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  1. MadeMyDay

    I cannot install the module. Seems version 2.8. is left out in the compatible versions? Thx! edit: Nvmd, Manual Install works. Install via Classname didn't.
  2. MadeMyDay

    I guess you are talking about the block and the corresponding detail page. You seem to put the text in the pte template. Why not put a page select field to the pte template and put the content of that textblock where it belongs, to the detail page (let's call it "summary"). Assuming your detail template is "detail" and the pte template is "pte_textblock". Add a page select to pte_textblock named "linkedPage". So in your pte_textblock template you have access to the fields of the detail page via $page->linkedPage->summary and also to the read more destination via $page->linkedPage->url. Ring a bell?
  3. MadeMyDay

    Could you explain the use case for me? Why are those fields not filled in the details template and you just pull them to the PTE template? So the PTE template for example just consists of a page select field. You select a page and the PTE template renders the information pulled from that page.
  4. MadeMyDay

    Sorry, I don't get it. You three different layouts for PTE, so far so good. Now you wanna do what? The read more link to a different page should point to a different template? Why not? For that URL the detail page template is used, isn't it?
  5. thx pwFoo
  6. Hi @pwFoo, have you ever finished/published your module? Thx!
  7. MadeMyDay

    Should be in core distribution. But you have to install it first. It is called "ProFields: PageTable" afair.
  8. MadeMyDay

    I would say the PageTable module by Ryan is close to his repeater matrix ;-) I only extended the functionality of the former.
  9. MadeMyDay

    See it as an alternative to the Repeater Module. For the repeater you define (the same) input fields for each item. The PageTable module is technically pretty similar as both store the items in own pages somewhere. But with the PageTable module you have the opportunity to use different templates as input field sets to choose from. The PageTable module shows those (sub)pages as a table with each page as a row. PTE extends that functionality for rendering the items as they are rendered in the frontend.
  10. MadeMyDay

    Sure, why not? I am using it on more than ten websites. Some of them have thousands of visitors each day, but that is not the crucial thing since the module doesn't do anything different than the PageTable module itself. It "just" renders the templates also in the admin. There can be some glitches (as this thread shows) but as long it works for you in the admin area, it will also work for your visitors ;-)
  11. MadeMyDay

    It is currently not actively under development but I use it as it is on several sites (I guess a lot of others do so, too). So I am wondering about this line: <?php echo $page->pagetableextended->render(); ?> The parts are just pages (see PageTable docs) . So with your code you just get an array of pages and PW is so kind to show you which. What you wanna do is: <?php foreach($page->pagetableextended as $pe){ echo $pe->render(); } ?>
  12. MadeMyDay

    The name is a bit misleading. Just look in the modules section in your backend under "install". It's distributed with every core version, not installed though.
  13. MadeMyDay

    Look here
  14. MadeMyDay

    As said on GitHub: Compatibility should be given up to newest PW3. Look in the dev tools, if there is a JS issue. Never encountered something like this. "textblock" has a template associated? Without template there will no render in PTE. But shouldn't prevent modal though. Please show Console Output.
  15. MadeMyDay

    Well, just saw this: My screenshot refers to an older version of multisite (2-3 years maybe?!), but it works... so better wait for Soma. ;-)