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  1. You should check this module: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/11499-admin-restrict-branch but personally I would create a front-end editing per-user page with the necessary form for image and video upload. I don't want users (rather than admins or editors) to access the backend.
  2. Just here to say that I'm the kind of person whom prefer to learn by watching videos, so it would be great if someone could create a series about this topic :)
  3. 3fingers

    About device.js

    For some edgy situations where I cannot solve with just appropriate media queries logic I tend to use Mobile Detect, which uses the user agent string to determine the device in use. One use case for me was the need to swap an html5 <video> with a jpg on iOS devices, due to the fact that I could not autoplay on those devices.
  4. Thanks @adrian and @itsberni, now it's clear what you are doing, thanks for the explanation πŸ™‚ Nice gem from an old blog post too @Jan Romero, I remember I read it once it was published but I forgot it completely. There is so much knowledge "hidden" in the blog which is missing from the docs unfortunately.
  5. Glad you sorted out! But I still don't get the logic where $user->id could match $page->entryPages->id, now I'm the one asking for help πŸ™‚ Maybe @adrian could enlighten my tired brain? πŸ˜›
  6. This comparison, written like this, shoud never return true: if( $user->id == $page->entryPages ) How could a user id match another page id? Are you trying to check if a particular user is the one who created the page you are checking against? In this case you could use $pageToCheck->createdUser where $pageToCheck is your $page->entryPages (still think this is a WireArray and need to be traversed before).
  7. Yes, edited right before your answer πŸ™‚
  8. What kind of field is "entryPages"? I suppose an integer field due to the fact you're comparing with the user->id. And in which situation a user would write inside that field an exact id? ...or, entryPages is a page reference filed, but since it's plural you are dealing with an array of pages, so comparing a single id with an array would never match?
  9. 3fingers


    [Litte OT] @Wanze Out of curiosity, has something changed in your development arsenal? πŸ™‚
  10. Dai amico mio, for the various conspiracies theories Netflix in enough. Once in a lifetime let's think about generosity and collaboration between people, over and beyond their country statuses :)
  11. I previously omitted some of your code for the sake of brevity, so yes, you can do whatever you want inside each foreach iteration.
  12. I think your selector should be: foreach($pages->get("/files/")->children as $folder) { // code for the first iteration, you are now inside the folder foreach($folder->files as $lagu) { // here you are iterating on the files } }
  13. The first selector looks a bit strange to me. It says: "get the children of the page at path /files/ where its title is the same as the current page I'm on"...mmm. Could you elaborate a bit more? πŸ™‚
  14. Well, I live in Italy, Turin, inside a building 50mt far from an hospital and 20mt of a 24h supermarket. The hospital had 1 decease today and Covid19 is the one to blame for it. The supermarket is overcrowded outside even at 23 a.m. I'm working from home and I cannot go outside without a 'right purpose' and a self-certificate of why I am there. My wife cannot stays home for work and her company produces various cleaning products which are a top-sellers this days... My 4yo son stays with his grandparent all day long, without having the opportunity to play with other kids. My mother is 72 and had, 2 years ago, some lunges problems and now, even though she is fine by now, she is really scared.
  15. Have you got Tracy installed and set $config->debug = true; in config.php? Does your js console got any error?
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