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  1. Thanks @elabx, The FieldtypeDynamicOptions looks exactly like what I need.
  2. I tried to find a way to reference selected files on a page. It doesn't seem there's any easy way to do this. Is coding a new module/field the only way? Basically what Ryan has made in CK editor would kind of work. Ability to first select a page, and then select multiple files that have been saved under that page.
  3. Images disappeared when they were first reordered and then the page was saved. Actual images are in the page folder but db save did fail with attached error so media field is blank. ProcessWire v.3.0.174. Page uses standard ProcessWire media upload but the field is inside a repeater. No custom hooks in saving process. The images in that page are quite big since the page is basically used as image storage. Any ideas why this happened?
  4. It's a little thing, but would it be possible to create images without the .-pim2- part? Currently: original.jpg becomes: original.-pim2-prefix.jpg I'd prefer if it became: originalprefix.jpg
  5. I've attached two files. First one shows the page reference field working as intented (ASM mode) and the other shows what happens when I remove the page reference field from the page template. If I use autocomplete instead of ASM it's broken even more badly. I also tried the image field in the page template instead of matrix, and there it works as intended. So this problem is related to the matrix somehow.
  6. @ryan Page reference fields added in image custom fields do not function properly in the backend, unless the field is also added in the page where the image is located in. In my site I was using a matrix field before the image, so it's possible it's part of the problem. Simple diagram because I'm bad at explaining things: - regular page --- matrix field ---- image field (with its own template to enable custom fields) ----- page reference field (inside image template) <- does not work properly in backend, unless it's also inlcuded in the regular page template Without adding the page reference field inside the page template, it seems javascript or something like that doesn't load properly and it doesn't function when you click the image open to edit its fields. This is especially true when using autocomplete / ASM select options. It's possible adding any page reference field on the page would fix it, but I only tested it using the same field in both templates. Tested using the latest PW dev / matrix versions.
  7. Hi, I added some custom fields into image using the process descriped here: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.142/ Now I need to search for pages that have images with certain fields/content in them. But I'm running into a problem. Is it possible to use those fields in a selector? It seems you cannot just go with $pages->find('images.somefield=something') because it throws an error. While I was using the included tag function in image fields using ('images.tags!=') worked but after replacing it with page reference field for better tagging, I cannot get it to function - nor any other field it seems.
  8. Same folder with originals with a prefix/affix or possibly a subfolder. It doesn't really matter to us. The image paths in frontend could be hardcoded to fetch the thumbnails, so PW's image-size()->url wouldn't be needed for that. All we're trying to avoid is making one giant job of creating all different image sizes in one go.
  9. Hi, We have a webstore made with PW, where product images are saved in a custom folder directly from ERP. The image url's would be saved in simple text fields. Is it possible to use PW's image resizing functionality when someone visits the page, without actually saving the images into the images field?
  10. Little feedback on the module pages. 1) Search does not seem to include the header in the results (e.g. searching "Admin Action" does not find ProcessAdminActions module). Is this because there's just one giant textarea field that includes all the text in the main content area? 2) It's not immediately clear what the modules classname is. In the old version it was clearly marked, on the new page you have to know it's the heading on the blue. It might be a good idea to add this in a clear way on the right hand bar or somewhere else where people new to PW will easily find it when they're looking to install modules. 3) Googling for modules will lead you to pages that don't work anymore (https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-admin-actions/)
  11. @WillyC Thanks WillyC. Does this meaning that PW caches queries (like field is loaded once although it is called multiple times within same page process) even if there is no ProCache or similar in use? Or is this a PDO layer feature? It would be nice if developer docs could cover a bit deeper the performance aspects and best practices relating to queries, PW basic caching out of the box, sql&PDO etc. since it is so easy to use lots of fields that drawn the performance in some point. @ryan
  12. I did some tests (for example made 50 extra calls with variations in a loop) with Tracy debugger on question 2) but had no effect on PDO or Select queries in Tracy, which made me wonder. I don't have much knowledge about PDO layer but I guess its caching queries somehow.
  13. This question relates to optimizing Page object, fields amount and SQL calls, and Auto Join option. In short I need to understand how ProcessWire handles next events: 1. I have a template, which calls for example $page->something->title and this is used for example 2 times in code like if simply ($page->something->title) echo $page->something->title; etc. The field "title" has not the Auto Join option enabled. Is this information loaded in $page object initially or will this fire 2 separate but similar SQL calls to load title, even in same that page and template process? 2. Let's have another example. We have $page loaded and the template has helper functions to get for example some settings value. Now we use this helper function to retrieve value like $pages->get('template=settings')->somesetting. This will fire SQL call I understand? How Auto Join would help with this? 3. Will enabling Auto Join on fields cause some performance issues outside certain Page object (field that relates to certain template that is used by Page) overall, like when site is loaded first time? Thank You @ryan Please can I also have your core developer opinion also here since this has significant impact on how the project code should be structured and this could help many thanks!
  14. Thank you guys, The problem was eventually solved. Somebody handling the web server had left some checkbox or other unchecked and that's why nothing worked.
  15. Does anyone know if using SMTP user without a password is a problem? Authentication is taken care of by something else in this case.
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