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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I discovered PW this weekend and have been playing with it. Loving it so far. I am a Wordpress developer, and PW seems much more natural and organized in comparison. For my test-drive, I am building a site on a simple use case of building a news website. A writer will write stories and tag them under "categories" and "tags." If I were to do this in WP, I would use WP's taxonomy to tag stories in tags and categories. To realize this in PW, this is my plan: Create a page for "story" that contains two repeater fields -- one for "tag," and other for "category." I would like to add description and image to each tag and category. The question is: how can I have fields for tag and category, which themselves are fields? OR, is there another, better way? Maybe instead of creating fields for tags and categories, I can create pages for tags and categories? And then somehow link these two pages as "fields" in the story page? What would you advise? Ideally, I would like to have a user experience of a typical taxonomy entry for, like this: taxonomy entry on this forum But I don't think it is possible in PW. thanks Vikram
  2. Hi guys. Just a query - nothing relevant on Google. I have about 400 blog posts which need tagging and categorising. I already have a list of about 5 known words I need tagged and applied to each post via pageselect field. IE cat, dog, fish Is it possible to somehow scan my 400 posts body field for these cat, dog, fish words, and then auto-tag them? Just a query at the moment.
  3. I'm working on a music magazine website, and hoping to build it in PW. I'm a PHP programmer, but this would be my first PW site. So far everything's working great, but I'm confused about image management. The client has made it clear that re-using images and easily finding those images in the admin is a priority, as there will be photographers uploading (and tagging) images, which can then be used and re-used by writers in articles. So there needs to be a consistent system. Soma's Images Manager Module does a lot of what I need, but there's one important difference: rather than creating categories within the manager, I would like to use my existing Pages to organize images. Let's say I already have these pages (children of Home): Artist -Decembrists -M. Ward -Shins Author/Photographer - Joe Photo - Jane Writer - Ed Editor Venue - Crystal Ballroom - Aladdin Theater What I'd like to do is tag each image (or maybe batch of images) with artist(s), author(s), venue(s), etc. This means that instead of creating categories in the Images Manager, it would access a hierarchy like this to locate images according to any of their "tags": Images -Artist --Decembrists -Venue --Crystal Ballroom It's the same idea as with categories, except that the hierarchy would be autopopulated from other pages, and images could live in more than one place in the tree. The question is, is this practical? Does it seem wise for me to try to customize Images Manager for this purpose? What problems might I expect? Thanks!
  4. We're evaluating Processwire to see if it will work for our site. One of the major requirements is being able to maintain a large taxonomy . You can see our current example here: http://neotropical.birds.cornell.edu/portal/species/tree We need to be able to maintain a set of terms with key values and associated metadata (e.g. common name, scientific name, alternate name, etc.) and then associate content with those terms. Does Processwire allow us to create and maintain a taxonomy of this size? What are the upper performance limits? Thanks.
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