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  1. I wonder if you actually have permissions to those folders. Maybe worth checking that first to be sure. I've had so many issues with read write server permissions on various folders multiple times over.
  2. Solution: It wasn't a processwire issue. I found out my server does cache PHP files so any changes made on the server I need to clear cache afterwards. That's why my site/onfig.php never got updated! NGINX server requires this for the cache clear: sudo -S service php7.3-fpm reload 9>/tmp/fpmlock
  3. It's a lemp stack server so nginx. I noticed when I went to the processwire dashboard later this evening it was reflecting the new database properly. I was switching between a staging processwire dashboard and production process wire dashboard on the same server in my browser. Deleting pages in staging and it was happening on the production but I know for a fact their config files are different. But then later tonight the deleted pages didn't appear in my production admin dashboard which was correct. Maybe the front end web page of my admins were being cached in between the two. I really don't know now what was going on. I'm going to try again tomorrow and see what happens. Strange. Maybe the server was caching the dashboard.
  4. I've updated the database info in the config.php, but I can tell on the site, it's not using the new one. Ive even completely deleted the database credentials in the config.php and the site is not affected. Is there a config.php cache somewhere. I restarted the server also. Nothing. It's still using the old database. Changing the database name here but the site is still using the old database on the backend. $config->dbHost = 'localhost'; $config->dbName = 'dbname_new'; $config->dbUser = 'xxx'; $config->dbPass = 'xxx'; $config->dbPort = '3306';
  5. I was googling this and came across this. Here's the solution I came up with if it helps anyone. The module above crashed for me so I wrote my own. If you have a lot of pages it may not work as well, but after a few seconds it deleted 1700 pages for me under a specific template. Just run this on a processwire page: Here's my solution (use at your own risk :) : $page = $pages->get(1019)->children(); foreach ($page as $child) { $child->delete(); } //1019 was the ID of a master template page that had all the children. Hope this helps!
  6. But I think that puts them in textfields still. I was looking for just text. For example, a hyperlink is submitted and I'd like to just display it as a clickable hyperlink not text in an input field within the dashboard.
  7. That would be great. I will definitely need this!!
  8. omg dumbest mistake. I had a css style hiding the view button in the dashboard from a previous project. Just removed the css and all good now! I did this previously because there was an admin page I didnt want it to be viewable for the client.
  9. This has been driving me crazy. Typically there's a view page link when you click a page on the admin dashboard. For some reason none of my pages show the view link in the admin section. All pages are published and the admin has full access. Any thoughts on how to make sure view page shows?
  10. I'm creating pages in the backend of processwire just to store some information using fields. But the fields are presented as editable form input fields. Is it possible to make the fields as html text instead or maybe I can just redisplay the value in a html label above each field?
  11. Update, this was a nightmare. After messing with it for hours, my solution was to completely scrap the built in class. Ended up using dropzone js and custom php to upload the file into the appropriate directories. good luck if you come across this years later! Cheers
  12. I'm doing it through an ajax jquery post as well, maybe that has something to do with it.
  13. Going crazy, I have a simple script pulling a file from an html form and sending the file to a template/ directory No errors at all, but the file just wont save in the directory HTML <input type="file" id="formdata_video_upload" name="formdata_video_upload" > PHP $video = new WireUpload('formdata_video_upload'); $upload_path = $config->paths->templates . "videosubmissions/"; $video->setMaxFiles(1); $video->setMaxFileSize(10485760); $video->setOverwrite(false); $video->setDestinationPath($upload_path); $video->setValidExtensions(array('mp4')); // execute upload and check for errors $videofiles = $video->execute();
  14. I mean a place to store all the submissions in the processwire dashboard
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