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  1. manlio's post in Cannot empty some pages from the trash was marked as the answer   
    Solved! I just went into the mysql database "pages" table and changed the "status" to 1. After that everything works again and the delete tab shows and works as expected.
  2. manlio's post in Multilanguage: different pages query based on language was marked as the answer   
    Sorry but was only a problem related to the "active" checkbox of the language. Usually is active by default but  after importing from csv was not.
  3. manlio's post in Import rss feed thumbnail problem was marked as the answer   
    Finally, thanks to various advices I found that for me the easiest way to accomplish this was to use MarkupLoadRSS module and retrieve the youtube ID from the link.
    I post here the code for future reference:
    $rss = $modules->get("MarkupLoadRSS"); $rss->load("https://url_to_my_feed"); foreach($rss as $item) { $url = $item->link; // link to youtube video provided by MarkupLoadRSS parse_str( parse_url( $url, PHP_URL_QUERY ), $my_array ); //create a array with values contained in the URL $youtubeID= $my_array['v']; //$youtubeID is the youtube ID echo "<img src='http://i.ytimg.com/vi/".$youtubeID."/mqdefault.jpg' alt='".$item->title."'/>";// img url reconstruction }//foreach end
  4. manlio's post in Noob question: Problem with page field used as link was marked as the answer   
    Thanks a lot to everybody! You all was really helpful. I think in one page I didn't set the pagereference and this cause the error (still not sure).
    But now thanks to your advice works perfectly.
    Great forum and PW rocks!
    Previously I setted the Page as "Single page (Page) or boolean false when none selected" instead of  "Single page (Page) or empty page (NullPage) when none selected" and now works also if a page reference is blank
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