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  1. Just to follow up on this - I bought the Profiler Pro module and have been discussing this in the module forum there. As part of this I created a test template which just outputs a string, with init.php and main.php prepending disabled - the Profiler Pro time for this is down to under 300ms, while the load time I see in my dev tools is still between 900ms and 3000ms. My next steps are trying to find out why this discrepancy exists - very strange!
  2. Thanks for your reply - I've been making changes quite frequently - it's a fairly big site to which we're adding a shop. There's no one change which stands out as a huge change. Debug mode is off on the live site, other than when temporarily testing, and all of the modules are pretty much up to date. The load times aren't much better when in the admin which is why I haven't spent too much time trying to optimize templates - does template logic affect load time in the admin? I don't think Procache supports nginx. I was using fastcgi_cache but it gets a little messy with the way we're handling locale redirects - we need to refine our config. I'd rather find out the reason for the long load times before resorting to a flat cache. Do these timings for loading /pw/page look reasonable to you?
  3. Hello, One of our sites is suffering from very slow boot times, and I'm not sure how to diagnose the problem. Here's a grab of the debug panel in Tracy debugger after loading the homepage. A have a couple of questions - Are all of the times listed separate items, or are some of them a breakdown? I ask because the number shown in the tracy debug bar is the total of all of the items but the wording suggests boot.load.modules, boot.load.fields etc are a breakdown of the boot.load. How do I find out what these times consist of? Currently, when using the site, and when running page speed tools, the server load time is consistently upwards of 1s often above 1.5s. This is before the browser even starts downloading resources - a quick grab from my firefox dev tools was even worse: I would appreciate any advice on finding the cause here. A few details: Server is a digital ocean droplet (2GB memory + 2CPUs) running nginx and php7.0 - neither memory or cpu seem particularly taxed Site has 8 locales Using template cache and wirecache for heavy pieces of markup We're on the latest dev branch - the speed issue has been present for the last couple of versions. The speed is similar on when running locally (similar but stripped back nginx config) Thanks, Tom
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble adding fields to the pad_customer form. I have added two FieldsetPage fields each containing the default padloper address fields so that I can separate delivery address and billing address in the form. Currently in the orders page in the admin and on the checkout page, I get this error: Exception: You must set a 'page' (type Page) property to InputfieldRepeater with repeater field 'delivery_address' (in /Users/tom/Dev/So/bisley/back/wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeRepeater/InputfieldRepeater.module line 263) Can you advise what I can do to resolve this? Thanks!
  5. sodesign

    Just a quick follow-up to this - I have been importing more content in a tsv and ran across another issue. When the title of the page being matched contains a comma, the selector in the line above throws an error. $pageMatch = $this->wire('pages')->get("id=$options, title={$childFieldValue}"); An example page title is "Fixed Height, Loop Leg" - The error was from the Selector class, and the snippet included something to the effect of: "field: Fixed, value: Height " I think this was why I had used the selector value sanitizer method previously. I tried this: $pageMatch = $this->wire('pages')->get("id=$options, title={$this('sanitizer')->selectorValue($childFieldValue)}"); The import runs successfully, though I'm unsure if this might have knock-on effects elsewhere.
  6. sodesign

    Perfect, that's now working without error. Thank you for resolving this!
  7. sodesign

    When I run the import without the line, I get the error: 2298× PHP Notice: Undefined variable: title in .../modules/BatchChildEditor/BatchChildEditor.module:1676 The csv is 982 lines long, and 5 page reference fields are being imported, though quite a few of the values are empty. Is there any other information I can provide to help?
  8. sodesign

    Ah yes sorry - I'm on version 1.8.2. I can't remember which field was causing the issue - I thought it was the actual title, but I'm not certain. I'll try and get the error log later on today. Thanks, Tom
  9. sodesign

    Happy new year all That's great news about the multilanguage import. I'm blown away by how regularly great new features appear in both the core and in lots of modules! I had a quick question about regular non-multilingual csv imports - I was having trouble with an import whereby the existing titles weren't matching. I think it may be due to the titles having lots of punctuation (they're product codes which I have no control over). I am not familiar with the workings of this module, and was last-minute clutching at straws before the holidays - this seemed to resolve the errors I was seeing: Added after line 1674 in BatchChildEditor.module $title = $this->wire('sanitizer')->selectorValue($childFieldValue); I'm not sure of the cause or consequence of this, would it be helpful if I provide more details of the error message I see without this line? Thanks, Tom
  10. sodesign

    I guess the different case may have allowed it to sneak through - I can confirm I'm not seeing the issue now that I've renamed my function. I'll follow up if the issue remains resolved. Thanks for your help!
  11. sodesign

    Could it be to do with the fact I've named the function in my template sendMail? It only just occurred to me that it's the same as the function used by wireMail.
  12. sodesign

    Great, thank you for confirming. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to get around this? I'm on the 3.0.79 dev branch
  13. sodesign

    Thanks for the swift reply! Prior to trying to send a form, I see: Function SendMail($to, $subject, $body, $headers, $return_path) Then once I have tried to send a form, I see this: Function \ProcessWire\sendmail($to, $subject, $body, $headers, $return_path) The partial which handles the ajax request is like this: <?php namespace ProcessWire; use Valitron\Validator; function getInput($modules, $sanitizer, $input, $user) { ... $v = new Validator([ ... ]) ... $formFields = [...] return $formFields; // This contains the sanitized form fields content and the validation results } function sendMail($formFields, $modules, $pages, $sanitizer) { ... if ($v->validate()) { ... $mail = wireMail() ->to($contactFormRecipient) ->header('Reply-To', $email) ->subject(ucwords($mailer_subject)) ->bodyHTML($messageHTML); ... } } } $formFields = getInput($modules, $sanitizer, $input, $user); $output = sendMail($formFields, $modules, $pages, $sanitizer); if ($output['sent']) { echo json_encode(array(...)); } else { echo json_encode(array(...)); } Does the namespaced compiled function look right to you?
  14. sodesign

    Hi, I'm having an issue with the 'Test Settings' feature. Some background: I have a contact form which sends an email (triggered by ajax), which seems to work a couple of times, but then starts throwing 500 errors on send. At the same time, once the contact forms starts throwing 500 errors, clicking 'Test settings' in the module settings panel throws the same error: I'm not sure where to start finding the source of this issue - it seems that sometimes clearing compiled files solves the issue temporarily, but beyond this I'm not sure what to do. We're running the latest Dev branch, but swapping to Master didn't prevent the issue. Any advice on how to resolve this would be much appreciated! Thanks, Tom