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  1. hey @schwarzdesign, so pleased to see you finally found your way to processwire! awesome work i enjoy frequently on my mobile.
  2. i wonder why one should want another editor than sublime …?
  3. would you mind share some code of your uikit implementation? sounds very interesting. if so, please pm me. thanks.
  4. @Juergen Sorry if I miss something, but where do you find a calendar component at Uikit (https://getuikit.com/docs/introduction)?
  5. actually, I set up a fullcalendar yesterday after my post here
  6. @joshuag I wonder if there is a possibility to switch views in the frontend, say a weeks or days calendar instead of month and/or list? Thanks
  7. Hi SamC, here is what you are looking for: http://hsrtech.com/wordpress/backup-projects-mamp-using-dropbox/
  8. hi horst, mac os (mamp). move has been done twice: 1. pull it off the server, import db, see if it works. 2. super-clean and fresh install, re-import db, replace templates folder, see if it works. i'll give the cache thing a try and report back. many thanks!
  9. Hi Forum, we moved an installation from the live server to localhost for further development. Unfortunately now PW doesn't find files in the /templates/ directory anymore (e.g. css, js and so on). Functions testing for existing files abort with an error and the console throws 404 for the files in question. Two developers have checked (so far several times): site/config.php $config->httpHosts .htaccess file permissions on /templates/ and all subdirectories (set to 777 just to be on the safe side) our own php functions Our version is 3.0.22 devns. We are running out of ideas. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I'm getting an error with this module when trying to perform a core update: Method WireHttp::setTimeout does not exist or is not callable in this context PW 2.5.3 in shared hosting running smoothly apart from that. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. @Horst great explanation and a convincing concept. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Hi all, my new website is online but not yet finished. Though it looks good, I have plans for several improvements on both, coding and design. I wonder how others develop on websites that are live? What is your workflow? Do you have a clone and sync your changes back to live? Do you put the site offline for the times you develop on it? Or don't you care at all and just work on the live site? Curious to learn how others deal with this task. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, it has taken ages, but finally I managed to relaunch my own studio website www.christophlieck.com The site used to be a desktop only site running on Contao and is now both mobile friendly and based on a real CMS (PW btw). I decided not to change the site design much to much as I still like it (it was first designed back in 2007) but made it a bit bigger (screenshot of old site with 800px width attached, new size is 960 px max.). There is still a lot of work to do (don't mind the blog section!) - but it's online! Modules: ProCache Email Obfuscator Image Extra Markup Sitemap XML Page List Show Page Id Redirects Batcher Database Backups Image Tags I still don't like WYSIWYG-editors, so no CKEditor involved. I prefer Markdown - and PW supports it! The responsive grid is based on Gridset, which I can strongly recommend as both, extremely flexible and time saving. Comments welcome, many thanks!
  14. Hello Horst, unfortunately this is not what I meant. The page tree in the admin needs to remain as it is (as it makes for the desktop navigation). I need a custom order ("sorting") only for the mobile navigation. In other words: I need to render the pages in a custom order different to what I have in the admin. Difficult to explain in English. Hope one can get it ...
  15. Hi all, I wonder if PW allows for a custom sort order of pages? I would like to render my page tree custom sorted for a mobile menu, e.g. not in "reverse sort order" or "sorted by date" and so on but completely customized. My current page tree in the admin looks as follows (numbers are page ids): / |- page 1006 |- page 1058 |- page 1062 But for my mobile menu I try to render the following order: / |- 1062 |- 1006 |- 1058 $entries = $pages->get("id=1|1006|1058|1062, sort=??"); Any ideas how to achieve this? Many thanks!
  16. Hi Adrian, correct, just a very simple login required. Will use a text field then. Anyhow, I would be interested to learn how the password field works. Didn't find much about it. If somebody has some spare time...
  17. Hi Forum, I need to secure some downloads with a simple login form. As login tasks are new to me I try to adapt the code from this forum post for my purposes. This is where I am so far: A page with input field type "password" (name "password"). This code: <?php password protected areaif ($page->password) { $pass = $page->password; if ($input->post->pass != $pass) { echo "$page->body" . file_get_contents("./_login-form.inc"); // not logged in? get input form } else { foreach ($page->downloads as $file) { echo "<h2>Sie sind eingeloggt</h2>"; echo "<ul>" . "<li class='plain'><i class='fa fa-download'></i><a href='$file->url';?> $file->description</a></li>" . "</ul>"; } // foreach } // $input->post} //$page->password?> And for _login-form.inc <form method="post" action="./" accept-charset="UTF-8"> <input type="password" id="pass" name="pass" placeholder="" /> <button type="submit" name="submit" class="btn btn-success btn-block">Login</button></form> Unfortunately the conditional always returns false even if the correct password has been entered into the form. This is the first time I'm using fieldtype password, thus I don't know how to check for the correct password entered (I understand the value is stored encrypted but that's all I know). Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  18. SFTP/Sublime is my weapon of choice since it came out. Has replaced Filezilla, Cyberduck et al. Can't think of anything else. Regarding Forklift, imho it's a very poor clone of Total Commander for Windows and it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore (no update since ages).
  19. @yellowled did you find a proper solution for your question. I'm about to start a project with similar demands and would be happy to learn how you implemented the poll system.
  20. May I recommend two very valuable articles from A list apart? http://alistapart.com/article/pricing-strategy-for-creatives http://alistapart.com/column/pricing-the-web
  21. hi titanium, thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately I didn't say precisely what is required: the css class does not need to be unique in the sense of an id. Instead a "dedicated" class in the sense of "this images requires this class and no other" is required. I think the module will do the job.
  22. Hi adrian, thanks for pointing me to that module. I'll give it a try. Sounds promising.
  23. Hi all, I need to loop over several images with an ordinary foreach - nothing fancy. However, each image needs to have a unique css class name attached. Here is a simplified example: <ul> <li><img class='mac' src='#'</li> <li><img class='ipad' src='#'</li> <li><img class='ipod' src='#'</li> </ul> and so on. My array of images will be a collection from several pages. So the information about the required class needs to be "attached" to the image somehow. Sure I could use the description field for that, but that's kind of a hack I would like to avoid for the sake of unexperienced editors. My PW skills got a bit rusty the last time. Maybe an easy way to achieve that as been already introduced into the core and I missed it. Apologies in advance if this is a silly question than ... Ideas welcome! Thanks.
  24. Hi Forum, I recently had a chat with a friend who was introduced to PW by me. He said: "brilliant cms, poor documentation." His comment makes me think about the cheatsheet: While we see new API methods introduced at a very fast pace, the cheatsheet doesn't seem to keep up. That's sad, because it's such a good resource. So, how can I (as a user with very limited PHP skills) help to update the cheatsheet? Is somebody skilled willing to team up with me - as kind of a supervisor - for the update tasks? Or are there any plans on behalf of the team to update the cheatsheet? Thanks!
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