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  1. @kongondoI was thinking that exporting to JSON would be faster but caching menu is pretty good answer.
  2. Hi, I have init.php file where is called a lot of pages for links in the navigation. Navigation has dropdowns and the links are not placed the same as in the backend. $variableone = $pages->get(1100); $variablegtwo = $pages->get(1101); $variablethree = $pages->get(1102); $variablefour = $pages->get(1103); ... Is there a better way to speed up this queries?
  3. @wbmnfktryou are right. I totally forgot autosmush module. When turned off and webp enabled via hook it flies. Thanks mate!
  4. ProcessWire 3.0.165. PHP 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 Tried webp like this but it slows down the pages for about 10 seconds and more. Tried cache, same result. <?= $page->images->eq(0)->size(500,300)->webp->url;
  5. Hi @all, hi @ukyo. Thanks for the module! I made custom .php file, loading nicely but I have lost fonts-awesome and backend is looking like this:
  6. @Jan Romero no. It made row for every new data. Tested now, it is OK.
  7. Thanks for the answer!!!! It records queries in database. It didnt delete old ones. At least when I made the question
  8. PS: Image in showcase is not loading @ryan and this page provides 404 https://processwire.com/sites/list/rum-doodle-digital-marketing-agency/
  9. New showcase entry, for Rum Doodle Digital Marketing Agency https://rumdoodle.at/ Features On-Page SEO in full. Auto json and rich snippets Ajax contact form Bootstrap 4 Fontawesome (will be removed) Modules used Auto Smush Email Obfuscation (EMO) Markup Cookie Consent ConfigForm Fieldtype I love the part when I am not using too many fields and modules.
  10. Probably I don't have any rights to comment how far PW came since I started using it from the version 2.x. Of course it is hard to balance and I perfectly know what is mixing MVC and framework and CMS. If they ever listened me (in that time I came from the country which had bad reputation for leading the war against neighbors) Joomla! would stay on top of WordPress. For years Joomla! didn't do anything about SEF URLs and it costed that CMS so much. And it was so small effort and thing to do. Please, think about it. Now, for two years I didn't touch any other CMS except PW and I am very very happy like never before and I am not developer.
  11. The main magic is You don't have to install any module to have media manager. There is a bunch of options. Make template "gallery", put all images on that page. Call images via tags or Page Reference or whereverver model you want. That flexibility and finding the best possible model makes me speechless. The thing is, PW is not a pure CMS and it should stay that way. This is so good I can't believe it exist. Kudos to Ryan and team!!!
  12. Hi @ All, I am Miljan and I've spent 10 years in various Joomla! teams and I love Joomla. Saw a lot of things, roads, milestones, changes, decisions and participated but my voice was not loud enough sometimes. Sometimes things went in the wrong direction. There is various CMSs - WordPress (brrr), Joomla!, Drupal, Typo etc etc. Ecommerce: Magento, Os etc etc... There is various frameworks: YII etc etc. So, PLEASE guys, do not change much ProcessWire, especially in those directions, it is excellent as it is. It is fantastic!!! DO NOT make media manager, do not make CMS features you can find everywhere. One thing will lead another and at the end PW would be just as any s*** we all escaped from. Please, improving core and adding here and there certain features would be fantastic. The only thing, maybe, my suggestion, is to gather team (not suggesting myself because for a longer time I am not good programmer) to control modules quality attached to this web and check out the code for malicious things. That's all.
  13. Sorry, wrong window. Sent you in inbox.

  14. Hi All, Two questions please: 1. Is there a simple way to avoid allow_url_open with CURL because of security? 2. Field is recording every X hours in database, os it really gets long after some time - what's the fastest/best way to delete rows backwards?
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