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  1. Thanks for taking the time to help me out BitPoet! The php5-cli modification fixed the issue.
  2. Hoping someone can assist me. I'm have an hourly cron job that runs a bootstrapped script in my public_html folder but it is failing with the following error. <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: argc in <b>/home/melbo111/public_html/wire/core/ProcessWire.php</b> on line <b>189</b><br /> The process used to run with the above error and still work but now on the live environment it doesn't work at all. Hopefully resolving this error will sort out my issues. Here is my cron script: 0 * * * * /usr/bin/php -q /home/melbo111/public_html/abandon_cart.php And this is abandon_cart.php <?php include("index.php"); $timer = time() - 3600;//1hr ago $ab_orders = $wire->pages->find("template=order, payment_status=, order_date<$timer"); $flogo = "http://www.melbournechristmastrees.com/site/assets/files/1/logo.png";//$wire->pages->get(1)->logo->httpUrl; if(!empty($ab_orders)){ foreach($ab_orders as $ab_order){ if(isset($ab_order->stand) && $ab_order->stand === 1){ $stand = 'Yes'; }else { $stand = 'No'; } if(isset($ab_order->installation) && $ab_order->installation === 1){ $installation = 'Yes'; }else { $installation = 'No'; } if(isset($ab_order->removal) && $ab_order->removal === 1){ $removal = 'Yes'; }else { $removal = 'No'; } $colink = $wire->pages->get(1175)->httpUrl.'?acid='.$ab_order->id; $EmailTo = $ab_order->email; $subject ="Don't miss out on your Christmas tree"; $body = "<table width='600' align='center' border='0' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'> <tr> <td align='center' style='padding-top:10px; padding-bottom:20px;'> <img src='$flogo' height='80' alt='Melbourne Christmas Trees'> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><p>Dear $ab_order->shipping_first_name</p> <p>We noticed your shopping cart at Melbourne Christmas Trees has been reserved and is waiting for you.</p> In your cart you left: <ul> <li>$ab_order->product_ordered</li> <li>Stand: $stand </li> <li>Installation: $installation</li> <li>Removal: $removal</li> </ul> To complete your purchase, click the below link: <p style='text-align:center; padding-bottom:40px;'><a href='$colink' style='padding-top:10px; color:#fd2864; font-weight:bold;'>Complete Your Purchase</a></p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style='padding-top:20px; padding-bottom:20px;'> <p style='color:#82b849; font-size:18px; text-align:center;'><strong>Have a fantastic Christmas from Melbourne Christmas Trees. </td> </tr> </table>"; $headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0'."\r\n"; $headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1'."\r\n"; $headers .= "From: Melbourne Christmas Trees <{$wire->users->get('xxxx')->email}>"."\r\n"; mail($EmailTo, $subject, $body, $headers); $ab_order->of(false); $ab_order->payment_status = "emailed_abandoned_cart"; $ab_order->save(); $wire->log->save('ac_emails', 'Order ID: '.$ab_order->id); $hazrun = true; } } echo "abandon process"; ?> I'm not a real coder and have hacked together so any general feedback on my code is also appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I've got a site in development which has an annoying little quirk in that whenever I'm in the admin area I get an alert up the top saying WireCache: Saved cache - Modules.site/modules/. I can close the alert as per the usual process however when I navigate to another admin page or refresh the existing page the alert appears again. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?
  4. Sorry just got the usual spiel from them saying the CMS must have a bug with PHP 5.4 (which I know isn't the case as I have other hosting running that flavour without issue). Thanks once again to everyone who took the time to respond!
  5. Thanks to all that took the time to answer my calls for help! This issue has been resolved. The fix was to upgrade the PHP version to 5.5.
  6. I've since tested the site on a dev address I have set up on the same server as the one having issues. And it's working without issue. Currently following up with the web hosting company again.
  7. Tested on local and it works without issue, I'm using the mac server app on local and the stats didn't show any noticable spoke in resource usage when saving the page. There's no recent errors in the logs on either the cpanel or processwire log file... I'm totally at a loss on what to do next...
  8. Hi Teppo, thanks for the reply. It's running processwire 2.5.3, PHP version 5.4. We're not using any modules outside of the core. There aren't any modules installed under the "Site" tab. The server is just a shared server with a reliable host i.e they're not a cheap hosting provider. They're running LiteSpeed web server on it. The site itself is slushbrothers.com.au
  9. Hi All, Hoping someone can help me out. I've built a few processwire sites now and love the system but I have an established site that's having some issues. I'm by no means a real programmer but know my way around PHP enough to get by. This issue occurs in the admin section when attempting to save a page I get a "503 Service Unavailable, The server is temporarily busy, try again later!" error. After reading this post we tried disabling mod_security but the issue persisted. When then escalated the issue to our hosting company who logged into the admin area and traced the error as it happened. Below is the result: "The issue here seems to be that once save is clicked, the page immediately tries to use more than a gigabyte of memory. The server immediately kills the process to protect itself. I am certain of this because I disabled the protection temporarily and immediately watched the memory usage climb to critical levels once I clicked save. The CPU usage also climbed quite high." This issue only happens when saving certain pages which appear to be isolated to pages which use repeater fields. The repeaters aren't excessive with the home page utilising a repeater field that uses a text input (not text area), single image field, url field and another text input. There are 3 records in the repeater. There's no issues on the front end of the site and as stated above pages without repeater fields save without issue. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks to all for taking the time to reply, really appreciate it. I'm going to put this issue back to the hosting provider.
  11. Yes looks to be that way, it's a shared hosting server through crazydomains.com.au. This may be of help: http://artandbrushpainting.com.au/phpinfo.php Thanks for the reply too.
  12. I'd like nothing more than to take that advice and head for the hills. Unfortunately the client is unwilling to move hosts - usually I'd insist on hosting the site with my usual provider but this client already had an established relationship with this company that he didn't want to move away from. He's even paid me a "3rd party hosting" fee so I'd install it on someone else's server. Could this module be a possible solution? https://processwire.com/talk/store/product/6-procache-single/
  13. Thanks - thought I had put it somewhere client side by mistake.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Yes, there's 500 errors occuring every few page clicks (irrespective of page). Just out of curiosity how did you get to this url: http://artandbrushpainting.com.au/form-builder/quote/ ?
  15. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to Processwire but am very excited by what it's capable of. Loving the fact that it leaves you to create the mark up! I have a problem on my latest project, it's a fairly simple site that ran flawlessly on my testing server however now it's throwing up 500 errors every few page clicks. Upon checking the server logs I see the following error (variations relating to the referring page anyway). Cannot allocate memory: couldn't create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home4/artandbr/public_html/index.php, referer: http://artandbrushpainting.com.au/tricks-of-the-trade/ The clients web host is telling me that my scripts need optimising - sounds like rubbish as the site is fairly light weight and not doing anything fancy. Their PHP Memory Value is currently 64mb. I'd appreciate any ideas, feedback or condolences as I'm by no stretch a PHP developer and am a little lost at this point! PS the host is crazydomains.com.au which are considered to be cheap and nasty over here in Australia.
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