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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys am a complete Noob to Processwire and i have spent the past two weeks reading codes and understanding the structure and concept around it. So i am the type of dev who obesseses about architecture structure before getting to work, and i think my mind is broken due to my limited knowledge on PW. So i will expain my goal. I intend to rebuild http://styljunki.com from Wordpress to Processwire because of two reasons. 1. PW has no templating system meaning no hacks like shortcode or mundane template conventions. 2. Modules dependency meaning i can leverage on existing modules (easily) e.g wire('moduleName')->method this really appeals to me alot However there are certain tasks i want to achieve. Concept of Blog vs Pages There are some contents which are Post and some which are pages, is there some such dinstinction in PW, I know PW manipulates pages and adds fields but what of Blogs which just take entry and nothing special, I tried my hands on the Blog Module on PW 2.5.8 but it threw some errors. Menu Management My Client intends to manage menus and from what i have seen ; PW lists all the pages, we were looking for something where we can simply create menus for the front page and we simply pick those. But if there's a module around I am willing to use/ contribute code if it is neccessary. Custom Post In Wordpress you can create a custom post and query that, is there any similar thing to that ? Unit testing PHPUnit Testing in WordPress was a big joke, is there any link to unit test processwire while we work Thanks this are my questions NOTE: Also i'd really like to say congrats because, I have spent the 4 years of my life developing with CMS from Joomla,WordPress,ImpressPages and really this is the first time i am really excited about a CMS. Working with WordPress as a CMS is a pain in the ass, esp for someone used to MVC frameworks like Zend and Yii. I have searched and searched till i came across your site on CMSCritic and Joss Salinger 's post the rocker blogger (rock on) on how easily he could use it despite no coding experience. I intend to contribute in my way. Keep up the good work guys. Love from Nigeria
  2. Hello, I have a Processwire website (www.example.com) I want to have a wordpress/woocommerce section of the website at (www.example.com/marketplace/) Is there any way this can be done? Apart from this, I am planning to have a universal login system for both the systems. The logins will be verifies inside of PW and an API will be used to transfer login data to wordpress. Now, in this scenario, how the user sessions can be managed and continued? Is cookies a viable/secure option?
  3. There is a site https://carnesmechanical.com/ on the WordPress CMS engine on the server, you need to transfer it to Processwire to another server. About 1000 pages. Write how much you are ready to undertake?
  4. Hi, in wordpress homepage we can put a list of LAST ARTICLES AND COMMENTS. Can I do same thing with processwire? If yes, how? There is a tutorial? Thanks!
  5. First I am a PW student I think it's the best PHP Framework. So please don't get me wrong when I asked when other Frameworks like the big 3 (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) are too complicated to use or maintain (I tried them all) why are people still using them? PW is just too elegant in comparison even for a newbie like me.
  6. Hi does anybody have experience in converting Wordpress Themes into Processwire Themes? There must a more efficient way than my cut and paste and check...
  7. I'm subscribed to Carl Alexander's newsletter, a developer how knows quite a lot about WordPress development. Today's topic is pretty interesting, quote: Wow! That's quite an invention No more comment. Should anybody be interested in the details: https://carlalexander.ca/designing-class-simple-wordpress-queries/
  8. Hey guys, I discovered PW this weekend and have been playing with it. Loving it so far. I am a Wordpress developer, and PW seems much more natural and organized in comparison. For my test-drive, I am building a site on a simple use case of building a news website. A writer will write stories and tag them under "categories" and "tags." If I were to do this in WP, I would use WP's taxonomy to tag stories in tags and categories. To realize this in PW, this is my plan: Create a page for "story" that contains two repeater fields -- one for "tag," and other for "category." I would like to add description and image to each tag and category. The question is: how can I have fields for tag and category, which themselves are fields? OR, is there another, better way? Maybe instead of creating fields for tags and categories, I can create pages for tags and categories? And then somehow link these two pages as "fields" in the story page? What would you advise? Ideally, I would like to have a user experience of a typical taxonomy entry for, like this: taxonomy entry on this forum But I don't think it is possible in PW. thanks Vikram
  9. Hello, Been trying to import some data from wordpress and the migration tool with MigratorWordpress installed finishes but then there isn't any content added to my install. I've selected home or /News as parent pages to import to with no avail either time. Import select set to everything. The import xml file is in excess of 17mb if that makes a difference?
