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  1. Have a look at my vidcap below. Did I miss anything?
  2. I updated mine to 1.6.0 and CKEAddons is not showing up on the list anymore. See screenshot.
  3. Hi @enrico, There is already a front end login/user registration module As far as front-end content editing, you could use Hope this helps Rudy
  4. I am going to try this approach and report back. Thx!
  5. @Nurguly Ashyrov, Your solution is actually quite simple and should work in my current case. A proper authentication (oAuth or JWT or even a simple token exchange) would be ideal. My current use case: I have a master PW website with all the content. I also have 5 other websites that draw content from the master site. Essentially I want to treat the master site as an API server, serving data via GraphQL. Thx Rudy
  6. @flydev, yes I tried passing the value in the third argument as well. If this works out, we can potentially store email templates as pages rather than files.
  7. Hmm, according to the documentation it states that $page->renderField takes $value as third argument. // usage with all arguments $mixed = $page->renderField(string $fieldName, string $file = '', $value = null); But in reality, I haven't been able to pass data to the rendered output.
  8. I am trying to get creative and store both HTML and text email template as a page on PW rather than a regular PHP file. My code to render the html $html = $pages->get(6090)->renderField('html_body', '', array('message' => $reasons, 'stripe_id' => $stripeId)); Where html_body is a textarea field with my HTML email template. I am trying to pass the two variables using <?php echo $options['message']; ?> <?php echo $options['stripe_id'] ?> HTML renders fine but it didn't render the variables. My question is, did I miss anything? Is this doable or do I have to save template as a file? Thx
  9. hi @Nurguly Ashyrov, I am planning to use this module to share content from one site to another. I got it up and running on my staging server but I would like to restrict access to the API data. How would you set up authentication to consume GraphQL data remotely? Thx Rudy
  10. We've been running Gitlab CE (self-hosted) for the past 2.6 years. It's been stable so far. If your firm has multiple developers that require access to private repos, hosting a Gitlab CE is cheaper and gives you more control.
  11. @Roych, are you using AdminOnSteroids module on your PW site by any chance? We encountered this issue before.
  12. Hi @dweeda Try <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $config->urls->templates; ?>styles/NavUserHdr.css">
  13. Hi @kongondo I am getting Empty file upload result error upon upload. The file got uploaded though. I am running 0.0.9 Thanks Rudy
  14. Do you need a temporary hosting place? I have room to spare in case you need it.
  15. Hi @kongondo, FYI, your documentation website is down at the moment.