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  1. 👍 for file/media manager and external file storage. Those are top two of our wish list. Thanks Ryan!
  2. @adrian is there a way to let the CSV export to show absolute path to any files/images? I noticed that the exported data only shows the filename itself without any context. Thx Rudy
  3. I am using FormBuilder 0.40 with Stripe field 6 and this error came up as well on 3.0.147.
  4. If you put your site behind Cloudflare, you have to exclude your backend URL (using Page rules) otherwise it will be cached and will disconnect you.
  5. @BillH Your issue is with MySQL connection. Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused Check your database user/credentials to make sure that you can connect.
  6. @MFox, you need to install PWImage ckeditor plugin, enable it and add it to your toolbar (see screenshot).
  7. @dragan, thanks for replying. We host quite a few PW sites (in the hundreds). They are using AWS Aurora database. I want to take advantage of AWS replicas and being able to separate read and write requests on the database level. Yes, we've already using InnoDB for all of our database tables.
  8. @ryan, would you consider adding the ability for PW to split database connections for read and write? I think it will be really useful, especially for high-traffic sites. Something like this (https://laravel.com/docs/master/database#using-multiple-database-connections) or WordPress HyperDB (https://wordpress.org/plugins/hyperdb/) Thanks Rudy
  9. @Sergio @adrian I think I found the issue. On current `ProcessWireValetDriver.php` please comment out line 59 (That's what causing the bool return) See screenshot.
  10. @Sergio I had the same issue. Been meaning to file a report with Valet but haven't had time yet. https://github.com/adrianbj/TracyDebugger/issues/32
  11. Also noticed ProcessMaker's logo to be quite similar. https://www.processmaker.com/
  12. @Zeka we use http://bugsnag.com to debug remote/production sites. Their free plan is good enough for most people actually.
  13. Sparkpost and AWS SES SMTP also work as well.
  14. @mrkhan please refer to https://support.office.com/en-us/article/POP-IMAP-and-SMTP-settings-for-Outlook-com-d088b986-291d-42b8-9564-9c414e2aa040 Specifically: SMTP server name smtp-mail.outlook.com SMTP port 587 SMTP encryption method STARTTLS
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