  10. Hi, I'm slowly but surely digging into PHP. I am STILL stuck on WordPress, since I'm comfortable with it. I've mapped out somewhat of a journey to becoming a coding expert (which is a long road, I realise). I've recently started using Advanced Custom Fields, an excellent plugin for creating custom post types in WordPress. Then I got to thinking, this plugin seems to give WordPress functionality to act as what I see ProcessWire does out of the box. A thought: Don't consider this an insignificant thought, since I think that, if I've got it right, it would make it much easier to jump straight into PW.This is how I see it: You create a custom field group, specifically for output used for a custom post type. ACF allows for this in WP. I think PW has custom fields built in, since each page is basically a whole made up of custom fields. You then need to create a custom template to output those fields.If I'm right, this is where PW by FAR outshines WP, since it allows you to create the template using straightforward HTML and PHP, without having to learn an additional layer of functions. If needs be, you create a template to handle archive material, or to showcase posts in a portfolio fashion.WP makes use of the custom loop, which is probably the product's greatest strength. I can't imagine PW having something powerful to hook into (and of course, I could be wrong, and most probably am). This is thus something that I'd need to consider when jumping from WP to PW. But then, what could also be confusing in PW is that a page could simply be a small sliver of code that could be used repetitively in a PW website. One concern I have about PW is that, if you need something really bespoke, such as (eg) a calendar or online shop capability, you'd need to build it all by yourself in JS, PHP, MySQL (or whatever). There are no plugins for this type of thing. Do I have it correct? Just thinking out loud.
  11. Some of us still maintain Wordpress sites, so.... Security Advisory: XSS Vulnerability Affecting Multiple WordPress Plugins https://blog.sucuri.net/2015/04/security-advisory-xss-vulnerability-affecting-multiple-wordpress-plugins.html
  12. Is it possible to use a wordpress template or any template for processwire? I'm sorry. I'm a complete beginner to this codes. But I'm willing to learn. P.S. I'd like to use this template templatemo_372_titanium.zip
  13. I just finished this article and wanted to post it here as I'd love to get some feedback from you guys in the comments of the article explaining why you work with ProcessWire. There's a great chance here to help spread the word a bit more for this awesome CMS we all love. If you have five minutes, please share your thoughts in the article comments. I'd appreciate it. ProcessWire vs WordPress
  14. Hello guys, Iam Jan a web/graphic designer from germany. For the last 2 weeks I was searching for a great cms soulution for small to medium-sized companies. My customers are artist, photographers, small agencys or startups. I really like the way PW works, because it seems like I can design everything and dont have to force the design in the system. I can write HTML/CSS and can implement JQuery as I would do on a static website, than I can make it dynamic using PW. Still there is one thing I struggle with, and thats to lern PHP. Iam by no means a programmer and I will never be one. I can see me learning the basics but would like to write PHP code as little as possible. I have tryed Wordpress for a small website and while I think PW is a much better/cleaner solution, I do like how it handels themes, plugins and backend UI. For me the plugins can really save me some time in using functions, that I would never be able to implement on my own or with a lot of work. To reach the Wordpress audience, there are some things that need to work better in PW in my opinion. -Easy export/import of themes/profiles without using modules -Showcase of themes/profiles on the PW site -HTML framework integration (e.g. Bootstrap, Kickstart, 960grid) and showcase on the website. -A simple Blog module. I know there is the Blog Profile but it seams a little to complicatet for me. -A gallery module with JQery integration. That would be great for the not so tech savvy design guys like me and other WP users. -Also a starter Tutorial on the Website (not the Forum) or a tutorial section would be cool, as some tutorials can be hard to find for a newbie. -The button view in the backend when you hover a page is not nessesary in my opninion as you can view it unsing the button on the top when you in edit mode. The first Option here should be edit, as thats would a normal user would do in most cases. Anyway I realy like PW and looking forward to use it on future project. Thanks for reading Jan
  15. A large distributed brute force attack against WordPress sites is understood to be occurring. A large botnet with more than 90,000 servers is attempting to log in by cycling through different usernames and passwords. Read more... http://www.siliconrepublic.com/strategy/item/32269-major-brute-force-attack/ http://thehackernews.com/2013/04/massive-brute-force-attack-targets.html
  16. What's the process of making a Wordpress plugin work as a module? What do I need to translate and how?
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