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  1. ceberlin

    Github does not seem to bring the (2y old) topic back to the top just because of new entries. The issue might be overlooked?
  2. ceberlin

    Already found AdminOnSteroids and CookieManagementBanner, there might be more. How do I reset the translation cache to test the effect of their removal? (The language page is plain dead because rendering stops unfinished)
  3. ceberlin

    I could reproduce the effect - see video. I could not figure out yet which module or string creates the problem, but it seems to be some module I use a lot, as the problem appears on many sites. pw-bug-languages.mp4
  4. ceberlin

    Thank you... sounds like a cool idea. The textformatter would not be the way to go for me as I - in general - like PW's pagefileSecure feature. Right now I am thinking of a workaround (not tested yet). Since the pagefileSecure blocking is only active on (1. pages that are hidden from "guest" users by rights restrictions (or 2. pages are unpublished), I will try to publish some innocent blank page that remains visible to users and load the needed images there into some file field in the backend. Then I would reference those (not blocked) images in the textarea of the PDF source page - and the rights problem is maybe bypassed.
  5. ceberlin

    I have problems printing images embedded into a textarea if the config.php has this setting: $config->pagefileSecure=true ERROR: Could not find image file (.............. /site/assets/files/2922/unterschrift.jpg) The file actually is stored under this path: ............... /site/assets/files/-2922/unterschrift.jpg
  6. ceberlin

    It would be great if the forms had focus. That speeds up logging in.
  7. ceberlin

    Simple question, in your instructions, what do you mean by Call the module from your home.php template $modules->get('Blackhole')->blackhole(); If I add this code somewhere on the homepage's php code, I get a 404 in the frontend, which I actually expected to happen (same behavior as on blackhole.php).
  8. ceberlin

    Maybe there should be a note in the plugin settings that using Checking EU is sending personal IP data to (USA?) and which might be breaking GDPR law (Server location?), when checking that option. [OFFTOPIC] Tracy: I only use parts of it, especially using bd() causes an Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function bd - had no time to figure that out yet [/OFFTOPIC] ... your question replied the quick 'n dirty way: echo "|" . ($this->get_user_ip_addr()) . "|"; returns |::1| The notice only appears when first visiting the page, it is gone after a refresh and visiting other pages of that site. (PHP 7.1) My solution for now: Unchecking the EU feature.
  9. ceberlin

    on localhost, I get a warning: Notice: Undefined index: countryCode in /Users/.../modules/CookieManagementBanner/CookieManagementBanner.module on line 42
  10. ceberlin

    I just discovered the module today and it is very handy for my Cients <-> Contracts many_to_many relation. Now I can connect those from both ends. Works! Fantastic! Thank you very much for this time-saver.
  11. ceberlin

    Backups can live their own live. I tend to download them from time to time (some customers do also). Since they can contain sensitive data, it is just another level of protection to have them encrypted. (I know, WordPress modules can be much worse in offering to *mailing* sql backups. Anything can happen there.)
  12. ceberlin

    When looking at PW what concerns me most, are unencrypted database backups via the module ProcessDatabaseBackups.
  13. ceberlin

    I asked for removing the scroll in the backend already. It makes it so easy to inadvertently destroy carefully set map settings. I hacked the module code to change that for the time being. :-)
  14. ceberlin

    I get a notice here, maybe that is interesting.... PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in site/modules/VersionControl/ProcessVersionControl.module:660 if ($diff && wire('fields')->get($field)->type instanceof FieldtypeFile) $diff = "";
  15. ceberlin

    Just for clarification, the "\" backslash works better: ProcessWire\wire()