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  1. One of the reason could be that "News" (as a string) is hardcoded inside some selector. Just a quick guess.
  2. Even though not officialy supported by PW3 I've used this module in the past successfully: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/711-release-schedulepages/
  3. <?php $projects = $pages->find("template=project-details, sort=random, limit=3"); if($projects) { $first_project = $projects->child(); // Got the first child // Do something with it foreach($projects->remove($first_project) as $p) { // Do something else with the other projects... } } ?> Not tested but it should work, there are several other methods indeed. Or... <?php $projects = $pages->find("template=project-details, sort=random, limit=3"); if($projects) { $i = 0; foreach($projects as $p) { if ($i == 0) { // First project } else { // Other projects } $i++; } } ?>
  4. ..or if you mean by "folder" a parent container within the tree structure then yes, you need to create a blank template (without a template file) with just a "title" field (since it's the default and mandatory).
  5. 3fingers

    Aaron Copland

    Thanks @Macrura, that would more than enough :)
  6. For one site I made some time ago I've tried to use the following "official" strategy: Blogpost from Ryan / May 31, 2019 but, somehow the fallback didn't work on Safari and IE11. I didn't investigate further because I had to deliver the project and until then I've dropped that feature for now. Your solution looks simple and elegant for me, I couldn't tell the difference against the .htaccess approach (I'm no expert by any mean).
  7. 3fingers

    Aaron Copland

    @Macrura, you deserve them. The table filtering on the list (its reactiveness and the immediate changes on the query strings) and the advanced search would be ideal :)
  8. 3fingers

    Aaron Copland

    Congrats @Macrura, beside the pleasant look and feel of the site I really appreciate the precision and the amount of details within the search pages. I'd love, as a christmas present, and in-depth tutorial/guide on this subject (since, IMHO, you've made the best search pages throughout the years) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
  9. $pagefields = $page->getFields(); if(wireInstanceOf($pagefields, FieldtypePage)) { foreach($pagefields as $pf) { echo "<a href='$pf->url'>$pf->title</a>"; } } Not tested, it might work though.
  10. More information here: https://processwire.com/docs/start/api-access/
  11. Thanks @bernhard, I'll dig it deeper with your suggestion, even though it seems like their rates are way too high for my project. @psy Nice module! I'd love to use it to complete this task, looks like it could let me easily list files of a dropbox folder into my site. How to share, instead, just some specific files (belonging to the dropbox folder) to a specific user? The ideal situation would be: 1) My client (whom is the one has access to the dropox panel and can upload files) decide to share just few files to user "x" (user "x" has previously registered to my pw site and has a private page). 2) Choosen files appears as links on the private user page ( I've noticed this on the thread you posted, but it's just part of the job). One solution that comes into my mind would be to copy/paste such file links to a repeater belonging to the user page and iterate it on the front-end.
  12. Hey all, I'm here to ask for help about a request a client made me today. He needs a private document area (for all registered users) and, furthermore, a private page (one per single user) holding specific documents belonging to the user itself. I could code it by myself, but I already know that - sooner or later - more features (like filtering by document type, dates, and whatnot) will be asked by my client and....the $$ budget will not suffice the request. So, here is the real question: Do you know an external service (thinking about Dropbox, Box, etc.) which would let me "easily" do the following: - User registers on my site and those credentials are used to also create a new user account on the third party SaaS (via api). - On his private page (on pw site) he can then have 2 links: one for the shared folder (on SaaS site) and one for its private folder (on SaaS site). Any clue? πŸ™‚
  13. What about using $page->addStatus(Page::statusLocked); on the first save occourence? So when a page belonging to a survey is first saved, the next time is accessed it would have a status "locked". I'm not sure if your "admin" user also corresponds to a "super-user" role. In that case I would suggest assign to him a different role, in which case you should dismiss the hook logic and define granular edit permissions for those survey pages.
  14. Even though I appreciate the idea of PW themes I think they would be somewhat limitating, fighting with the power of PW, where having your personal markup gives you freedom and uniqueness to projects. Pure HTML themes, instead, (not being bound to strict fields/relations) might be more appealing to me. If your goal is to make some revenue with them be aware that the market if fully saturated πŸ™‚ My two cent here, of course πŸ™‚
  15. You right! Passing them directly to the renderPager() method now works. Just to clarify, SearchEngine settings kick in, but not those dedicated to pagination πŸ™‚ Thanks @teppo, glad you're on the same time-zone as mine, you're always super fast πŸ™‚
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