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  1. I have a problem with the redirects: I have one redirect: /site/be/en/ ->/projects/belgium/ But when I add another one like under, then I get error "The Redirect From URL already exists as a page path. Redirect not added. " /site/be/nl/ -> /nl/projects/belgium/ Why is this?
  2. I don't know if this is known by you guys, but when I click on "I consent" in the notice panel and then go to manage with the js-pwcmb-notice-toggle, none of the checkboxes are checked. After a refresh at least one of the checkboxes is correctly checked in the manage panel. Curiously if not clicking on "I consent" in the notice panel, but going passing by preferences instead, then everything works as expected.
  3. I guess you are commenting on sortNames? In the development it is easier for me to use a multidimensional array. It will eventually change. PS: But if it wasn't for the array, then I would never have noticed the behavior of _init.php and $LANG = ...
  4. I have done a var_dump on the variable $LANG (user logged in or not logged in). When the user is NOT logged in, then the variable is a string: string(2) "FR" When the user is logged in, then the variable is an object: object(ProcessWire\LanguagesPageFieldValue)#331 (2) { ["default"]=> string(2) "FR" ["fr"]=> string(2) "FR" } Is this a bug or not? EDIT: $LANG is only an object on the home page and when logged in...
  5. Some more info: Apparently the strange behavior only happens when a user is logged in...
  6. Is this a bug in Processwire or some PHP behavior? In _init.php there are two variables ($LANG and $sortNames): $LANG = $user->language->title; // in uppercase NL or FR $sortNames = array( 'NL' => array( 'apartment'=>'Appartement/Studio', 'house'=>'Huis/Villa', 'terrain'=>'Grond', 'parking'=>'Garage/Parkeerplaats', 'other'=>'Andere', 'commerce'=>'Commercieel' ), 'FR' => array( 'apartment'=>'Appartement/Studio', 'house'=>'Maison/Villa', 'terrain'=>'Terrain', 'parking'=>'Garage/Place', 'other'=>'Autre', 'commerce'=>'Commerce' ) ); If I use the variables in several templates, the the $LANG variable stays uppercase: echo $LANG; // gives the desired NL or FR foreach($sortNames[$LANG] as $k => $v){ echo $k.' '.$v.'<br>'; // gives the desired output from $sortNames } But if I do the same on the home template, then the $sortNames gives no output: echo $LANG; // gives the desired NL or FR foreach($sortNames[$LANG] as $k => $v){ echo $k.' '.$v.'<br>'; // stays empty !!! } The solution is simple but highly unusual, but in _init.php I done the following to correct the strange behavior: $LANG = strtoupper($user->language->title); Anyone has a clue why this is happening on home?
  7. The issue has been fixed! FYI https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1031
  8. I did not report my own post, but the one of someone with the same issue from 2016. My only goal is to get this resolved, but I don't use Github. All issues got resolved via the forum until now. I don't know why this issue is not.
  9. And what is this forum for then?
  10. Why is this issue not getting resolved?
  11. I even tried to delete 1 page (which has a repeater) with the API and add a new page (which has a repeater) in 1 run... It doesn't work...
  12. What is the use of an API if you can not delete and then add in one run? That is what I ask myself...
  13. I have the same issue. When I delete all pages (that have a repeater) from a parent and then add new pages (with repeater) to the same parent, then only one page is added and I get the same error: "Can't save page 0: /xxxxxxxx-xx-x/: It has no parent assigned" In the repeater_field in the DB there is no data, count=0 and a parent_id=0... Is there any chance this gets resolved anytime soon? (I guess not since this a thread of 2016 ? ) PS: If I delete the pages in a seperate call and add new pages in a second call, then the issue doesn't happen...
  14. I did the same mistake as someone here above... I did not echo the render() nor the getScript() ... (my form is in plain HTML and not in a var called $out, therefrom...) It's working now. ;-)
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