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  1. Yup. I added a trailing slash to the url and it worked. Not sure why
  2. Strange it worked after adding a trailing slash to the end of the URL. Simple thing like that took hours to figure out
  3. For the first solution Im stilling getting the forbidden error after moving the php file to the site directory. Here's my console after ajax submission to the contact.php file. I need to access processwire page variables from this file also.
  4. I think the module I found below does the job. The main limitation is that it only allows you choose one Branch to restrict a user to. That works for me now, but ideally it should allow you to choose multiple branches to restrict a user to. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/admin-restrict-branch/
  5. I don't want to hide the entire tree. I want to restrict a user to view and edit only a specific tree like this: User 2: So they can only see/edit the page 2 tree below for example and not page 1 Home > Page 1> Page 2 >
  6. I would like a user to login to the admin and only see certain pages. I cannot figure this out or if it's possible. I've hunted through the forums and nothing seems to be able to do this. I have a list of pages like this: Home> Page 1 > Page 2 > I would like User 1 to login and only see: Home> Page 1 > And User 2 to login and only see: Home> Page 2 >
  7. You add wordpress to just the sub-directory. Not excited about wordpress anyway, but that's how you can do it.
  8. Hmm interesting. So you're thinking just install processwire in its own subdirectory?
  9. I love processwire. I was just wondering if a site is built in a certain way and we don't want the whole site to be driven by the processwire cms, can we use the ProcessWire cms for just a specific page on the website without creating templates or using the database for any other page? I know I can do this with Wordpress. Was just wondering if it was possible with Processwire and how that would work?
  10. Everything seems ok except this variable is still pointing to localhost for some reason $pages->get(1)->httpUrl
  11. Perfect, but then where do you go to update the main url in the database? When I uploaded, it's still using the https://localhost url as the root url
  12. Woops. Ok I just discovered the repeater field!
  13. I know we can add a field to a page, but I'd like to create a field with a pre-defined fieldtype that allows the user to add it if they want to a page, and be able to add it multiple times on the page. I guess I'd call it a dynamic field, a field that can be added to a page by the user, but the fieldtype within the field is pre-defined by me.
  14. I usually setup ProcessWire locally and my remote server has a different username and password. After completing all testing locally, where can I update the database credentials in the processwire files to match my remote server before pushing files?
  15. Thank you! I think this is what I was looking for
  16. I use the blank template. I can look under the hood of the blog template just to see how it's done if that's what you recommend. I meant blogs OR portfolio. Just the concept of letting a user add ongoing items under one template similar to a Wordpress site.
  17. I love process wire and really want to use it over WordPress but I'm not clear on how it can do blog and portfolio items. I realize you can create fields but how can you make it so the user can add ongoing blog posts and or portfolio items that has the same template?
  18. What's the easiest way to change the logo to our company logo and change the background blue color in the header in the admin dashboard?
  19. No i think wordpress keeps things that keep growing in like one table, but honestly I could care less about Wordpress lol. ProcessWire is definitely better. Just was wondering about this. Maybe I still need to brush up on my database structure skills.
  20. PW is amazing! I was just wondering. It seems adding tables for every field isn't the best database structure for efficiency, but I assume they made the right choice!
  21. I must've done something wrong. I can add a page only by going to the Tree, but it doesn't show in the shortcuts.
  22. Awesome! What is your process as you make changes locally and want to keep local and staging links in sync while you add new page fields and cms content locally?
  23. Excuse my ignorance, this a pure whimsical question, but I noticed that whenever you add a field inside processwire it creates an entire database table out of the field inside the processwire database. Seems like you can easily get to 100 tables. I'm wondering why it was done that way. Is that scalable. I would've thought it's better to just have all processwire fields added into a single database table with a few columns that give context on their associations.
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