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  1. Have you tried this method? https://processwire.recipes/recipes/resetting-admin-password-via-api/
  2. To allow Rector to inspect/refactor older modules, you also need to add the following config to your rector.php $rectorConfig->fileExtensions(['php', 'module']);
  3. How about writing your ternary like this? title: ($d->title ? $d->title : $name),
  4. Just a note, ProCache will only work on Apache (perhaps LiteSpeed) web server. If you are using Nginx, you have to translate the ProCache-generated htaccess to nginx directives.
  5. @Ivan Gretsky my usage is slightly different than yours. It's more for running a website on a multiple servers through a load-balancer. I have my database running on AWS RDS and a separate Redis server. I think you should: - limit the login/register to only one installation - use either database or redis to store your sessions - use AppAPI module to make REST calls from the primary site
  6. Here is the customized module. You will need to run: composer require predis/predis to use it. Add the following settings to your `config.php` $config->redis_session_server_ip = ''; $config->redis_session_server_port = 6379; $config->redis_session_server_db = 0; $config->redis_session_server_prefix = "PHPSESSID:"; $config->redis_session_server_ttl = 1800; Change the session prefix to whatever you want. Once installed, you can then share the same session (using the prefix) across multiple sites as long as those sites are reading/writing to the same redis server. SessionHandlerRedis.zip
  7. My first thought is to use Redis for your session storage. I have a modified SessionRedis module that works on PW3.x with Predis if you want a copy.
  8. The max number is relative to the size and availability of your database server. It also depends on how you set up your front-end output. For a short term solution, the first thing you need to do is to cache your front-end output as much as possible (without compromising the freshness of content of course). You can either use template caching or ProCache. Since you are on a shared host, you are at the mercy of the pool of sites/apps that are on the same vm. If you have the budget or want to have more control over how resources are being allocated, you might want to consider running your site on your own VPS. DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS to name a few. There are server provisioning management services out there that can help you with the set up. RunCloud, ServerPilot or Forge are some good examples.
  9. @bernhard It might be something to do with your server's root certificate. Have a look at https://letsencrypt.org/docs/dst-root-ca-x3-expiration-september-2021/ You can check if your root cert has expired or not by checking it here https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ Update: I just ran your domain name and it looks like your DST root cert expired (per Let's Encrypt article above)
  10. @Robin S This is great! I noticed that the grid only works with UIkit theme. It just shorten the width but not wrapped around.
  11. Try adding a backslash prefix in front of the class namespace use \Mautic\Auth\ApiAuth; use \Mautic\MauticApi;
  12. @arweb I had the same error recently. How to fix it: rename FieldtypeTextareas folder in the site/modules to .FieldtypeTextareas install the latest version of FieldtypeTextareas (8a is the latest) To prevent future error, simply update FieldtypeTextareas to the latest version prior to upgrading the core.
  13. @DrQuincy I think you're looking for this https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-http/status-text/
  14. If I am not mistaken, you need to set async: true.
  15. @jds43 urlSegment will not capture URL query strings. If you want something like that, you might want to use $_SERVER['query_string'] output for your if condition.
  16. I think you want to convert your field value to name format (no spaces, replace with underscores or hyphens) https://processwire.com/api/ref/sanitizer/name/ Something like $sanitizer->name($cenik->text1);
  17. Someone from our community already set up a Discord server for ProcessWire. https://discord.gg/fREpGjMc
  18. This is brilliant! Thanks for making it available. I made a Manifest module for PW awhile ago and I thought that it would be related to this Inertia module since you are using Laravel Mix for your example. Here is the repo link: https://github.com/lesaff/processwire-manifest
  19. This is how I would do it. Example in Twig, but you can see the logic in it. <ul> {% for child in pages.get(1).children() %} <li> <a href="{{ child.url }}"> {{ child.title }} </a> {% if child.numChildren(true) %} <ul> {% for gchild in child.children('YOUR CUSTOM SELECTOR HERE') %} <li> <a href="{{ gchild.url }}"> {{ gchild.title }} </a> </li> {% endfor %} </ul> {% endif %} </li> {% endfor %} </ul>
  20. Hi all ? I made this searchable UIkit 3.x documentation site to share with everyone. The official doc is great but you can't search across the whole doc. Anyway, here is the URL: https://uikitdocs.netlify.app/ What's missing is the live examples. Perhaps some of you can contribute? Github repo link is on the website as well. Cheers
  21. Since you're working on a PW environment, you should probably use PW's WireArray and Paginated Array API.
  22. Hi Jay, If you are expecting a lot of data to process, perhaps you might want to paginate your result to prevent long execution. You might also want to increase your PHP max_execution_time to 300 or more (up to you).
  23. @fruid have you tried reaching out to UIkit's discord community? https://discordapp.com/invite/NEt4Pv7
  24. I am having a similar issue but not exactly as what @Robin S had. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1369
  25. How do you folks set up your front-end? Same as your back-end or using completely separate web space? I am rethinking of how to structure my project using AppApi. Cheers Rudy
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