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  1. Rudy

    I encountered the same issue after upgrading to 3.0.118.
  2. Looks very clean. Hopefully we get to test it on PW soon.
  3. I've integrated Vanilla Forum with a PW site (as a subfolder). It's pretty straight forward to maintain. It also has user map addon. Vanilla Forum Open Source User map addon
  4. Rudy

    I've got a dashboard app that uses Hubspot API to pull client info for a given domain name. I can share this with you. Our usage is very vertical but it will give you some sort of a start.
  5. Looks like the new CMS Critic website is back on WordPress again. I am curious to why WP (again) and what prompted the switch away from PW? Perhaps @cmscritic can comment on this? Thx Rudy
  6. @bernhard, good one! I think you still get error messages even if it's not fatal. We have over 200 PW sites. Errors like these pops up every day and it's filling up my designated mailbox. Exception: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '41-0' for key 'PRIMARY' Ideally, we should be able to tunnel all errors to Mongo or ELK stack where I can review errors from each site and fix accordingly. What do you think? Rudy
  7. Hi all, Is there a way to turn off fatal error notification without nullifying or commenting out: $config->adminEmail Thx Rudy
  8. Rudy

    Hi @Mike Rockett I am using url segment to sort pages by year. Something like /news/2018/, /news/2017/ etc Is it possible to automatically redirect /news/ to /news/2018/ using Jumplinks? Thx Rudy
  9. Rudy

    Hi all, Happy New Year! Is there a setting to control the amount of Kb of comment text? One of my clients tried to reply to a comment posted and his reply got cut off. I checked it and it's only 2,351 characters. I noticed that maxComment is set to 80K in the module so this did not exceed the max yet. Thx Rudy
  10. Rudy

    Security by obscurity. That's where ProcessWire is currently in.
  11. FYI, Craft CMS announced yesterday that they will use CKEditor 5 for their upcoming release (3.0)
  12. Rudy

    Have a look at my vidcap below. Did I miss anything?
  13. Rudy

    I updated mine to 1.6.0 and CKEAddons is not showing up on the list anymore. See screenshot.
  14. Hi @enrico, There is already a front end login/user registration module As far as front-end content editing, you could use Hope this helps Rudy
  15. Rudy

    I am going to try this approach and report back. Thx!