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  1. I would advice all you that the geocoder API is no longer accessible in the format of the current module. I have an error geocoding address and the return message from nominatim.openstreetmap is: Using the URL /search/ and /reverse/ (with slashes) is no longer supported. Change url from /search/?q=Berlin in /search?q=Berlin Also complete addresses are changed, see below: File not found: API no longer accessible via this URL Using the URL /search/ and /reverse/ (with slashes) is no longer supported. Please use URLs as given in the documentation. Examples how to change the URL: You use: https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/search/?q=Berlin Change to: https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/search?q=Berlin You use: https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/search/US/Texas/Huston Change to: https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/search?q=Huston, Texas, US See github issue #3134 for more details. See github issue #3134 for more details. Maybe editing ControlGeocoder.js fixes partially the problem? :343 L.Control.Geocoder.jsonp(this.options.serviceUrl + 'search/', L.extend({ change in L.Control.Geocoder.jsonp(this.options.serviceUrl + 'search', L.extend({ :370 L.Control.Geocoder.jsonp(this.options.serviceUrl + 'reverse/', L.extend({ change in L.Control.Geocoder.jsonp(this.options.serviceUrl + 'reverse', L.extend({ I have tested with simple addresses (italian street, number and city) ad it works fine again, both search and reverse. Posted a commit on Github: https://github.com/FriendsOfProcessWire/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/commit/63254dffea9bd504eb45b124d64fd5832e38f013
  2. Hi there, I'm testing a static call with JS to set a new view of the map (I need it on event change without refreshing the page), as found on Github and Stackoverflow: // frontend var mymap = L.map($('#mleafletmap1')).setView([45.53, 10.21], 2); // backend var mymap = L.map($('#_Inputfield_fm_mappa_map')).setView([45.53, 10.21], 2); This produces a TypeError: t.className is undefined. I looking for a solution, but didn't found it (...and I'm not a skilled js coder). Does anybody have an idea?
  3. Hi @Ivan Gretsky, thanks for your reply. I hope to create it asap. I will update you.
  4. Hi, is there anybody that knows how to easly disable "scrollWheelZoom" on admin page editing? Or is there a "module/field" settings development plan for map options in admin? (an overrideble setting in the field options could be great). I find a little annoying the zooming in/out of the map on page scroll. At the moment I put manually a js line of code in InputfieldLeafletMapMarker.js after line 24 // line 24 var map = L.map(mapElement).setView([lat, lng], options.zoom); // new line map.scrollWheelZoom.disable(); But I'm not so happy to modify original modules... (on updates the modifications could be lose). The second approach that I have succesfully tested is to load a js file in admin, but it needs to completely initialize a new map, only with the add of an option in the declaration of the map init: var map = L.map('_Inputfield_fm_mappa_map', {center: [lat, lng], zoom: parseInt($('#_Inputfield_fm_mappa_zoom').val()), scrollWheelZoom: 0,} ); Any suggestions?
  5. Hi to everybody and special thanks to @Mats for sharing this big porting, to @gebeer @netcarver @dab for the hard implementations and to @Ivan Gretsky to keep it alive again, but also to all the contributors and maintainers of this awesome module. I'm testing it and it works really fine and easy. I would try to add an extra class to the markers and I followed this linked tip to Leaflet.AwesomeMarker properties for the main page with all the markers: $options = array( 'useMarkerSettings' => true, 'markerFormatter' => function($page, $marker_options) { $marker_options['icon'] = $page->icon; // Override the default icon for this marker. $marker_options['markerColor'] = $page->color; // Override the default color for this marker. // Adding extra classes to this marker ?? $marker_options['extraClasses'] = 'music-stage'; // Or dynamically from an option field: $page->stage_kind->value return $marker_options; }, ... ); But as you can see from the screenshot below, no classes are added to the icon (there is a blank space instead between the classes into <i></i> tag; actually it's always present, with or without the 'extraClasses' index into $marker_options). Am I missing something? P.S. The JS correctly loads the object properties: mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(L.AwesomeMarkers.icon({prefix: 'fa', icon: 'music', markerColor: 'red', iconColor: 'white', extraClasses: 'music-stage'}) Basically it would be nice to add extra classes to the whole marker (not only to the icon) to manipulate it with js (eg. filtering by type/class on a triggered event such as a button click or select change, or hiding from page if an event date is passed, like for exibitions/music lives and so on). Does anybody have any suggestions to do this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I'm back ... I spent a week of full immersion at work. I fixed the installation error (and pulled a request on GitHub). It was a bad condition in a public function. Sorry, I had missed it. P.S. Please, check your part of read.me (more or less, at line 14) ```<?php echo buildGoogleTranslateUrl('es');?>``` Do you mean calling the function from the module as: ```<?php echo $translate->buildGoogleTranslateUrl('es');?>```
  7. Hi @JayGee, of course yes! Thanks for all and don't worry: you did well to take a break after a hard work. I am very happy to have been useful: as soon as I can I check the error in the front end, but as you said I think it is possible to avoid it by assigning default values during module init. I'll get back to you shortly! Bye!
