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  1. KarlvonKarton

    Maybe it is not good practice to add a picture to a Processwire page from an external URL like that?
  2. KarlvonKarton

    Is there a way to prevent PW to crash on this error?
  3. KarlvonKarton

    Apart from the Processwire error: I also log errors when checking if the url of the picture is a real picture like this: if(getimagesize($picture['UrlXXL'])) Sometimes i get the error (not always the same pictures): [2] getimagesize(http://gobert.websites.whoman2.be//Pictures/2602849/1920/be61d9390d4b42bb8ec1e3e1c37055e3.jpg): failed to open stream: Operation timed out Is it safe to conclude that Dragan is right about the service having trouble? Or could there be yet another problem?
  4. KarlvonKarton

    "formatting issue" like what?
  5. KarlvonKarton

    I suspected that, but was not sure. They (Whoman2) say there are no problems... My opinion also, but this is what I get from the JSON: "UrlXXL":"http:\/\/gobert.websites.whoman2.be\/\/Pictures\/3394302\/1920\/5331ffa436e548f6ad34e8e0450f7992.jpg"
  6. KarlvonKarton

    I'm trying to sync a web service with Processwire and the API. I have this line in my code: $p->Pictures->add($picture['UrlXXL']); But from time to time I get following error. It is never the same picture. Error: Uncaught ProcessWire\WireException: File could not be downloaded (http://gobert.websites.whoman2.be//Pictures/2602849/1920/7dfad7eb252f4efaba17907bc69e35a3.jpg) 2: file_get_contents(http://gobert.websites.whoman2.be//Pictures/2602849/1920/7dfad7eb252f4efaba17907bc69e35a3.jpg): failed to open stream: Redirection limit reached, aborting (tried: curl, fopen) in /Users/iovalduc/Projectweb Media/Projecten/Immo-Gobert/Web/www/wire/core/WireHttp.php:703 Any ideas?
  7. KarlvonKarton

    You made my day, @BitPoet! Thank you.
  8. About Admin: I have country pages I have destination pages with a pagefield destination_country (from countries) I have hotel pages with a pagefield hotel_country (from countries) Now I want a pagefield in destination (destination_hotels) that only shows the hotels with the same country as the destination, but my selector does not work (in sort settings for children). This selector works (but shows all hotels from all countries): parent=/hotels/, template=hotel, sort=title But this one does not show anything: parent=/hotels/, template=hotel, destination_country=hotel_country, sort=title Why does this not work? Any suggestions?
  9. KarlvonKarton

    Thank you, Robin S. Unfortunately when I do this: $field = $modules->get("InputfieldCheckbox"); $field->name = 'checkbox1'; $field->label = 'label'; $form->add($field); I always get this: PS: What I want is only the text next to the checkbox
  10. KarlvonKarton

    Could someone help me out a little? Thank you! Following code does not remove the label at all, but I can't seem to find the reason why. (I have tried skipLabelBlank too, same result) // create a checkbox $field = $modules->get("InputfieldCheckbox"); $field->attr('id+name','test'); $field->label = ''; $field->skipLabel = Inputfield::skipLabelHeader; // DOES NOTHING? $form->add($field); ps: I'm using PW 3.x
  11. I have a function in a custom class that works. But now I'm trying to connect to an external database, but this gives an error on this line (second version hereunder): $rs->setFetchMode(\PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); I'm a bit stuck... public function getFrontpagePropertiesList(){ $sql = "SELECT * FROM max_properties WHERE (client_var_368='1') ORDER BY max_properties.wijziging_datum DESC "; $rs = wire('database')->prepare($sql); $rs->setFetchMode(\PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); $rs->execute(); return $rs->fetchAll(); } public function getFrontpagePropertiesList(){ $dbm = new Database('localhost', 'user', 'PASS', 'db'); $sql = "SELECT * FROM max_properties WHERE (client_var_368='1') ORDER BY max_properties.wijziging_datum DESC "; $rs = $dbm->prepare($sql); $rs->setFetchMode(\PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); // THIS gives error $rs->execute(); return $rs->fetchAll(); }
  12. Like @K4mil I had to put 'nl_NL' in C (nl_NL for Dutch) to get rid of the warning, because the field C was empty.
  13. KarlvonKarton

    In the meanwhile I've tested the pageName with option Sanitizer::toAscii, but that still results in the same differences. So I'm sticking to this for now: // adding $saniName = $sanitizer->pageNameTranslate('Prospère Jouplaboum'); $u = $users->add($saniName); // checking $sane = $sanitizer->pageNameTranslate('Prospère Jouplaboum'); $exists = $pages->count("name=$sane") > 0;
  14. KarlvonKarton

    Super, thank you!
  15. KarlvonKarton

    Then how can I check if user 'Prospère Jouplaboum' exists (when I search by his pageName)?