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  1. Thanks. List for Latvian language.
  2. Can someone point me to the way how to fix title to name? so "ā" becomes "a" and so on. see attachment
  3. network error is the trigger. And sometimes its easy to trigger. Just got report from client that he have same issue. Opening any part on admin site in new tab fixes it. refreshing/logout does not. Is there a way to perm fix? Talking clients to use PW over WP was struggle ... this does not help as it happens when I present PW
  4. Got this issue again. Disabling uBlock did not help. This is just so random
  5. Firefox. No console output. It not like I put addon and then it stopped - only have addblocker. It just happened when I browsed admin panel at random time. Cleared history/cache. I can login with chrome - and it works fine. EDIT : I managed to fix it for me somehow : Video of issue.
  6. Does anyone have issues when sometimes PW does not load page tree? I have came across with all PW versions I have used. I can't open "Sākums". I try to refresh. There is no dropdowns from Setup/Modules/Access. EDIT: this didn't help : "To fix it i have to logout - but only from mobile version since User menu does not popout" Sadly I can't replicate it.
  7. Does body field exists?
  8. Ah. Dumb me. I changed wrong property. Auto "memory_limit" blame. Thanks.
  9. Trying WordpressMigrator "File hokejablogs.wordpress.2018-01-08.xml is 5880279 bytes which exceeds max allowed size of 2097152 bytes" I can't find the way to change max upload size.
  10. Thanks @adrian for solving this atm. Issue related to : Installing "SessionHandlerDB" module solves it.
  11. I use "Array of items" other settings are default (0 for limit). Changed limit to 10 - same result. Tryed with 4,5,6,7 result is same : 2 images left. EDIT: sometimes more images are left.
  12. I changed filenames but I get same result. Idk if it helps but I tryed to upload to WP and it worked just fine.
  13. @draganI found nothing in logs as well. Before saving : After: I leaves 1st and last picture EDIT : Issue is present for "Files" field as well.
  14. I changed it to php7 . . . still same issue.
  15. @dragan Nothing in console. No internal errors. Nothing.