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  1. As simple as helpful, very appreciated! Thanks! For full compatibility of the module I would add in the settings "you admin path" because the default "processwire" may not always be used. And (as in my case) this leads to a page not found. Or alternatively in the readme file make it known.
  2. Assumption: Code for Dummies ... Hi, i'm trying to cutomize my menu to add a personal "title" to the link somthing like <a title='$child->mytitle' I've already added a field ("mytitle", type text) in my templates. This is not the right way to do that? Am i so away from the solution? // top navigation consists of homepage and its visible children $homepage = $pages->get('/'); $children = $homepage->children(); // make 'home' the first item in the navigation $children->prepend($homepage); // render an <li> for each top navigation item foreach($children as $child) { if($child->id == $page->rootParent->id) { // this $child page is currently being viewed (or one of it's children/descendents) // so we highlight it as the current page in the navigation echo "<li class='nav-item active' aria-current='true'><a title='$child->mytitle' class='nav-link' href='$child->url'>$child->title</a></li>"; } else { echo "<li class='nav-item'><a title='$child->mytitle' class='nav-link' href='$child->url'>$child->title</a></li>"; } } Any help appreciated, thanks in advance...
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