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Helpful little script that copies images from pages to a folder and resizes them.


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For a customer I needed a bunch of pictures to make a mosaic in Photoshop (cropped as a square) ?
20 lines of ProcessWire  "et voila": a folder full of first pictures of every page from a certain template.

<?php namespace ProcessWire;
// boot api
// find estates from web database
$estates = $pages->find("template=archief-pand");
// if estates count not zero
    // loop over estates ($e is single estate)
    foreach($estates as $e){
        // if images not null
            // get first image of estate gallery
            $firstPic = $e->images->first();
            // resize and crop image to square 800x800px
            $firstPic = $firstPic->size(800,800);
            // if picture not null then copy picture to folder propics
            if(!empty($firstPic)) copy($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$firstPic->url, $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/propics/'.$firstPic);


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