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  1. Okay - that was scary Just did an update to .84 dev. Checked the front page - 404! Checked admin - 404! Oh, Bollocks!!! Run into panic, open CPanel, ready to follow the repair instructions. Number One - Rename wire directory to something or delete it. Fine. Scan folder list ..... Still looking... Still looking... Okay, where the HELL is the wire directory? And who has stolen my index.php?????!!!!! Quickly downloaded the latest dev and uploaded missing resources. Working - phew! I have no idea what happened, but when I updated to the lastest dev, it didn't have a wire directory or index.php. ummmmm.....
  2. @Mike Rockett - Apparently, that error will also show on 5.5, which is what the server is running, the company have told me. I will probably migrate at some point.
  3. This is on a shared server and according to phpmyadmin, it is 5.1.73
  4. HI I have installed this on one site with no issues, but running into a problems on another: Module reported error during install (ProcessJumplinks): SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1293 Incorrect table definition; there can be only one TIMESTAMP column with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in DEFAULT or ON UPDATE clause Failed to init module: ProcessJumplinks - SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'db-name.process_jumplinks' doesn't exist I uninstalled and reinstalled and no joy. I am on PW 3.0.64 I had redirects installed previously, but uninstalled first. Any thoughts?
  5. Joss

    Mad Archive Deleting

    Eventually got it sorted - eek! Aside from finishing deleting, I have now stopped the media side constantly indexing and cleared out thousands of files associated with creating thumbnails for the cloud side which I don't use. (Note, I have had this drive for ages so it is already long past warranty). Everything much faster now. Really this is a lesson in complexity. If you try to be connected to everything all the time as we are pushing to be in our world, eventually it gets so complex that is collapses around you. Chalk and slate had something going for it
  6. Joss

    Mad Archive Deleting

    I will go peek. I also found a post about SSH-ing into it and removing things like hidden files and so on https://community.wd.com/t/hidden-wdmc-directories-created-by-mcserver-and-photodbmerger-and-the-deletion-of-them/91860/8 Though I will research that a bit more first. BIt of a valuable storage this!
  7. Joss

    Mad Archive Deleting

    Not sure how to do that. I wasn't aware it even created thumbnails. I just access it through the network
  8. Joss

    Mad Archive Deleting

    This is just through a windows utility accessing A WD mycloud drive. But I am ignoring it and doing other stuff
  9. Joss

    Mad Archive Deleting

    I decided to have a day of just fiddling with rubbish rather than working on one of my many and varied projects that have yet to make me any money. A good day for archiving. But before I got on with that, I decided to see if I had any directories archived on disks that I could happily delete. These are mostly directories that I copied over to an external drive for safety at some point - not long term backups, but just panicking because I was updating something or whatever. So, on an external WD drive, I found a directory innocently called Documents. Inside, was a maddening mix of docs, old websites (loads of ancient WordPress and Joomla ones), website experiments that never went anywhere, huge amounts of downloads that I never got round to using .... you know the sort of thing. None of this is now needed as it was all emergency backup stuff and the originals are either are somewhere archived proper or were long since deleted and no longer leaded. This directory is ripe for the bin. So, I decided to delete it ..... several hours ago! It is really easy to lose track of things, isn't it? Apparently, I am deleting 205,849 items, and it is taking quite some time. Four hours so far with another 6 hours to go, according to the window. This WD drive better buy me a beer when I have finished!
  10. I could, but this way means I can put it anywhere in the article and make more than one search. It would be easy enough to add an extra atribute to say how many you want returned.
  11. Here is the scenario. You have developed a blog or news site or blog section to your site and you have created a basic tag system using a Page Reference field. How can you add related articles easily? This is one way by using Hanna code. I like this method because it gives me the choice of showing or not showing related articles and choosing the tag. My articles use a template called basic-page which includes a Page Reference field called tags. This is a multiple select field. I have created a Hanna code called "tagsearch" and given it the attribute "tag". In my textarea field it is used thus: [[tagsearch tag="fish"]] The Hanna code simply searches the title field of the tags pages for the single term and returns the pages that have that tag. I have limited the results to 8. From the results, we pluck the title field of the pages, the small image that I use for my thumbnail, and the url. However, we do not want to also return the page we are displaying, so we simply eliminate it by making sure that that none of the results have the same page name. Here is the commented Hanna code. <?php // Find the pages that use the specified tag $articles = $pages->find("template=basic-page, tags.title=$tag, limit=8"); // Start the loop foreach($articles as $article){ // Check we are only displaying articles that are NOT the current page if($article->name != $page->name){ // Add a thumbnail, but check it is there so we don't get errors if($article->image_small){ echo "<a href='{$article->url}'><img src='{$article->image_small->url}'></a><br>"; } // Grab the article title echo "<br><a href='{$article->url}'>{$article->title}</a>"; // end the check to make sure we do not show the current page } // end the loop } And that is it.
  12. I know this is an old post, but I just came across it while having the same problem. In the end, I have gone for a quick jquery solution. My field is within two divs, articlecontent and box, so I have made it very specific. $('.articlecontent .box p > img').unwrap(); This also takes into account images with captions - it doesn't effect those since they are not in a p tag in the first place. And that is that.
  13. Dave - yep, in context. That was the phrase I was looking for! Bernhard - that might do it. I rather like that idea of removing checkbox values. Could save clutter.
  14. I should have added that this is only in Inline mode. In normal mode it works fine.
  15. Okay, so I think I know how to do this, but I can't quite get my head around it. When I publish an article on a site I am nailing together, it appears in various listings around the site - homepage, list of recipes, whatever. While it is unpublished, I want to be able to preview it in its various guises, not just the main article. I think it should be something like if logged in user=author, erm, also display unpublished articles by this author, or something. Though, of course, that might bring up a lot of rubbish too - all those unpublished articles I haven't got around to finishing. I suppose I could add a "preview" checkbox so that it will only display the various bits from an unpublished article if this checkbox is also selected. if logged in user=author, also display unpublished articles by this author where preview=1, or something else? Is this making any sort of sense to anyone? Diogo? Are you out there? You are normally good with my ramblings!
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