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  1. AMP forces you to make your mobile pages lightweight, but that's a choice you can make without using AMP. It seems like the caching system is the only real advantage. Like most of you, I can't really see the point yet.
  2. I suppose if anybody's interested, I could release it on github. As it is, it's set up for my very specific needs, but I could abstract it a bit more. I'd also love some help making it scale a bit better; we have almost 10,000 images, and 5 fields for filtering them, so it's slowing down a bit.
  3. Thanks! This actually led me to several issues that have been bugging me all day: the importance of using <button type="submit"> instead of <input type="submit"/> for html5 doctypes redirecting vrtxmag.com to www.vrtxmag.com so that the ProCache cache clears properly - that's why the problem was appearing inconsistently That was part of the caching issue. I believe this is fixed, but the caching thing has made it rather maddening to track down.
  4. Thanks for this. It's fixed, I think. I could only get it to happen in Opera , but the fix was changing this: #header-search input[type="text"] to this: #header-search input#searchBox
  5. This site has been up for almost two years, but better late than never: http://www.vrtxmag.com/ This is the companion website for a music magazine in Portland, Oregon. On the front end: Flexslider On the back end: ProCache ProcessCropImage SchedulePages Most importantly, a customized version of @Soma's Images Manager (https://github.com/somatonic/ImagesManager), expanded to allow categorizing images by Artist, Venue, Date, Photographer, etc. This was crucial for organizing an image library and preventing redundant uploads. Thanks, Soma! Original design by Natalie McGuire. I still can't believe how easy it is to do so many things in ProcessWire. Thanks to all involved!
  6. Thanks, Adrian. That is helpful and I could probably make that work, but I'll explain what I'm up to. I have a bunch of occasional bloggers who need to be able to 1) submit blog posts, and 2) moderate comments on those posts. I'm not giving them access to the Pages admin, but rather am building a couple of process modules to give them a very limited admin interface. For the comments moderation piece, I'm trying to extend ProcessCommentsManager, which has a nice user interface that sorts them into "All","Pending", etc. and provides pagination. I thought I could just add one more element to the selector, which would be "pages_id", where pages_id equals the pages the user created. It would be a two-line solution to my problem if it worked, but it doesn't, so maybe I need to do something closer to what you suggested. Plan B would be to include the comment moderation on each page, as in the Pages admin, but I really like the way ProcessCommentsManager does it as a big batch.
  7. OK, tried that, but it yields no results at all.
  8. I'm trying to find all comments for a small group of pages using the API. The pages, in this case, all have the same author. I'm extending ProcessCommentsManager to accomplish this, by adding the following code at line 167 of ProcessCommentsManager.module (inside ___executeList()): $posts = $this->pages->find("template=post,author=" . $this->author); $selector .= ", pages_id=" . $posts; $selector, at this point, has the following value: start=0, limit=10, sort=-created, status=1, pages_id=4287|4304|4307|4314 And then we resume with the existing code at line 168: $comments = $field->type->find($field, $selector); However, I'm only getting comments for page #4287, the first one in the list. I've tried this with several data sets and it's always the same. Is there something about pages_id that doesn't like the usual pipe format for multiple values? Is there a better way to solve this problem? I'd also welcome feedback about whether this is generally a good approach to displaying comments only for certain pages.
  9. I solved this problem by adding this line to the <head> of my page: <script type='text/javascript' src="/wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeComments/comments.js"></script> But I'm not clear on whether that is the correct solution, since it isn't mentioned in any of the docs (that I can find).
  10. I'm having this problem as well, and I need iframes for other kinds of content (not just video), so the Video Embed module isn't a solution for me.
  11. I'm working on a music magazine website, and hoping to build it in PW. I'm a PHP programmer, but this would be my first PW site. So far everything's working great, but I'm confused about image management. The client has made it clear that re-using images and easily finding those images in the admin is a priority, as there will be photographers uploading (and tagging) images, which can then be used and re-used by writers in articles. So there needs to be a consistent system. Soma's Images Manager Module does a lot of what I need, but there's one important difference: rather than creating categories within the manager, I would like to use my existing Pages to organize images. Let's say I already have these pages (children of Home): Artist -Decembrists -M. Ward -Shins Author/Photographer - Joe Photo - Jane Writer - Ed Editor Venue - Crystal Ballroom - Aladdin Theater What I'd like to do is tag each image (or maybe batch of images) with artist(s), author(s), venue(s), etc. This means that instead of creating categories in the Images Manager, it would access a hierarchy like this to locate images according to any of their "tags": Images -Artist --Decembrists -Venue --Crystal Ballroom It's the same idea as with categories, except that the hierarchy would be autopopulated from other pages, and images could live in more than one place in the tree. The question is, is this practical? Does it seem wise for me to try to customize Images Manager for this purpose? What problems might I expect? Thanks!
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