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  1. felix

    I've just recently used barba.js when relaunching the frontend of https://www.priotas.de/ (a processwire based website). As teppo mentioned: That's pretty much what you're looking for.
  2. RT @HenrikJoreteg: Nobody wants your new app. Web FTW. https://t.co/SRXszRhwzM

  3. RT @Lord_Mandalore: Finally got banned from the flat earth discord by posting a forbidden image. https://t.co/soqRc00aAw

  4. felix

    You can configure procache to leave certain tags alone by either including them inside the "do not minify content within..." field or by placing <!-- NoMinify --> comments around it.
  5. felix

    ProcessWire (again) is featured in the c't: One of Germany's biggest and most renowned IT magazines. The article is about alternatives to WordPress. WordPress-Alternativen: CMS-Auswahl leicht gemacht
  6. felix

    Thanks Horst. It worked. I'll ping Ryan soon!
  7. felix

    Is there any chance that this module will be updated to work with 2.8.x?
  8. @DomainFactory gibt es grade Probleme mit dem Routing? Server sind pingbar, kommt aber nix vom webserver

  9. RT @Lady_Ada_King: Woah holy crap major speed improvements in some major libraries, including 527.09% improvement in THREE.js!! https://t.c…

  10. RT @zachleat: when the font-size is too small but they used maximum-scale=1 https://t.co/gr11m3xDYZ

  11. RT @glennular: Weeks of programming can save you hours of planning. #SoftwareDevelopment

  12. @hannover Ich hab’s versucht… :) https://t.co/Wd4foQ89lG

  13. RT @sebastianwaters: The Apple-Google shift – @Medium https://t.co/vriG3uWVYs

  14. RT @iroc: sinister and accurate as fuck https://t.co/gH1ztDvTml https://t.co/ZxZhdLhqsP