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  1. Hi Team! I posted this issue on the page below but there's been no response yet - perhaps I posted in the wrong forum? I'm looking into why our Page Protect module stopped working for "no reason". Does anyone have an answer or troubleshooting starting point I can chase down? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Adrian: We have an odd issue that's cropped up with our protected page module. We set up a 'review' access role (essentially a guest role so they need to log in to review a hidden page). It's worked perfectly for a long time and now it doesn't. People can only view the page if they are logged into the /admin area first, then they can go to the hidden protected page and login there too. This is true even when logging in with super admin creds. Both sites (we have more but I'm focusing on these two) are using 7.4 php and 3.0.208 / 3.0.210 PW versions. What users experience: they go to the protected page link, enter their login creds and submit. The login page reloads rather than letting you through to the page. The only way to get to the page is to log into the /admin back end first, then logging into the protected page. This is awkward / clumsy for the site visitor who don't need back end access. I'm wondering if you have ideas on what could be the issue. Is the latest PW version affecting things / conflicting? Or something else we should be looking at?
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