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  1. Hi @kongondo I am getting Empty file upload result error upon upload. The file got uploaded though. I am running 0.0.9 Thanks Rudy
  2. Do you need a temporary hosting place? I have room to spare in case you need it.
  3. Hi @kongondo, FYI, your documentation website is down at the moment.
  4. @adrian, that's exactly what I was after. Let me try it. Cheers!
  5. Is there a module/core function to batch activate locale URL? Thanks Rudy
  6. UPDATED Thank you to everyone responded. I am closing this post since it's already been fulfilled. ======================================================================== Hi, We are Adnet Inc., a full service web development/hosting/maintenance company from Vancouver, BC. We're looking for contract front-end developer(s) to implement PW sites. PM me to discuss. Cheers, Rudy Affandi
  7. My bad, perhaps I should read the release note thoroughly prior to making any comments
  8. @kongondo, it looks like the modal window repeater bug still exist in 0.0.7.
  9. See screenshot below
  10. @kongondo, not sure if this has been requested in the past... It would be nice to be able to edit the title, description and tags once media have been selected. Thx Rudy
  11. Valet runs on Caddy HTTP server. It's pretty fast. By default, it installs Caddy and PHP 7. You will need to install MariaDb or MySQL and use PW Driver to run PW on it.
  12. @LostKobrakai, when you have a chance, could you test this on your Valet/PW install. do a var_dump(parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], PHP_URL_PATH)); and visit a page that has dash in the segment name. on my PW install: Original URL: The var_dump output is "-that" I ran the same test on my MAMP Pro and Ubuntu server and both comes out as "this-and-that" Not sure if it's isolated to my Valet or not. Thanks Rudy
  13. Would it be possible to assign/add custom template to the Forgot Password email? Thx Rudy
  14. @Peter Knight, have you checked your browser console to see if there's any external javascript dependencies that are giving timeouts?
  15. I've been running 3.0.x with a bunch of 2.5x modules and so far had no problem. Which module(s) in particular do you have concern with?