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  1. I did the same mistake as someone here above... I did not echo the render() nor the getScript() ... (my form is in plain HTML and not in a var called $out, therefrom...) It's working now. ;-)
  2. I use the module regularly on sites (with Pw form API), but for the first time I needed to implement the module in a plain HTML form, but without any luck. render() will not render anything and the getScript() does not add the script at the bottom of my form. Does plain HTML still work?
  3. I see the E_WARNING because of the PHP set_error_handler I use. Which I log in a mysql table. All the pictures are JPG, but maybe the "problem" is triggered by different camera models, I don't know. I've asked the provider of the API, but they can not figure it out (yet). I'm still waiting for their answer. PS: I wouldn't mind so much if it were only an E_NOTICE...
  4. Never mind... In the ready.php of course... Sorry for being too quick and not testing first ;-)
  5. I have been testing a bit more and I narrowed down the problem to just the size(600,0) part. So when I take an image and make a thumbnail of it with size() , then I get an E_WARNING. (I don't even have to save the thumbnail to another field) But I still have no clue why this happens.
  6. Hello, I'm filling an image field from an 3th party API with the Processwire API. All goes well: 1. images are correctly uploaded in images field 2. the first image is correctly converted to a thumbnail and added to another field (thumbnails) 3. the script does not break But: i get a warning like (example) on almost every picture (twice, what is more strange): exif_read_data(17-1.600x0.jpg): File not supported What am I doing wrong? My code: $picture = $this->getImageAPI($pic['mediumUrl']['href'],$pic['rentalUnit']['objectID'].'-'.$pic['order']); if($picture != ''){ $pictel++; $p->oe_images->add('./'.$picture); $lastPic = $p->oe_images->last(); unlink('./'.$picture); $p->save(); } if($pictel == 1){ $thumbnail = $lastPic->size(600,0); $p->oe_thumbnails->add($thumbnail); $p->save(); }
  7. Is this a bug? The digit (number of rooms) is visible in the default language (dutch), but not in the secondary language (french). The texts are translated. sprintf(_n('%d slaapkamer', '%d slaapkamers', $page->ska_NumberOfBedrooms), $page->ska_NumberOfBedrooms); example text dutch: 3 slaapkamers french: chambres à coucher
  8. $page->images->add($imgurl); So my question is: When I add an image like above, why this image is not resized to my setting in the field (set in admin).
  9. Is it true that when you add an image to the images field, that the image will be uploaded without taking the settings of that field into account? So if I set the input of the images field to max width: 3000px, then an image of 6000px width will stay that size after adding it with the API?
  10. If you need to output all the languages, but only want to show the title in native spoken, then I came up with this (maybe there is a better way?): foreach($languages as $language){ if($user->language->id != $language->id) echo '<a href="'.$page->localUrl($language).'" class="languagebtn">'.$language->getLanguageValue($language->name, 'title').'</a>'; }
  11. I had to create a similar selector today, so I share as an example: $paramdate = strtotime('2018-01-01'); $numPanden = $pages->find("template=panddetail,(ska_Status=FOR_SALE),(ska_Status=SOLD,ska_PropertyModified>$paramdate),ska_Project=0"); Why are you having round brackets around every field? My guess is that you only need brackets around the template field?
  12. The new website is OK, but the docs are unreadable for me. The contrast of the black code background with the white pages make my eyes hurt like crazy... Fix that please!
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