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Hi, i'm using ProcessBlog to configure a news section in my site. I used it, to have a look inside pages configuration and learn something new.
Now, i disable the ProcessBlog interface and i use just the Processwire Tree, mantaining posts, categories, etc...

Everything works perfectly (i always cloned the first blog page i created, to test the site), but now when i create a new blog post from the PW tree, i get this admin notice:

ProcessPageAdd: Can't save field from a new page - please save the entire page first

Weird! I had a look inside the processblog module (it's still active), but i haven't find any useful hook...
Do you think is processblog related? (i think so, because all the other templates work properly).
Maybe is just a page/template configuration, or i have to look inside the code?

Tracy Debug is active. How can i see where this notice starts?

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That message comes from within PagesEditor::saveField. The only place in the blog module that I am aware of that calls save() on a single page field is in BlogPublishDate. You could try and uninstall that one temporarily to see if it is indeed the culprit. If the error still persists, it's probably triggered by another module or hook.

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you're right. I've already uninstalled that module, but the problem persists...

How can i start to debug that error? How can i see where that admin notice has been originated?

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