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  1. I'm working with Cleverreach (http://www.cleverreach.com/) and feel very satisfied. The good thing is: up to 250 recipients are free, so you can test unlimited. Haven't tested the other recommendations though.
  2. Hi Mac Pros out there, what is your experience with the new Mac OS? Did you upgrade your machines? Everything running smooth? Or did you decide to wait a little longer to be on the safe side? My MBP is stil Ma-ve-ri-cking ...
  3. HI all, many thanks again for your replies. Just to sum up, the problem could be described as follows: After updating from 2.2.9 to 2.5.3 inheritance of rights between pages with different templates didn't work anymore. The issue is clearly associated with the update as this was the only change I made to a perfectly working system. I did not bother around very much with making new roles and associating my users to it as this is a live site. I tried, as Soma suggested, to save roles and users and all templates but this didn't work for me. I finally found a workaround by assigning access rights to the templates in question (instead of letting them inherit it) and this works now. However, it is not the intended behaviour of the system. Would you think I should file a bug?
  4. She sees the new button but get's (got) an error message: "You don't have access to the template ..." (like that).
  5. Hi and thanks for your replies, yes, I tried to login with her account. What bothers me: It worked perfectly fine before the update. I would like to understand, what happend. However, all templates inherited their access rights from the root-template. I have solved the problem now by adding access rights to the templates of the pages below root, thus they do not inherit access anymore. That fixed it for now.
  6. Hi Forum, I updatet a site from 2.2.9 to 2.5.3 yesterday. I have a role "editor" which - amongst othter rights - has the right to edit pages (set under access). In my template I allow editors to view, edit, create and add children. Since the upgrade one member (actually the only one) reports that she can't add child pages anymore which worked perfectly fine before. I did check all settings twice, but everything seems to be set allright. Any ideas on how to debug / sort this? Thanks!
  7. Uberspace or all-inkl.com. Forget aaa ...
  8. totoff


    I had the same problem and just continued with the upgrade process. Site is working fine.
  9. totoff

    Muesli Café

    Awesome - as all of your work.I LOVE the collapsing menu! Great idea. Good luck!
  10. I vote this site of the week +1! Only one remark, that has got nothing to do with your work of course: Did your client check the website legally? I wonder if the voting system featured for example here http://www.radiologische-allianz.de/praxen/radiologie-am-rathausmarkt-privatpraxis/ is an offend against German law, namely the Heilmittelwerbegesetz. I would recommend having it checked twice to make sure it complies with the law.
  11. Awesome for a single person. Very good.
  12. Very nice, bookmarked as best-practice example. Did you do the whole thing, design, coding, ia etc.? Or is this the work of a team?
  13. Yes, it can and PW is the best tool for it. But it is an intermediate if not advanced task. You should have a look at the Scyscrapers Profile by Ryan to get a first approach. In addition, there are plenty threads in the forum dealing with similar topics from which you can learn more about how to do it. Another example from my mind ist this topic: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7511-greggorrautocom-bootstrap-design/ However, you may want to make yourself familiar with the basics and come back with more specific questions.
  14. thank you both. This is all very weird. I managed to uninstall with $modules->uninstall but when I try to reinstall I get errors: Warning: strpos(): Empty needle in /www/htdocs/user/mysubdomain.com/site/modules/Multisite.module on line 40 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/user/mydomain.com/site/modules/Multisite.module:40) in /www/htdocs/user/mysubdomain.com/wire/core/admin.php on line 14 Notice: Undefined index: subdomains in /www/htdocs/user/mysubdomain.com/site/modules/Multisite.module on line 87 Appreciate if you have any ideas. If not, I'll wait for answers in the appropriate modules forum.
  15. Hi Forum, something went totally wrong with my settings for the Multisite module as described here. I can't access my site anymore and need to uninstall and start from scratch. Is there a way to uninstall a module via the API (I tried to google the forums but the search terms are to generic to find results)? Thanks
  16. Hi Forum, I'm having a hard time to get the original module (Apeisa's one) to work with 2.5. I did setup a bunch of 12 landingpages (each with a little bit different content but sharing the same template). I added their domains to the module settings as well as to $config->httpHosts array. 10 of my 12 domains were working fine, but 2 didn't - they redirected to the root. I triple checked everything but didn't find out what was wrong. Unfortunately during this debug process I must have added a domain twice to the module settings. This made PW throw a 404 on the admin and on the frontend side for all domains making the admin inaccessible. I've temporarily made it back into the admin by renaming the module to multisite-old.module. But I can't figure out how to "reset" the module settings to its former or a fresh state (replacing multisite.module with a new file from Github doesn't work) nor how to get all of my 12 domains work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  17. The links (aka: items) are sortable via the PW api: $items = $page->children(sort=-date); for example will sort by date. Further reading: http://processwire.com/api/selectors/#sort
  18. @yellowled Die you try http://www.monkey-office.de ? It takes a while to learn bit than works well.
  19. wow, entzückend, nico. really nice! edit: some of the detail pages are really hard to read because of the background: http://www.phototriennale.de/exhibitions/exhibition-b/
  20. Professional desktop software for invoicing and book keeping.
  21. Since the good old Textpattern times I was looking forward to a new admin theme by Tom Reno. Still have your concept for Textpattern in mind (or was it for the branch that existed for a while?) ... Btw: tomrenodesign.com is down.
  22. is this alpha, beta or released? @ivan https://github.com/Renobird/AdminThemeReno
  23. One last thing: I first tried to click on the tagline Mira Opalinska / Pianist to enter the side. Why not linking it to /about/? The same is true vice versa: there is no other way to return to /home/ than to open the menu as her name in the upper left corner is not linked. You should definitely feature your work in the showcase section of the forum.
  24. I'm not an expert either, but would think that you are safe with directory listing switched off.
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