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  1. There is a warning with your composer version when running PHP 8.1: PHP Warning: Uninitialized string offset 0 in .../SymmetricEncryptedText/vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php:375
  2. shows still as "version": "1.5.61" after the update?
  3. @zoeck yes that is possible. ProcessWire was fiddling with the modules recently. - I drop a note in PW "issues".
  4. @horst is this still supported?
  5. @horst - The latest ProcessWire DEV 3.0.220 seams to break the WireMailSmtp module (namespace fatal errors) after a module recompiling. Class "ProcessWire\WireMailSmtp" not found I cannot reach the settings any more and probably it does also not send out mails. Isn't it a good idea to drop compatibility to ancient ProcessWire 2 versions and add the ProcessWire namespace in your code, so it does not compile?
  6. Really? Isn't this field basically a nicely decorated number field, storing only 1 value? It outputs as "5" in my frontend. (Maybe I got the concept wrong?) That has a value of its own, and I start using it in forms. What I'm looking for now, is a mix of these stars and the Pro module "Likes" from @ryan. So a user can not only "like" but also rate with one click. And I have the total number of voters with the average rating, which can then be submitted for SEO as rich content. "Likes" also has a simple fraud protection. Too bad, "Likes" seems not to be in development any more. User interaction becomes more and more important with SEO. (Or like the "Comments"-Field but only with the rating - textual comments can be a pain - but "Likes" is so cool because it's just 1 click and not a form.)
  7. Sorry I was not precise: It can display stars, but I could not figure out to extend this to a user rating system where users do the rating and average stars are displayed. Probably not.
  8. There is actually no working frontend user rating module existing currently, correct? This field works great for other purposes, but is not suitable as a frontend star rating module, is it?
  9. To ask differently - is someone caring it remains up-to-date with PHP and PW? (This is one of my favourite modules I use)
  10. utf8_encode and utf8_decode functions are deprecated in PHP 8.2 Hi, I am curious if this module still actively maintained?
  11. Update: in my case the issue was not language related. This code snippet helped to identifying a broken display condition for a field in the template: So it's worth looking in all directions. I wonder why PW does not show such issues more precisely by default.
  12. @louisstephens Do you remember what you did in the database? I have the same problem after removing languages and cannot find possible issues in the database.
  13. We try to switch from MATOMO direct embedding to the MATOMO tag manager. I am wondering right now how to use the Matomo Tag Manager correctly. Has anyone expericence with this already? We intend not to block the Tag Manager itself but want to be able tags (like Facebook) inside of it. I don't believe right now that the Tag Manager is a GDPR / DSGVO problem itself. And if this one is blocked, every tag inside is blocked too, which makes a fine-grained selection not possible to the user. But I need to be able to set up rules in PrivacyWire that toggles activation of used tags inside of the Tag Manager. But how?
  14. I run into a problem when removing a cropppable element from the image setting: hauptbild,900,600 quadrat,900,900 Expected: The info for the "quadrat" cuts are removed. No change for anything related to "hauptbild" What happens (latest PW dev and module 4 version, using WebP): All crop settings are lost, including "hauptbild". And the default value is not a largest possible crop from the middle (so a 1800x1200 source would produce a proportional small version without crops). Instead a 900x600 upper-left crop from the original image gets cropped. Basically, this means all fine-tuned settings are lost, and the default worsens it.
  15. I stumbled upon another issue: a.f.a.i.k. the IMPRINT and PRIVACY pages should not be covered by this modal. Otherwise, you cannot read what you are going to decide (if you followed the privacy link in the module, for example). But I am not a lawyer, it is just how I think it should work logically, especially thinking of the very strict German laws about the IMPRINT page accessibility. - Any oppinion? I am looking for an easy way. Right now, I am using CSS to hide .privacywire and its wrapper on those. But since the links to those pages are stored in the modules settings, why not excluding them automatically? Just an idea. In this context, it would be cool if the module did some quick checks to assist the webmaster if those linked pages actually exist and are viewable.
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