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  1. Hi! I'm still having problems, but sometimes it works. I have upgraded PW to the latest version with no success and also I tried to add <ifmodule mod_headers.c> Header always edit Set-Cookie ^(.*)$ $1;SameSite=None;Secure </ifmodule> to the .htaccess with no luck. As an additional info, a guy logged in (using the same PC) with three different username and proceeded with the payment. With the first user credential he was logged out at the end of the process, but with the second and the third user everything worked as expected. Also another user tried to pay and at the first attempt the payment process didn't work and the second time it worked. Maybe the browser is storing something that it is the cause of the problem? Thank you again for any advice. Have a nice weekend.
  2. I'm sorry for the delay in my reply, but I was busy on another project. I will update PW to the latest build and follow your precious suggestions. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I am writing again because I still have some issues. A lot of payments goes flawlessly but some users (like 5/10%) are still logged out when returning on the website. A lot of users has already logged in the website in the past, so my guess if is it possible that something is stored in the browser preventing the expected behaviour? One of the users reported me that at first he was logged out and than he retried and everything worked as expected. Thank you for any suggestions.
  4. Thank you fliwire, I have added your line to my config.php and I will report if my users still have problems. Thank you very much.
  5. Thanks for your reply elabx, I have already checked the domain and it is ok. Thank you anyway for the suggestion. In this exact time I discovered that it is working and really I don't know what happened! I will test more to see if the problem persist. Have a nice evening.
  6. Hello I am using a Stripe checkout and at the end of the process the user is redirected on my server to store some data (Processwire 3.0.181). I have the problem that everytime after the redirect the user is logged out and I cannot store the data properly. I have read related forum posts and I have disabled sessionFingerprint and cleared all the sessions, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem. $config->sessionFingerprint = false; During my tests I have also noticed that my user remains logged in another tab but not in the actual that is managing the payment. Anyone have an idea how to fix this problem or how to investigate it further? Thank you very much and a have a nice weekend.
  7. This is a good suggestion, I never used Admin Actions and I didn't know that actions can be easily added and modified. In the meantime I'm having success with the ImportCSV module, I just need to move the pages in the right place and than I'm fine. For multiple roles I used the pipe "|" and it works like a charm. It's a pity that this module hasn't this feature by default. I think PW needs an easier (and maybe native) import for external users ?. If I cannot complete I will try also your suggested route, I really appreciate your help Bill. Thank you!
  8. Thank you BillH, I was trying it in this moment and it seems to work. The only drawback for me is that I need to provide unique name in the CSV file and it doesn't change automatically for me. Apart from this it works quite well. I am still trying to make ImportCsv module work to see if it is quicker for my use case. Thank you again!
  9. Probably ImportPagesCSV module is still my best choice, but is there any way to import multiple roles for the same user? Thank you.
  10. Hi to everybody. I need to import a lot of users with custom fields, all with the same password (it is for an event). I have used in the past ImportPagesCSV module (with some "hack" to move the imported pages to the users PW admin location) and I would like to know what is the best approach for this task today. Admin Action module can do this? Another doubt is how I have to write multiple roles (for the same user) into the csv file to be imported correctly? Thank you!
  11. Is it possible to use this module with email instead of username? I tried a search with no luck. Thank you!
  12. Thank you Zeka. I have seen the ProcessLoginHistory but in a post from Teppo I read that this module only logs login attempts and not logout. It is dated 2017 and maybe something has been updated in the meanwhile. I didn't know Google Analytics was able to track logged in users :-). Due to GDPR law pobably we cannot use it, our server are located in EU. I will try to install ProcessLogin History and see if it works. Otherwise any other insight is very welcome. Thanks!
  13. I to everybody, I need to track users (only logged ones) when they will see a streaming event. The purpose is to make some stats afterwards and I need to retain also some data like username, company, ecc... I'm searching for the simple solution to implement in PW (also Analytics services). I searched the forum and I found something but not exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for the help, have a nice day.
  14. In the meantime I have manually fixed all the compromised records using the admin and I cannot test it, but thank you very much Robin for taking time to provide this solution. Really helpful for any additional repeater problem ? Have a nice day.
  15. Hello! I have this problem and I don't know how to fix it. In the user template, I have inserted a repeater field (called user_payment). This repeater is populated from API after a payment confirmation. My initial code was wrong and only in a second time I have fixed it adding the last two rows $mypay = $user->user_payment->getNew(); $mypay->text = $mytext; $mypay->of(false); $mypay->save(); //** Added later $user->user_payment->add($mypay); $user->save(); Some payments was stored in the wrong way and now I am able to see the data when I edit a user in the PW admin backend, but I can't search them in lister pro or in an API search. I can fix the problem if I edit the user and save the page from the backend, but I wanna know if there is a way to automatically fix all the data. Thank you for any suggestion! Ciao
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