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  1. Hi! I always used Tracy Debugger. Now on a fresh installation, based on the Multilanguage version, i installed the Tracy Debugger module, but it doesn't show on the frontend! Idea? All the options seems right...
  2. you're right. I've already uninstalled that module, but the problem persists... How can i start to debug that error? How can i see where that admin notice has been originated?
  3. Hi, i'm using ProcessBlog to configure a news section in my site. I used it, to have a look inside pages configuration and learn something new. Now, i disable the ProcessBlog interface and i use just the Processwire Tree, mantaining posts, categories, etc... Everything works perfectly (i always cloned the first blog page i created, to test the site), but now when i create a new blog post from the PW tree, i get this admin notice: ProcessPageAdd: Can't save field from a new page - please save the entire page first Weird! I had a look inside the processblog module (it's still active), but i haven't find any useful hook... Do you think is processblog related? (i think so, because all the other templates work properly). Maybe is just a page/template configuration, or i have to look inside the code? Tracy Debug is active. How can i see where this notice starts?
  4. Hi, i worked on a multilanguage site and everything worked properly. To switch languages i used this code foreach($languages as $language) { if(!$page->viewable($language)) continue; echo "<li>"; $url = $page->localUrl($language); $hreflang = $homepage->getLanguageValue($language, 'name'); echo "<a hreflang='$hreflang' href='$url'>$hreflang</a></li>\n"; } I see all he pages, but now i installed the Process Blog module and i can't see the blog posts in different languages. The switcher doesn't show any other language, but in the backend i added all the translations. Maybe am i missing something? I look in the blog templates but they are translatable!
  5. Sorry if i answer to and old post, but i have the same problem. I call some php files in a folder called /includes, from a template. Well, all translations in the main are working properly, but all inside the /includes folder not. I have to use a $this->_('translation') syntax in the sub-files (in the main, instead, i use the regular expression), or i get an error ( I have no errors, but if i switch language, these translations don't change! I call these sub-files in this way, in the template region('content', files()->render('./includes/news-page.php', array( 'page' => $page, 'related' => $related, )));
  6. Hi, everyone! I'm going to start a new nice site, but the client wanted absolutely a site like one he found surfing the web. It has a smart navigation system, like an app, so you won't find "jumps" between the pages. It's super cool and i found it uses page.js as client-side routing, loading the main content with ajax calls. So, this is my question. Do you think i will find some problem using this script, or maybe i'll find some conflicts with processwire internal routing? Maybe here there is someone who already used this type of client-side routing with PW? I'd lile to use PW, with many different page templates...
  7. I can't thank you enough @jmartsch !!! These are the kind of problems I'm sure I would encounter doing this job. It's a great start! If I find any problem dealing with this job, I'll let you know... Thank you again
  8. Because a real e-commerce, with prices different for each group of customers, offers, world VATS managing, etc deserves a SOLID solutions, and we always worked with Magento.
  9. A new client asked for a an e-commerce (and we usually use Magento), but with a lot of customizations, blog, posts and other cms stuff. Magento sucks for these kind of operations, and i'd like to integrate Processwire in this adventure. In the last months i appreciated a lot PW and i made all my sites with it. So i'd like to have a regular cms part, with pages, news, etc... and the shop part, sharing the same html layout. Have you ever tried to work with this 2 solutions together? Any advice to avoid conflicts?
  10. Sorry for the long title, but it explains well my doubt: for a corporate site, with all the pages looking the same, like the Skyscrapers demo, i know how to work. But usually i did simple sites for little clients (with 1 or 2 languages), where creativity is most important of the content. I moved to Processwire, from Wordpress, because maintining is a time-consuming operation and i wanted something "easier", especially when clients ask for new functionalities to integrate. Something like this site http://kl-webmedia.com/demo/owkey/index.html I worked with WP for years, sometimes i used third-party templates, and i started to work writing the HTML code in the body of the posts/pages. That was the way, more or less, in Wordpress. Now i'm using Processwire, and i used the same method. I created some fields, based on a textarea (not the body one used in the demo, because i don't need the text editor), inside a main template. So, the main content is managed inside PW pages backend. if you have to do the same site i linked, do you use the same method, or do you put the html in a template php file, and create inside PW a template for each page? Because every page have a lot of different tags and divs, with parallax, containers, big photo, fancy graphics, and i don't undestand if is easier managing the code inside PW, or outside in the php files (making all the text a translatable string). It's a simple question, with a lot of different answers, all correct
  11. Thank you. Just for the record, it's not "tag" but "tags". $tagsarray = array_unique($page->images->explode("tags"));
  12. Hi! I'ts my first post here and i say hello to everyone. I've just started learning Processwire, but i love it so much! It's so simple (and deep), that after a lot of years on Wordpress, it seems incredible to me to create great sites without a headache! By the way, i'm creating a gallery page in my first processwire site, using the default images field. I activated the tags on that field (tag for the images, not for the field), to have a simple taxonomy. I need to read all those tags once (for that page), and i wrote something like foreach($page->images as $tag) { $tagsarray[] = $tag->tags; } $tagsarray = array_unique($tagsarray); foreach($tagsarray as $tag) { echo "<div class='filter-item wow fadeInUp' data-wow-delay='.1s' data-filter='{$tag}'>{$tag}</div>"; } It works, but i bet there is a shorter API trick. Am i right? I read something about a->unique() function...
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