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  1. tried next branch with ready function changes -- not working cant find configs. also json config not working. sample json : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/outflux3/SettingsFactory/master/samples/theme-settings.json Windows 10 / Laragon ProcessWire 3.0.148
  2. fliwire

    Laragon slow?

    nothing just wanted to find whats wrong:) after refresh install laragon everything is ok.
  3. fliwire

    Laragon slow?

    someone can test mariba db with laragon ?
  4. installed xampp also has mariadb and not have this error. install mysql 8 to laragon and not have this error. laragon and maria db cause issue, there is no log in php_errors.log and mysqld.log.
  5. hi ryan, using MariaDB 10.4.7 after installation processwire (InnoDB) and delete page cant empty trash. MyISAM not have this error. Cant test with Mysql InnoDB but just report.
  6. 1- dont know where these came from, maybe those pages not exist because. if in 3 pages in trash warning says 3x3 pages deleted( Deleted 9 pages - Not all pages could be deleted (3 remain) ).. always multiplier x3 2- yes superuser, new processwire installation currently in dev. Imported 7000 pages with api. Dont know when this bug starts. 3- Deleted with superuser. Pages not locked. 4- Created new template and created a page for test, still same problem.
  7. No only installed "WireMailSmtp" . Tried "$pages->emptyTrash();" but still cant delete pages. pages table has only 2 pages in trash in database.
  8. Cant empty trash, how to fix this issue? in trash i have 2 pages, but says "Deleted 6 pages", if one page in trash warning is "Delete 3 pages" using 3.0.141 also tried 3.0.140 and 3.0.123 but not helps. only delete pages via "edit->delete menu".
  9. bernhard isnt InputfieldFile already upload file when form submit, why you call wireUpload again ?
  10. solved. forgot to add destinationPath to images2 field.
  11. why deleteAll() not working ? $u = user(); $u->of(false); $files = explode("|", $form->get("images2")->value); if($files) { $u->images->deleteAll(); // just want to one image, delete all images. - if delete this line images added. foreach($files as $file) { if($file && file_exists($upload_path . $file)){ $u->images->add($upload_path . $file); unlink($upload_path . $file); } } } $u->save(); // $u->images->deleteAll() not working so i used this. $u->images->delete($u->images->eq(0)); $u->save();
  12. calling $inputfield->getErrors(true) after form render solves this. another question if InputfieldFile in InputfieldFieldset form not get " enctype="multipart/form-data" " attr, this is bug ? $form = $modules->get("InputfieldForm"); $col1 = $modules->get("InputfieldFieldset"); $col1->importArray([ [ 'type' => 'InputfieldFile', 'name' => 'images', 'label' => 'Images', 'destinationPath' => $upload_path, 'extensions' => 'jpg jpeg gif png', 'maxFiles' => 3, 'maxFilesize' => 2*1024*1024, 'required' => 1 ], ]); $form->add($col1);
  13. Hi Soma using form api with this method but form errors always shows after first submit. How to clear after reload page ? <?php $form = $modules->get("InputfieldForm"); // create a text input $field = $modules->get("InputfieldText"); $field->label = "Name"; $field->attr('id+name', 'name'); $field->required = 1; $form->append($field); // append the field to the form // create email field $field = $modules->get("InputfieldEmail"); $field->label = "E-Mail"; $field->attr('id+name', 'email'); $field->required = 1; $form->append($field); // append the field // oh a submit button! $submit = $modules->get("InputfieldSubmit"); $submit->attr("value", "Subscribe"); $submit->attr("id+name", "submit"); $form->append($submit); if ($input->post->submit) { $form->processInput($input->post); } echo "<form action='./' method='post'>"; echo "<div class='row'>" . session()->CSRF()->renderInput() . "</div>"; echo "<div class='row'>" . $form->get('name')->render() . "</div>"; echo "<div class='row'>" . $form->get('name')->getErrors()[0] . "</div>"; echo "<div class='row'>" . $form->get('email')->render() . "</div>"; echo "<div class='row'>" . $form->get('email')->getErrors()[0] . "</div>"; echo "<div class='row'>" . $form->get('submit')->render() . "</div>"; echo "</form>";
  14. sorry for late answer:) why you not using anymore? another solution is form api ?
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