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  1. Hi @All, @Wanze thanks for the module! Please mates, is there a way to add pdf button/link to backend template? I need to print particular template from backend.
  2. Managed to install. It is not working in ANY editor. Neither youtube, nore twitter, nor facebook, nothing. I can write exact same non-working module for like 1 sec and less. Please, someone delete this module.
  3. Hi for New Zealand! Thanks for helping Rob! Finally solved in this simple way (this PW has a zillion options 😍) $properties = $pages->find("template=property, sort=pstatus, sort=date");
  4. Hi, First, this is production realestate site, big one. So please, if any chanse to fix this without touching database, it would be great I have field "pstatus" as a PageReference, In the tree under Status as children: sold unavailable paused In the template "property" I have dropdown were I choose: empty (nothing); sold; unavailable or paused. If you do not choose anything, property will have active selling status. I need help sorting property template in this order: show all empty and than show all sold. 1031 is Status, parent of the sold unavailable and paused. $status = $pages->get('1031')->children('sort=pstatus'); $selector[] = "sort=price, pstatus!=$status"; But I got there all except from status. I need to list "sold" too.
  5. Tried to install via zip and class, in both cases I got empty settings page:
  6. OK. I got head.php, footer.php, tags.php etc... I want in tags.php, which doesn't have <head>...</head> in it, to append some Php magic so I could include the line in the head like this one: <link rel="canonical" href="http://example.com/tags/" /> Something similar to headScripts->append
  7. Yes, I thought of that idea @OLSA Sounds fantastic solution, especially for bigger sites.
  8. Hi All 🙂 How to append canonical URL to head from certain templates? Thanks!!!
  9. home/blog/ /authors /categories /cat1 /cat2 /posts /post1 /post2 Got it from @Zeka. I will finish it. The other thing was: Does it slow down? Does it reflect on the speed?
  10. Hi All, I am newbe to PW (was in Joomla for more then 10 years)... I got this kind of URLs: www.name.com/posts/article www.name.com/categories/nameofcategory 1. Is there some natural way I can rewrite URL so it will be (except arranging backend in this order) www.name.com/nameofcategory/article www.name.com/nameofcategory 2. If rewriting, will it (significantly) impact speed?
  11. @Ivan Gretsky thank you for helping!!! I really appreciate!!! Here's how I solved thanks to my friend @OLSA: $exclude = new PageArray(); $exclude->add($fav); $exclude->add($favs); $cards = $pages->find("template=blog-post, id!=$exclude, blog_post_sticky!=1, sort=-blog_date, limit={$blogSettings->blog_quantity}");
  12. Thank You for helping me Ivan! I got 3 checkboxes in every article. I am trying to exclude articles, sorted by date, which had checkbox checked: Display all blog_post_sticky but blog_post_fav exclude last article blog_post_favs exclude last two articles. blog_post_fav>1 blog_post_favs>2
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