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  1. Yes i've installed only WireMailSmtp, but i assume that native Php mail had nothing to do with it. I used FB example because i thought that if other wiremail moudules were used they should be visible in that screen. Gmail accounts were used only as receivers, while a standard SMTP account was used for sending. I'll do more testing and i'll verify if it sends correctly using FB (until yesterday it worked perfectly), i'll try also on other website. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the quick response @adrian ! I will try again because the first test i sent to gmail and i got the emails but with the warning: "Gmail could not verify that the message was actually sent by domain-name.it (and not by a spammer)." And should not happen with WireMailSMTP... I attached the configuration of my actual sending method (formbuilder config).
  3. @adrian Usefull module! I have a question and a suggestion regarding the Email Batcher. On my site i use the Wire Mail SMTP module, tipically with a pre-configured account such as noreply@customerdomain.com to send email for collected forms ecc. ecc. Is it possibile to tell Email Batcher to use WireMailSMTP? For future development wouldn't it be nice to have a configuration screen for Email sending method? Thanks in advance
  4. It looks great! Wanted to test but got: "This module does not indicate compatibility with this version of ProcessWire." Is it safe to use it anyway? I think @adrian suggestion is correct to add PW 3.x compatibility ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Sorry solved... I'm little embarrassed, we have set the field option_type as single page ๐Ÿ˜ž not as a Multiple Pages PageArray now it works...
  6. I got this notice: *Notice*: Trying to get property 'title' of non-object...
  7. @adrian Thanks, i successfully recreated your example, using Page Reference and it works perfect in a multilanguage site (also used the module you mentioned https://processwire.com/modules/process-page-field-select-creator/) But suppose to have a multiple selection for "License type" so any image should dsplay all available license assigned This works with a single selection echo $image->option_type->title; Don't understand why it doesn't work with a foreach am i missing something? foreach($images as $image){ foreach($image->option_type as $opt){ echo $opt->title; } } Any help is appreciated ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  8. Thanks @adrian i'll give a look, i ended up using this mentioned module https://github.com/Toutouwai/RepeaterImages
  9. Thanks @3fingers I have read the blog post, but i also thought it was a text omission (the option field), because of the example image, which i doubt is a photomontage ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. That is actually my plan B: modifying the DOM after the fact, client-side. But I still would like to know if there is a way to do this in PW.
  11. I'm going crazy with this. Looking at the post https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.142/ The picture "says" that options are supported as a field, (see License block) but it does not work for me in any version i tryed in version: 1.48, 1.65, 1.70 If the field is not supported i would not show an image of that type. Am i wrong?
  12. I have a script that generates a bunch of inputfields and then outputs a form. I am trying to group visually these things. Basically, I'd like the output to have the fields grouped by some <div>s. I know I can use fieldsets for this, but in this case I can't, because the form is used by other functions (Padloper's) that assume it has a flat structure (no nested fields). So I need a way to inject some extra markup into a flat list of fields. I thought about using an After hook to InputField::render to inject the extra <div>s and </div>s that I need, but it does not work, because while I can indeed inject some markup this way, it is still wrapped by the code that usually wraps the element, i.e. <div class="InputField..."ecc>, so there is no way to output markup that act as a container of several fields. Finally, using the setMarkup method of the form allows me to control the rendering of the fields, but it seems that it works on all fields or nothing. I haven' been able to change it just for a single field of the form. Any idea or suggestion? Thanks
  13. @ryan: Reopening this old thread... Searching for a short word (three letters) via the search.php template (which uses the ~= operator) works as described in pw 3.0.148, but does not seem to work anymore in 3.0.165. Attached the images Pre and Post upgrade on a clean installation of the Minimal Site Profile from v 3.0.133 to v 3.0.165
  14. Solved! found this topic Thanks to @bernhard that did: Translate file /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldDatetime/types/InputfieldDatetimeText.php Set path: /wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryUI/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-de.js
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