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  1. What happens if you set it to true?
  2. @celfred: This has nothing to do with the map itself. It takes 15 seconds four your server to generate a response, after that the map and all of its content loads fast. So I assume your process of building the list of markers is somewhat ineffective. Can you show the code with which you generate the $allElements Array?
  3. Thanks you two πŸ™‚ Is not online anymore. But I have a backup, it was in German:
  4. I never submitted the newest iteration of my own business site which already is 3 years online, promoting my webdesign/UI/UX/Frontend stuff. "Just" a Onepager, content managed by PW, usage of D3 for the circles and a completely handwritten gallery at the top. But as always, way more hours went into this as expected πŸ˜‰ https://siebennull.com
  5. After making more App stuff (UI/UX/SPA) lately I finally made a website again πŸ˜‰ It is the Website of the German Association of Osteopaths. Information about the Association, Osteopathy, workshops, search for Osteopaths (Members) as well as a Membership description plus application form. Mentionable: 100% 100% 100% 100% Lighthouse score with only 121 KB transferred data/8 requests for the start page. Processwire-wise usage of ListerPro (for managing Members and workshops), Form Builder for application of members. Croppable Image for the images. Managing pages with flexible teaser blocks, built with ASM select and core functionality. Pretty fun project especially because client delivered his part on time and we ramped up the thing in 4 weeks (me working part time). https://vwod.de
  6. yeah sure, it's Open Source πŸ˜‰
  7. Love it and cannot wait to try it 😎
  8. Honestly I have no clue what is happening there. Just out of curiosity, could you try to autoload the module? So in FieldtypePageTableExtended.module try 'autoload' => true (perhaps same for PageTable). Doesn't make that much sense but I have no idea why FieldtypePageTable isn't ready since it is already present. The modal injects its changes via ajax, I guess somehow there could be the problem with your referenced PTE template block. But its just wild guessing.
  9. could you share some more code, esp. how you render the blocks in your template and how that specific block with the page reference looks like. Thanks!
  10. Sorry, I never saw that error. You mean a page reference field? I also use page reference fields a lot so this shouldn't be the root cause. Do you have an another PTE field active in that template? I know there might be problems if there is more than one PT/PTE field in one template.
  11. I cannot install the module. Seems version 2.8. is left out in the compatible versions? Thx! edit: Nvmd, Manual Install works. Install via Classname didn't.
  12. I guess you are talking about the block and the corresponding detail page. You seem to put the text in the pte template. Why not put a page select field to the pte template and put the content of that textblock where it belongs, to the detail page (let's call it "summary"). Assuming your detail template is "detail" and the pte template is "pte_textblock". Add a page select to pte_textblock named "linkedPage". So in your pte_textblock template you have access to the fields of the detail page via $page->linkedPage->summary and also to the read more destination via $page->linkedPage->url. Ring a bell?
  13. Could you explain the use case for me? Why are those fields not filled in the details template and you just pull them to the PTE template? So the PTE template for example just consists of a page select field. You select a page and the PTE template renders the information pulled from that page.
  14. Sorry, I don't get it. You three different layouts for PTE, so far so good. Now you wanna do what? The read more link to a different page should point to a different template? Why not? For that URL the detail page template is used, isn't it?
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