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  1. Hi @Mike Rockett, First thank you for your modulo. I notice this error on the Search Console: The sitemap can be read, but it has errors. The sitemap is in HTML format It appears that your sitemap is an HTML page. Use a supported sitemap format. Examples Row 1 Tag: html At the moment it doesn't load me any links in the search console. What can I do?
  2. Thank you @Robin S, now work well. Thanks 🙂 I copy here some part of the documentation, if someone need:
  3. Hi everybody, I have to change the price of some products based on the type of role the user has, if he is logged in. For do this I use a module, I can change the price based of any fields in the products page but when I try to access to $user data give me an error, like this: isLoggedin() on a non-object or if I use $user->hasRole I give the same error hasRole on a non-object. I think the problem is that the module can't know which user is logged in, but I can't find a solution. Can someone help me to understand how I can access to this data to change the price? Thank you
  4. This is an amazing project! I tried it works pretty much everything. I really hope that someone with the right knowledge (and here there are many people who have them) can complete and implement it. Anyway I start using it right now! Really thank you @joshuag for this module!
  5. Hi @Robin S and @dragan, sorry fro the late reply. Ok thank you! It's very nice, I can also use $defaultClasses to add class and not use jquery. About the css I find a solution and the result is very beautiful. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi @dragan thank you, yes I need this for make a re-style of css, I use the field in the module LoginRegister and Padloper, all of these render directly the Inputfield. I can't find a solution only with the css, I need to move the tag label because it has to work inside the InputfieldContent. I need move the text label inside the input, when write inside the input the label text will be smaller and move across the InputfieldContent box. I try to use the appendTo(), but without using a unique ID or class it doesn't work well. I also try to use the placeholder attribute, but doesn't work like we would like. I never use the FormBuilder module, I read that is very nice module and sure I can make every contact form that I need, included the login form, but in this way I have also to write all the system for the login form like the registration, the forget password etc.. Also I probably I can't use FormBuilder with Padloper module. There are no way to move the label inside the InputfieldContent?
  7. Thank you @ottogal, yes this could be a solution, but I have make one like of code for every input. I will like have this render for all the input. For this reason I was thinking of a hook solution on Inputfield.
  8. Hi, I need to change the position of the label tag. In all render the input field look like this: <div class="Inputfield" id=""> <label class="InputfieldHeader" for="...">Email</label> <div class="InputfieldContent"> <input id="..." name="..." class="..." type="" maxlength="512" autocomplete="off"> </div> </div> I would like move the label tag inside the InputfieldContent after the input tag. I try to work around the render hook, but didn't found a solution, and also I'm not sure is this the way. How can I do it? Thank you.
  9. Many thanks @BitPoet, it was the right kick that was needed! I understand that I should be able to do everything I need to do! I just have to do it 😅 (but if all works well could be the funny part of the job!)
  10. Thank you @dragan. Absolutely yes, you're right I immediately create a copy of the theme and I'm going to work on that. In AdminThemeDefault I just see this part that render all content, but I don't have understood where the pages are. <?php $body = $page->get('body'); if($body) echo $body; unset($body); echo $content; echo $extras['content']; ?> This theme will only be a version associated with a specific user, the Editor. It would be really brilliant if I could change the content that is rendered in this part working like in the front-end. I check the AdminThemeDefaultHelpers and I find something, but not look like all data are in this page, or am I wrong?
  11. Hi guys, I'm would like to customizing the admin page to make it very simple for a customer. But I can't find where I can edit some part of the page. These are the parts I can't find: I would like to position the edit button differently and customize the row, like add a imagine before the title of the page. I would like edit the table by add photo and others info I would also like to be able to add a specific page in the left menu that shows me on the right the children of that page. Example: under the heading pages add Blog and in the left pages the list of articles. At the moment I have seen that inside wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault I can modify the general page but I don't know where to take the other elements. Can tell me please if it is possible to do this and on which pages can I go to work? Thank you so much!
  12. Hi, Stripe ask me to add the new version with the SCA: "To avoid waste, upgrade to a product with SCA such as the new version of Stripe Checkout, Billing, the Payment Intents API or to a partner solution that is compliant with the SCA." At the moment, however, there are no declined payments. But anyway, currently our modules do not have it. Can it be added ? @benbyf Does the module you created create it? if yes, next week i will do some tests. Those are the link stripe give me: Link to the Documentation --> Link Link to the article --> Link
  13. yes sure, no worry. Thank you for your help. Enjoy the holiday!!
  14. ok @benbyf, thank you I see now. I need make a template to use the module. I use the Padloper, in this case the render method could be better. I see that I have to set up all the information about customer and products, so, I have to include the Padloper Module and use the $order data. But, If I can pass all the data how I can render the form? (I'll try but honestly I don't think I'm able to integrate the two modules. I hope the old stripe module still works after the Stripe changes) Thank you
  15. Hi @benbyf, first thank you for your work. I try to use the module. When I install the module in the checkout instead of the button there is only write "nothing here yet". What mean? I have just copy the setting from the old module, the key and filled the other info. Is there anything I need to do? Update: I see, there isn't yet the render function.
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