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  1. Hi Horst, would it be possible to implement a feature that overwrites the configuration variables (server, password...) from a config or .env File? We've got several sites that do auto-deployments to different servers based on the git branch that is used. Currently, when deploying the local development version to a staging system we're copying the dev database and need to adjust the settings by "hand" (we've written a script for that). Having a file based configuration would make it possible to just dump a file on the server and save the config variables in it.
  2. On a sidenote jwt is perfect when things need to "scale" (i.e. in a microservice architecture). Just share the secret across multiple instances and you don't have to care about syncing sessions and related data. The backend thus can be "stateless" (regarding logins) and just used to deliver data.
  3. I've just recently used barba.js when relaunching the frontend of https://www.priotas.de/ (a processwire based website). As teppo mentioned: That's pretty much what you're looking for.
  4. RT @HenrikJoreteg: Nobody wants your new app. Web FTW. https://t.co/SRXszRhwzM

  5. RT @Lord_Mandalore: Finally got banned from the flat earth discord by posting a forbidden image. https://t.co/soqRc00aAw

  6. You can configure procache to leave certain tags alone by either including them inside the "do not minify content within..." field or by placing <!-- NoMinify --> comments around it.
  7. ProcessWire (again) is featured in the c't: One of Germany's biggest and most renowned IT magazines. The article is about alternatives to WordPress. WordPress-Alternativen: CMS-Auswahl leicht gemacht
  8. Thanks Horst. It worked. I'll ping Ryan soon!
  9. Is there any chance that this module will be updated to work with 2.8.x?
  10. @DomainFactory gibt es grade Probleme mit dem Routing? Server sind pingbar, kommt aber nix vom webserver

  11. RT @Lady_Ada_King: Woah holy crap major speed improvements in some major libraries, including 527.09% improvement in THREE.js!! https://t.c…

  12. RT @zachleat: when the font-size is too small but they used maximum-scale=1 https://t.co/gr11m3xDYZ

  13. RT @glennular: Weeks of programming can save you hours of planning. #SoftwareDevelopment

  14. @hannover Ich hab’s versucht… :) https://t.co/Wd4foQ89lG

  15. RT @sebastianwaters: The Apple-Google shift – @Medium https://t.co/vriG3uWVYs

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