  8. I will surely do. Many thanks. Thanks again @bernhard: perfect as always, of course. I will indagate the _added prop as suggested (maybe there is the reason that fires my hook without the _cloning return).
  9. I'm trying to upload two screencasts to better explain... You can see those screencasts here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15JgYJDwTKowOX2zUw14yy1S9RcF4YAwg?usp=sharing
  10. Hi @bernhard, thank you for your suggestions and for your time too. You are right, there are unecessary $page->save(), but: let's say that I have a hook that check if there are pages with the same title (on page saved). Well, this hook warns every time on cloning despite the title changing. The only way that I have found to not be warned is to set the original page as unpublished and, after cloning, to restore the original status. Otherwise with RobinS's hook, but activating "Make the new page unpublished" on cloning mask (but this is a one more passage respect your hook). Maybe I missing something or I making any mistake...
  11. Thanks a lot! Do you know if someone has ever thought about to insert those kind of features into the core? *edit* If sombody may need the same behaviour of Pagelist cloning (with unpublished status), I made a little hack to the @bernhard code: ... if($action === 'clone') { // get original page status $status = $page->status(); // set unpublished $page->setStatus(2049); $page->save(); // clone $copy = $this->wire->pages->clone($page); // get original name and store in an array $nameArr = explode('-',$page->name); // save cloned name (microtime style + 1) $copy->setAndSave('name', $nameArr[0] . '-' . ($nameArr[1] + 1)); // add ' (copy ... + incremented timestamp)' to title $copy->setAndSave('title', $page->title . ' (copy ' . ($nameArr[1] + 1) . ')'); // set unpublished status $copy->setStatus(2049); $copy->save(); // restore original status to original page $page->setStatus($status); $page->save(); $this->wire->session->redirect($copy->editUrl); } ... N.B. I used this trick (unpublishing the original page) due a personal hook that checks pages with same title (and warn if found one or more dupicates). Without the unpublished status for the original page, it seems that at first saving the title is the same also for cloned item... The same results is obtained with the @Robin S hook, but flagging "Keep page unpublished" in the cloning mask.
  12. In the meantime, I have packed the backup site with its db, that looks correct. Looking into page differences, I've found that if I add a new item in the repeater field on the main page, this item uses a new template for the repeater: "repeater_vouchers1" instead of the original "repeater_vouchers". New template is created yesterday. Obviously the php code doesn't extract nothing, becuse all the selectors points to "template=repeater_vouchers, ... " But if I delete this item from the main page, it is deleted also from the admin for-page-XXXX container. This did not happen for the original articles... Very strange. For completeness, these updates were made yesterday: The only one I think might have affected is core 3.0.210 (updated to migrate to TinyMCE): current repeater field is a FieldTypeRepeater, not the Matrix bundeled with pro ones. 01/06 - 10:44 Just finished to apply the same upgrades, step by step with double check on backup version of the site and all is fine: no repeater problems...
  13. Check on table is ok: $q = "check table field_vouchers"; $statement = wire('database')->query($q); $results = $statement->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); echo '<pre>'; var_dump($results); echo '</pre>'; // dump result array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["Table"]=> string(29) "vouchers_newmc.field_vouchers" ["Op"]=> string(5) "check" ["Msg_type"]=> string(6) "status" ["Msg_text"]=> string(2) "OK" } }
  14. Thank for your patience, and sorry for my mistakes (I'm not skilled in dbs and I have the terror to destroy some/everything...). As far I know, we are using MySQL and never had problems on our PW installations: I will check next days with coworkers of mine because I'm suerly closer to a code monkey than a webmaster. I already tried the way to export and import again all the tree structure from the parent, but with no luck. Both from the same server and from a weekly backup one where the repeaters are intact. No repeater items are imported in the public page. At this point I think the solution is to sync backwards the backup server to the developing one that we are using. But we will check tomorrow with clear minds. In the meanwhile I'll try to check with your latest hints and I will let you know. Thank you for your time: very very appreciated.
  15. Ok, maybe I didn't get it: I run the second query with $repeaterOwner = 2906; Your "<pre>" line appears with non other errors, but no repeater items are in page 2905. To be more clear: Public page with repeater field = id 2905 Admin page (container of repeater) = id 2906 Thanks for your time, and sorry because I'm not so keen on db queries... 🙂 I beg your pardon, but I have to go out from office: I will follow from home.
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