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  1. Ive been asked about providing a way to do vehicle checklists online, is there a way with processwire using a form to capture an e signature from the driver to confirm check complete . TIA
  2. Thanks Ivan ... i agree i only got formbuilder yesterday and put the site together and uploaded last night . Still lots to do i try'd a bit of styling in formbuilder but didnt work so ill have another go later lol
  3. Hi i wanted to share my website http://carbatteryassist.co.uk that i built for my offline business , I built it first with wordpress, then try'd Concrete 5 still wasn't happy so i went with processwire and foundation 5. When i'm not out fitting im learning all about webdesign, for my own site and to help others. There's still a long way to go but wanted to get my first processwire creation out there
  4. Hi peter , yes the customer reviews is a widget re social share -- ill take a look thanks Thanks Ivan i'll check them out
  5. Hey everyone , i'm not happy with one of my sites as its using wordpress and very slow. I'm a new to processwire still really trying to get my head round it. As i want to build some funtionality into it long term as i go ,processwire seems a good place to start i have a few questions if any one can help the current site is http://carbatteryassist.co.uk built on wordpress :-( i'm looking to rebuild using process wire with foundation would that be a good combo as it needs to be mobile first ? i have 2 widgets that i need to know if its easy to replicate the same on the right there is customer reviews, this pulls in google + reviews. bearing in mind i'm new to this and not php or java coder how would i go about this ? At the bottom of each post are social share with counts would i be able to replicate this and any suggestions how ? thanks in advance
  6. Thanks guys for your help i still cant get it to work tho ... must be something i'm doing wrong . Back to the drawing board
  7. Thank you i try'd your code but it chucked me an error Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting ',' or ';' (line 15 of /var/sites/e/eworldsales.co.uk/public_html/site/templates/DuracellStarter.php) This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. there is only one image on field i have set =0 Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting ',' or ';' (line 15 of /var/sites/e/eworldsales.co.uk/public_html/site/templates/DuracellStarter.php) This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged.
  8. Thanks diogo i try'd and didnt work My template for the batteries is battery-template (for entry and display) the field on the entry is BatteryPictures which links to the pages ->home ->Battery-Images ---->DuracellStarter (fields are title and battImage) using a template called battery-images
  9. hi kongondo , not sure is the answer i'm trying to get my head round it . The site will have around 30-40 batteries each that belong to a different range (1 of 3) rather than uploading the image every time i made a field on the entry form that someone can select the image page thats associated with that entry. so far i have sorted that bit now i am building the template for the output i have my normal fields outputting as required . i just want it to grab the image from the BatteryPicture template image field thats associated with the entry and display it maybe i'm doing all wrong ?
  10. Thanks diogo i did orginally go thorough that page ive manged to get a parcial url i just cant seem to get the file this is the url i get http://mysite/site/BatteryPicture/duracell-starter/ but i cant get the file name http://mysite/site/BatteryPicture/duracell-starter/duracellstarter.jpg my code is <?php if($page->BatteryPicture) echo "<img src='{$page->BatteryPicture->url}'>" ?> i cant seem to output the extual image file name the template is BatteryPicture and the image field name is battImage
  11. Hi Guys the information and links you supplied really help but i have come against and issue i cant seem to get my head round. I have built my back end template and the issue i am having is i have a drop down linked to pages for the battery image battery images --->exide --->lion and the fields attached to the templates (1) Title (2) Images when you enter template you can select the pages exide or lion but how do i get the image related to the selected field template display in the main site template The reason i have done a separate pages for each battery image is that it so going 3-5 images that relate to multiply batterys inputed so i dont have to repeate up loading the images to each entry i have looked thorough the forum but cant seem to get there ive try'd <?php echo "image src='$pages=BatteryPictures->images->url'>"?>
  12. I appreciate that pwired but maybe its me but some of docs etc just confuse me and the training is a little on light side, but that's just from a newbies point of view trying to get into it and get started. Not that i'm saying its anthing to do with processwre maybe its just how i try to learn
  13. Thanks Ivan In my attempt to get familiar with processwire ... this is what i did to try an accomplish something along those lines i set up pages as follows Car Batteries ( For all batteries) ... Varta .....Blue ........Battery type 075 ...Bosch ....S4 ........Battery Type 075 Battery Manufactures (for back end input select when entering data) ....Varta .....Blue ....Black .....Silver ......Bosch ....S4 ....S3 Cars --- (used to list models for front end) --- Audi -----A3 ----- models ----Alfa Romes ------33 Sportwagon ----- models Car Maufacturer and models ( for use in back end for select when entering data) --Audi ---A3 ---A4 --Alfa Romeo ---33 Sportwagon etc Am i going down right path ?
  14. Hi I'm new to processwire and the forum. so far i'm really impressed i have asked a few questions while i was playing around and the answers were spot on. Intro --- (skip if you dont want to read the boring i'm a newbie background stuff lol....) I just wanted to introduce myself and get some advise about a project i need to do. I'm not a designer or developer as to speak(but i plan to be in the future for little projects i do myself).I know html and css and thats about it. I have built a few wordpress sites using a few different methods but not in the development sense. Where I'm at ---- I own a offline business and the site at present and its based on wordpress but its really restricted to what i can do and the site has to have some complex things added for more functionallity . I could pay someone to do it but that takes the fun and knowledge out of one of the most essential tools to my business the website ! The problem is i have no php knowledge (except <?php ?>) or javascript etc and i need to get on this asap. But i'm willing to Learn The Project Ok the site is a battery site it needs to have the following functions added 1 The ability for customer to search for batteries by manufacturer etc 2 The ability for customers to search for batteries by car ie vauxhall astra petrol 2007 etc ( and when it pulls the results of the vehicle it needs to list the batteries and their details (make, battery type etc) there could be one or multuple batteries available for that particular model of vehicle i believe that it would be 2 separate functions on the site so customers can choose to search by batteries or vehicles 3 The ability to allow customers to search for their nearest loaction and be able to input a postcode area and have the results display whether we cover that area or not 4 A office location directory ( shown on a map also) 5 A Staff Directory 6 A blog 7 forms that can redirect on completion 8 Abilty to insert reviews etc 9 Twitter feed The question Can this all be achieved with processwire and where would i start ? TIA Ray
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