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  1. Today I also got the class "RuntimeMarkupUtilities" does not exist error. (At a very harmless unexpected spot, when trying to edit a simple body textarea in a template: some local field settings). I love the RuntimeMarkup Field, never had the problem with it before and did not want to give up easily. The only difference with my other PW installs: this PW install was brand new straight from the PW github beta repo and filled with a couple of modules, including this one. When started setting up my templates, I had activated the RuntimeMarkup Module for latter use already. But had not set up
  2. Hi, ProcessWire 3.0.175 + PrivacyWire 104. On this occasion I wish to thank you for the really helpful module contribution and all your support!
  3. Silly me. I was using the example from here (https://processwire.com/modules/privacy-wire/) without looking for type errors in there. (The example code could be updated?) I fixed it and cleared the cache. Still not working. A minification issue maybe (semicolons)?
  4. I started having trouble with <script type=text/plain" data-type="text/javascript" data-category="external_media" class="require-consent"> I get a JS error and the element isn't shown (any more?) on consent. Anyone else sees this too? Or did I use this in an unintended way? (Example)
  5. Maybe a bug: I cannot set "Bytes" in the module settings to anything else than 0 - It resets to "0" after saving.
  6. Can be an essential element of a GDPR data protection strategy. Very useful. Thank you!
  7. Hi, today's 2.0 update killed the backend here on some installs... Reverting to 1.2.7 fixed it: PDOException #42S22 SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'field_phits.last_hit' in 'field list'
  8. I can confirm that this method of replacing the decimal field worked on my e-commerce-Project where I tried this. No problems.
  9. I think that PW could have a stronger GDPR support out of the box, including comments. There are already some consent plugins available (one of those pretty good), but there is still much efforts needed (like the unnecessary complicated recommendations for fixing comments). For us Europeans, it is so important, to have things right there from the beginning, and GDPR should not be rocket science to fully implement.
  10. Hi Joshua, just an idea. If there were a counter for all closes of all finished user decisions and a separate one only for the "accept all" decisions, it would give me a perfect idea of the accept ratio of the specific site. Either generally (probably enough), or even per month in a table (to monitor changes in behaviour). In the module, or in logfiles or a CSV file with a row limit? Basically, sort of mini-statistics. I have guesswork right now regarding Analytics' / Matomo's result changes and of how many users (in percent) those analytics results represent?
  11. Just a searchable note here in case s.o. else runs into the same problem 🙂 You suddenly cannot log in any more with TFA/2FA (Two Factor Authentification)? After the step two (inserting the 2FA code) the server responds with an ERROR 500? There is no corresponding entry in the server logs? Check this: Open your site files with FTP, go to /site/assets/logs/ and look into the file exceptions.txt If you find an entry there, like so: ... Invalid base32 string (in /site/modules/TfaTotp/TwoFactorAuth/lib/TwoFactorAuth.php line 190) This indicates that the 2FA code got mess
  12. Joshua, first, thank you for all your work. It looks like that we need a good solution for compliance also in Germany now (after the BGH ruling) and I am glad, that your plugin is close to what we need already. After comparing existing tools and reading more about the requirements I thought of the following strategy to add to the compliance: (My source of information: https://www.activemind.de/magazin/cookie-consent-banner/) 1. we probably need another category. "Functional" for settings that are not "essential", like settings, example use: remember that a certain popup was clos
  13. Hi Joshua, yes, in Germany, this is not mandatory at the moment - in other EU countries the situation might be different. All German lawyers online with lots of drama about the subject offer - surprise surprise - their own commercial solutions. I have not read any neutral position/comment on the subject yet. As I understand it, the tenor from the BGH is that the user should be able to know exactly what he or she agrees to. According to this, the webdesigner would have to name names. The BGH ruling is still too recent (end of May 2020) and has not yet been implemented in German law. I just
  14. Isn't it required in the new word of EU web bureaucracy to list every single cookie on demand (by category) and explain what is does, where it's from and can set it individually? So, for example, in the same example category "my user settings" I can agree to remember a "my selected language" cookie but not another cookie with "my last page visited"? As Borlabs cookie does it, or Klaro (kind of)? Am I wrong with my understanding of the current GDPR law situation? Or is this implemented already and I just did not find it? (Right now I am evaluation this module against using K
  15. great - I was just preparing a report here just now. Here's a demo video: bug-aos-cke-sourceeditor.mp4
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