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Found 11 results

  1. hello forum, after days of smooth work with pw i'm stuck with what looks like a simple problem at first glance: i cant get date field to output localized german names for months. for example i get "july" instead of "juli" or "october" instead of "oktober". this is my setup: - i have german language pack installed - i use a datetime field with date input format = d-m-Y and date output format = %B %Y - my config.php has this lines $config->timezone = 'Europe/Berlin'; setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE'); - my php-code is (where project_commission is the date field) <?php // pull project list from project pages foreach ($page->children("limit=20") as $child) { echo "<div class='project teaser'>"; echo "<h3 class='meta'><a href='{$child->url}'>{$child->project_commission}: {$child->title}</a></h3> <p class='summary'>{$child->summary} <a href='{$child->url}' title='{$child->title}'> + Mehr erfahren</a></p>"; echo "</div>"; } ?> <!-- /project list --> i've followed the advise i found here and tried to find a solution here but to no avail ... trying since two hours to fix it. any help is much appreciated. thank you.
  2. I'm trying to build a multilanguage website with Turkish as main and English as alternative language. I replaced hardcoded strings in template files and used built-in translation tools to translate template files. I'm using the functions ProcessWire provides: // using __() <?= __("There are no products to display.") ?> // or _x() <html lang="<?= echo _x('en', 'HTML language code'); ?>"> // Both works when I use _main.php When I disable auto including _main.php from config.php file, and move or rename _main.php to something else or use another file (other than _main.php that comes with site-languages profile) for template specific markups, say markup/products.php like below, translations stop working. // config.php, disabled auto append // $config->appendTemplateFile = '_main.php'; // home.php include_once("./_main.php"); wireIncludeFile("./_main.php"); // TRANSLATION WORKS include_once("./_home.php"); // DOESNT WORK wireIncludeFile("markup/_main.php"); include_once("markup/_main.php"); // DOESNT WORK // NOTE: home.php and main.php has the same content, same permissions, same ownership I debugged the issue, and the reason, as ridiculous as it sounds, originates from using file other than _main.php. I searched the forums, google, but this seems like a unique issue. Is there anything I'm missing and how can I fix this, because I can't think of anything else after hours lost trying to find the underlying cause? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have set the right Datepicker translation file "/wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryUI/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-de.js". And change the code from: /* German initialisation for the jQuery UI date picker plugin. */ /* Written by Milian Wolff (mail@milianw.de). */ jQuery(function($){ $.datepicker.regional['de'] = { closeText: 'schließen', prevText: '<zurück', nextText: 'Vor>', currentText: 'heute', monthNames: ['Januar','Februar','März','April','Mai','Juni', 'Juli','August','September','Oktober','November','Dezember'], monthNamesShort: ['Jan','Feb','Mär','Apr','Mai','Jun', 'Jul','Aug','Sep','Okt','Nov','Dez'], dayNames: ['Sonntag','Montag','Dienstag','Mittwoch','Donnerstag','Freitag','Samstag'], dayNamesShort: ['So','Mo','Di','Mi','Do','Fr','Sa'], dayNamesMin: ['So','Mo','Di','Mi','Do','Fr','Sa'], weekHeader: 'KW', dateFormat: 'dd.mm.yy', firstDay: 1, isRTL: false, showMonthAfterYear: false, yearSuffix: ''}; $.datepicker.setDefaults($.datepicker.regional['de']); }); to: /* German initialisation for the jQuery UI date picker plugin. */ /* Written by Milian Wolff (mail@milianw.de). */ jQuery(function($){ $.datepicker.regional['de'] = { closeText: 'schließen', prevText: '<zurück', nextText: 'Vor>', currentText: 'heute', monthNames: ['Januar','Februar','März','April','Mai','Juni', 'Juli','August','September','Oktober','November','Dezember'], monthNamesShort: ['Jan','Feb','Mär','Apr','Mai','Jun', 'Jul','Aug','Sep','Okt','Nov','Dez'], dayNames: ['Sonntag','Montag','Dienstag','Mittwoch','Donnerstag','Freitag','Samstag'], dayNamesShort: ['So','Mo','Di','Mi','Do','Fr','Sa'], dayNamesMin: ['So','Mo','Di','Mi','Do','Fr','Sa'], weekHeader: 'KW', dateFormat: 'dd.mm.yy', firstDay: 1, isRTL: false, showMonthAfterYear: false, yearSuffix: ''}; $.datepicker.setDefaults($.datepicker.regional['de']); $.timepicker.regional['de'] = { timeText: 'Uhrzeit', hourText: 'Stunde', minuteText: 'Minute', secondText: 'Sekunde', millisecText: 'Millisekunde', timezoneText: 'Zeitzone', currentText: 'jetzt', closeText: 'schliessen', }; $.timepicker.setDefaults($.timepicker.regional['de']); }); But it only affects the date and not the time. What I'm missing?
  4. Hey there, I have a problem with URL Segments and Umlauts in it. I want to grab the a segment of the url and use it as a parameter to find a something in Processwire. The problem is, that if I input an umlaut into the url, processwire immediately throws a 404 error page and I am not able to transform my inputs. Is there a way to get around that problem? Cheers, Evan
  5. I'm testing ProcessWIre's localization features, trying out fields like TextAreaLanguage and PageTitleLanguage. I've got them installed, assigned, and filled out. Now, how do I, for example, make Spanish-language fields show up on the public site for Spanish-language visitors? It feels like a bit of a dumb question, but I swear I looked at the docs! I thought it might be automatic detection based on a header string or something, but that hasn't worked for me. I don't know exactly what details to look for as this is my first time through. Thanks!
  6. Heya, everybody! The Hungarian language pack for Processwire is on the way. I will post here about the stages of the translation process. Stay tuned!
  7. The great latest localization enhancements for PW 2.5 raise some problems due to the multi-language site profile. I observed that when the site translation files are included in the core translation files language pack, they are unnecessarily uploaded to the Core Translation Files and I can delete them, but cannot move them to their appropriate location. As the translation files are distributed in one package, many of them downloaded directly from GitHub, it would be a smarter solution if the language pack uploader dispatched the site language files to the Site Translation Files section. It turned out in Ryan's answer on my GitHub issue report, that we cannot use these site translation files for monolingual sites, so it would be recommended if the language pack uploader detected the multilingual status and when it failed (due to monolingual site), it displayed a warning and did not upload the site language files.
  8. Hello, I have a frontend contact form with datepicker and need to have the german localization for it. I read about localization of datepicker on the jQuery Ui API page. How can I implement this in PW? I'm using FormBuilder module My form is loading these assets: InputfieldDatetime.js JqueryCore.js JqueryUI.js I rolled a custom UI theme and amended the js to have German language for datepicker. Now when I load that js file on top of the above mentioned, nothing changes. So I guess, the standard PW datepicker options do net get overridden by my custom theme js. In this thread apeisa says How would I go about it? Thank you gerhard PS: and sorry for doubleposting. I thought I explain my situation a bit more in this new thread.
  9. Krase

    Website localization

    Guys, this aspect has tormented me in the past couple of weeks and I just want to hear more opinions. What is your approach towards translating websites, themes or apps? I have recently discovered this tool: https://poeditor.com which sort of seems to me more human than the other mainstream crowd translation tools and I've been using its API and exploring its functions. I;m sure that translators really feel at home when working in a helpful interface. However, I still find proofreading a problem... What do you think?
  10. Hi all, I'm currently making a web app using ProcessWire. It will be in Danish and I am having trouble making the date render out in Danish. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know how to translate properly the words "Prev" and "Next" that are rendered with Processwire's paginator feature? Thanks!
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