are available in PW assets folder!
  5. @kongondo post_max_size = 512M memory_limit = 512M file_uploads = On upload_max_filesize = 2G -------------------------------------------- What are you trying to upload: I tried almost every type (jpeg png pdf doc docx ppt mp3 mp4) Are they perhaps smaller/larger than what you have in the settings? I even tried 3kb file size with no luck Is this a multilingual site? No It's a fresh installtion ProcessWire version: PW Dev 3.0.156 PHP version: 7.2.27
  6. @kongondo I have just bought the Media Manager Module, Upload is not working! when i click on start button nothing shows on media manager page! check the images below (Home + Console)
  7. I do it this way: i define a config->local then : /**** Config Enviroment **********/ $config->local = true; if($config->local == true) { $config->debug = false; $config->dbHost = 'localhost'; $config->dbName = 'dbname_on_local'; $config->dbUser = 'user_on_local'; $config->dbPass = '*********'; } else { $config->debug = false; $config->dbHost = 'localhost'; $config->dbName = 'dbname_on_server'; $config->dbUser = 'user_on_server'; $config->dbPass = '***********'; } And just toggle $config->local value between true / false
  8. @kongondo .. Any Release date? I hope to see first version soon
  9. @dragan .. I have the same issue with Title field ?
  10. @franciccio-ITALIANO How do you link assets (images, css ..etc)?? - share some code so we can help
  11. @kongondo .. I'm Totally Amazed (You Are Super Awesome). Just wondering about "Back-end Notifications" in the UI, I don't see it in the demo you made! where are they? ?
  12. @adrian - It's Empty ...............................
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