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  1. Thanks @johndoe. That's useful to know. I seem to be doing more PW sites these days so it will be worth getting the form and fields plugins. Just checking, did you mean $files? It' not a big deal either way as you can just use finfo_file() in the backend. Front-end you can just check the file extension in case of user error. Let's say you want to add Dropzone JS file uploads that upload immediately after they are added is it easy enough with FormBuilder to write custom front-end jQuery validation so that the form can't be uploaded until there is at least one file uploaded, all files have finished uploading, etc? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for showing the path to working it out, that's great! 🙂
  3. Thanks to you both. Thanks Robin, I'll try that! I thought it should be easy but I am new to hooks and couldn't find a way to get from $event to the template.
  4. Thanks Robin. It's not a big deal but good to know it's not me doing it wrong. Does the ProFields plugin bring this functionality? I did read something that implied this in another post but I thought ProFields added new fields rather than enhanced existing ones.
  5. For the Select Options field: Is it possible not to have a blank empty option at the top? What is the difference between Input > Default options and Details > What options do you want pre-selected? (if any)? Thanks.
  6. When using a repeater Visible if… seems to work but not Required if… So, I have a Select drop down in the repeater (foo) and I only want a field to be required if this drop down equals a certain value (6). So, I put in the Required if box foo=6 and it seems to treat it as a required field regardless of the value of foo. Is this some kind of limitation with repeaters? Thanks.
  7. I am resizing images immediately after upload using this in admin.php: wire()->addHookAfter('InputfieldFile::fileAdded', function($event) { /* ... */ }); The image field can obviously be used in multiple templates and sometimes I may want them sizing differently and want to avoid creating image variations that won't get used. Is it possible to get the template this field belongs to from $event? Thanks.
  8. I am doing a PW that has a form where users can submit a PDF or Word doc. I am interested in trying FormBuilder and can see that it supports files. What I would like to know is: For file inputs does it have a drag-and-drop file upload progress bar support (like Dropzone.js)? I.e. so if a large file is part of the form there is a progress bar for better UX. I know I could use $.ajax({xhr: function() { window.XMLHttpRequest().upload.addEventListener('progress', (evt) => {})… but wondered if it had all this built in. For larger files I just want some feedback to the user that it has not frozen. Does it handle file validation in the front and back end (using finfo)? Do you have full control over the HTML and CSS used in the forms? As an aside, is it possible to demo FormBuilder, ProFields, etc on a test site before buying?
  9. Well, that is exactly what I am doing right now, thinking about it. 🙂 I am playing devil's advocate rather than disagreeing with you as it helps determine the pros and cons. Processwire is open source. Should Ryan decide tomorrow he's had enough while it would be a massive shame the community could take over due to the open source license. And I haven't checked on github but I'd imagine while Ryan leads it because it's likely developed with git others have pushed code to it as well. Even if you have the source to something if it has a commercial license you almost certainly can't carry on development with it without the owner's permission. That's just the point I was making.
  10. That sounds very promising. My only issue here is that since it is not open source I am concerned about the fact it is owned by a single person rather than a larger company. Is there any plan/agreement to open source it should commercial development cease? For those using V2 are they now left without support, security patches, etc? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the time and effort put into this but I owe it to my clients to ask these questions.
  11. I have used Shopify once a long time ago for something really simple and it worked quite well — and have used Opencart and the experience was absolutely horrendous. Plus a couple of others but most of the time I end up coding them myself for these reasons. I use libraries to speed things up but, in general, I find there is often something custom the client wants. With some systems even if this is a minor thing it can be impossible or a huge headache. Only yesterday a colleague was encouraging me to try Shopify again as he says there is very little you can't do with it and it has improved a lot since I last used it. I may do if I get the time but I am going to try Perch Shop as it looks interesting, PW + Snipcart and, when V3 goes into production, Padloper. Custom work is my bread and butter but of all the CMSs I have used Processwire is far superior to any others so an online shop module that works with it would be great so long as it is not restrictive. I don't go out of my way to do online shops as they aren't my favourite kind to build but I predict there will be a lot of this work around now as online sales have proved very effective during the pandemic.
  12. Thanks. So the PW + Snipcart option is for lower volume of sales — but that's probably most of my clients anyway.
  13. No worries, thanks and keep up the good work! All added to my list of things to try out. 😀
  14. Thanks @Gadgetto. After looking at your module and the docs you linked to this is looking like a very attractive offer and a good, solid product. I am particularly impressed that they validate the data from the referring URL. your module looks excellent too. So, it looks like your module brings most of what the client would need from Snipcart into the PW dashboard. That is a massive bonus as the fewer logins the client needs, the better. Sorry, what do you mean by this — do you mean it's undecided as to what the best way is? Thanks, is it possible to make the checkout load in page between your site's header and footer as opposed to in an overlay?
  15. I'm very interested in this. Would you mind giving a brief summary as to how this works? In PW how do what field type do you use for product variations (e.g. size and colour of clothing)? Snipcart checkout is a popup on your site, right? If so, how much can you customise the look and flow? How easy is it to run code after failed and successful transactions so you can update stock, send emails, etc? Is it just like webhook endpoints in Stripe? Does Snipcart allow you to mitigate tampering with the basket? If you pass everything, including the price, to Snipcart via data-* attributes then the user could inspect the element and lower the price. Can you prevent this from happening? Thanks.
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