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  1. Many thanks @BitPoet, it was the right kick that was needed! I understand that I should be able to do everything I need to do! I just have to do it 😅 (but if all works well could be the funny part of the job!)
  2. Thank you @dragan. Absolutely yes, you're right I immediately create a copy of the theme and I'm going to work on that. In AdminThemeDefault I just see this part that render all content, but I don't have understood where the pages are. <?php $body = $page->get('body'); if($body) echo $body; unset($body); echo $content; echo $extras['content']; ?> This theme will only be a version associated with a specific user, the Editor. It would be really brilliant if I could change the content that is rendered in this part working like in the front-end. I check the AdminThemeDefaultHelpers and I find something, but not look like all data are in this page, or am I wrong?
  3. Hi guys, I'm would like to customizing the admin page to make it very simple for a customer. But I can't find where I can edit some part of the page. These are the parts I can't find: I would like to position the edit button differently and customize the row, like add a imagine before the title of the page. I would like edit the table by add photo and others info I would also like to be able to add a specific page in the left menu that shows me on the right the children of that page. Example: under the heading pages add Blog and in the left pages the list of articles. At the moment I have seen that inside wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault I can modify the general page but I don't know where to take the other elements. Can tell me please if it is possible to do this and on which pages can I go to work? Thank you so much!
  4. Hi, Stripe ask me to add the new version with the SCA: "To avoid waste, upgrade to a product with SCA such as the new version of Stripe Checkout, Billing, the Payment Intents API or to a partner solution that is compliant with the SCA." At the moment, however, there are no declined payments. But anyway, currently our modules do not have it. Can it be added ? @benbyf Does the module you created create it? if yes, next week i will do some tests. Those are the link stripe give me: Link to the Documentation --> Link Link to the article --> Link
  5. yes sure, no worry. Thank you for your help. Enjoy the holiday!!
  6. ok @benbyf, thank you I see now. I need make a template to use the module. I use the Padloper, in this case the render method could be better. I see that I have to set up all the information about customer and products, so, I have to include the Padloper Module and use the $order data. But, If I can pass all the data how I can render the form? (I'll try but honestly I don't think I'm able to integrate the two modules. I hope the old stripe module still works after the Stripe changes) Thank you
  7. Hi @benbyf, first thank you for your work. I try to use the module. When I install the module in the checkout instead of the button there is only write "nothing here yet". What mean? I have just copy the setting from the old module, the key and filled the other info. Is there anything I need to do? Update: I see, there isn't yet the render function.
  8. These two are inside a Select Option fields. Check the setting if the fields are installed or enabled: Modules --> Core --> Fieldtype
  9. Hi, I have put the LoginRegister form inside a popup. If someone inserts the data incorrectly, the page is reloaded and the error message is shown, but this is inside the popup and to see the message needs to manually reopen the popup. Is there a way that if an error occurs when the page is reloaded open also the popup? I try just to add the id to the URL, like mysite/page/#modal-Login but when the LoginRegister reload the page the id is deleted. What can I do? For load inside the modal the Forgot page I use this code: $('.LoginRegisterLinksForgot').on('click', function (e) { $.ajax({ url: './', type: "get", data: 'forgot=1', beforeSend: (function () { }), }) .done(function(data){ $('#LoginRegister').html($(data).find('#LoginRegister').html()); }); e.preventDefault(); }); If there are an error can I use something like this? Thank you.
  10. @gmclelland thank you very much. I can see this error only if I connect with a proxy. Maybe a cache problem, I reset ProCache and now the images also load with the proxy. However, if I connect directly the upload problem is gone and the filter tag works. Anyway thank you very much I will continue to do tests to solve the problem. @flydev I completely forgot about this possibility! thank you very much, I use it immediately.
  11. @flydev, yes there are lots of fields to translate! Thanks for the report! @gmclelland, I see all, what do you mean cann't you see the images? @Jonathan Lahijani, absolutely true!
  12. Thank you @bernhard! I just fixed! I used this system and now it works much better:
  13. Hi everyone, a year ago we had put online a first version of our website, which didn't satisfy me much and had several bugs. This year I started working on a complete restyling, both in terms of functionality and graphic. I am very happy with the result obtained. Finally, last week we put this version online that I am proud to show you! Site EU: https://www.playwood.it/ Site USA: https://www.us.playwood.it/ It is an eCommerce for a small StartUp, the PlayWood, based in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The site is multilingual, has two areas of purchase and has two levels of registration. Redirectory based on the source IP for the USA customer and preferred language in the browser for the others countries. It has systems for use registration and sending emails dependent on specific actions, like: registration, purchase, request for quotes, information request, etc. Through the API the site communicates with external platforms such as the management software, Mailchimp and other systems to support marketing and company operations. The site is constantly evolving, in the future we intend to add new features. The site was created with these modules: Padloper Login/register Media Library ProCache PayPal Checkout Subscribe to Mailchimp Tracy Debugger Cookie Management Banner Continent and country names ImagePicker Field Map Marker External libraries: Spectre, scss framework Swiper slideshow verlok/lazyload fancybox Creating this site with ProcessWire represented a moment of strong professional growth. When I started I had little knowledge of some types of language, but Processwire and its APIs give me the ability to easily build pages, manipulate data and integrate any external library easily. Thus, I was able to deepen my knowledge more and more. So I wanted to thank the creators of the cms, who keeps it and who implements it, obviously all the people in the forum for the help they gave me, was very important. Thank you!
  14. A few days ago I received an e-mail from Stripe where he said that by the 14th of September, two-factor authentication should be implemented for online payments. --> article I seem to understand that for the module ecommere here on PW we need to update the API. They sent me to this page: here Or other possibility is to use the new version of Stripe's checkout, at this link. I wanted to ask if someone has plans to update the module? ------ @kongondo, probably you already know, but anyway for the new version of Padloper this could be interesting.
  15. I like pwCommerce. For users it is much easier to understand pwCommerce, it is very intuitive and simple. Which from the commercial point of view is a fundamental characteristic. For the class I don't have idea. but also need be something connected with the name. Idea for the logo! If you don't already have one, you could launch a contest among community members! will be something fun. Maybe just for the concept, after all the branding you'll see how to do it.
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