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  1. Hi @nbcommunication, thanks for your reply. I'll stick with PageimageSrcset than. Never change a running system ? Best, C.
  2. Hi and many thanks for your contribution to Processwire! I've PageimageSrcset running on some sites. Is there anything particular to consider regarding the migration to the new module?
  3. @Robin S excellent, thank you. That's what I was looking for.
  4. Dear all, I need to provide some links to PDF downloads from within body fields with textformatter Markdown/Parsedown extra. What is the best way to realize that? I link to images from an image field with textformatter image tag. Is there a similar solution for FieldtypeFile? Thanks
  5. @monollonom That's great, thanks for pointing me to this. Exactly what I was looking for.
  6. Dear all, tomorrow I'll have to introduce some editors on how to upload and edit images in image fields in Processwire. The site in question is quite image rich and I've spent some time to serve the appropriate images via scrcset already cropped for different screen sizes. However, the backend offers a lot of possibilities to manipulate images and most of them I'm not familiar with because as a developer I've never spent much thinking on what all the features might be good for … Yet I'm concerned that my editors work on images in the backend may interfere with my optimization strategies in the templates. Is there a general rule of thumb what content editors should do or not do with images in order not to break srcset strategies etc.? Maybe there is already a source of information you could point me to? Your recommendations are much appreciated!
  7. That's good news for me, felt like a complete noob … Thanks for letting me know.
  8. @BillH Man, you saved my live. I had a nightmare last night, seeing myself migrating dozens of entries manually but your code came to the rescue. It works! Here is my code: page()->of(false); foreach (page()->images as $image) { $image->artist_name = $page->title; if($image->description): $image->title = $image->description; $image->image_caption = $image->description; endif; // first save inside loop saves the field value $page->save('images'); } // saves the page $page->save(); Yesterday I had the output formatting statement inside the loop and I assume this was the mistake. Thanks for helping me!
  9. Hi elabx, thanks, really appreciate your help. Unfortunately that doesn't work either. I've tried all kinds of variations including setting the image title as this is a mandatory field. This is where I currently am: foreach (page()->images as $image) { page()->of(false); $image->title = $image->description; bd($image->title, 'title'); $page->save('images'); } But it doesn't work. The value for $image->title is assigned (as I can see with Tracy) but doesn't get stored to the database. ?
  10. This is driving me nuts! I managed to set the value for a single image description field and saving it using page->save(); but no luck with values I set for the custom fields inside the foreach loop. They are not saved to the database. Im sure this has a super obvious reason but I'm lost finding it. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Thank you, unfortunately that doesn't work either. Same problem.
  12. Dear all, I'm upgrading an older side with the new custom fields for images feature as of 3.0.142. My image field is set to "Automatic" and holds a bunch of images together with their respective description on each page. New custom fields include "caption" among others and to make my live easier I I'm trying to populate "caption" with the value from the (default) description field. But unfortunately I can't seem to find out how to save the newly set values. This is my code: <?php foreach (page()->images as $image) { $image->set('caption', $image->description); bd($image->caption); echo files()->render("markup/views/view-card-image-fancybox.php", array('image'=>$image)); } ?> <?php $page->save(); bd($page->save()); ?> This sets the value as intended (see screenshot) but doesn't save it permanently to the database. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  13. Eine super Seite - nicht nur das Design, auch der Content // Awesome Site Marc!
  14. hey @schwarzdesign, so pleased to see you finally found your way to processwire! awesome work i enjoy frequently on my mobile.
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