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  1. Nope it's already in the master so you should be able to use it. If it doesn't appear in "upgrades" I'll may have to adjust the version number
  2. @peter: I think I merged a pul request regarding this topic: https://github.com/NicoKnoll/MarkupSEO/commit/b51893486631a980ed33bbc451dcfc3d1105a329
  3. Well I'm using Bootstrap Grid without all the other Bootstrap stuff. works quite nice and easy to adopt for people who have bootstrap experience
  4. @pete: I'll have holidays at university in around a month and gonna tackle all open issues with the module from GitHub. So thanks for finding it - could you add it at GitHub as well so I won't forget it?
  5. Really cool. Would love to see this in the PW 3.0 final build (at latest) if possible
  6. @peter: Good question. Haven't worked on the module for a long time now as I had a lot to do recently. Have you added this to GitHub already? I know there a couple of other open issues on Github but when I find the time to work on that module I will start with the github issues
  7. @Olli: It's explained here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/47334?hl=en So I guess the module has no real impact on that. But try to add a sitemap and with a bit of luck Google will find fitting sitelinks Hey, I'm glad that you like that module. Could you add any bugs directly on GitHub? (And I'm always happy if someone is buying me beer (There is a link under this text - just saying ))
  8. Do you replace double spaces afterwards to? Because a lot of people tend to make a space and than press enter (or Word does this and they just copy and paste it) An maybe you could add a "maxlength" option and do a "nice break" so the last word won't be cut (as explained here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/79960/how-to-truncate-a-string-in-php-to-the-word-closest-to-a-certain-number-of-chara). This would make sense because meta tags have a length restriction I think.
  9. Here is PIWIK's blacklist: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/piwik/referrer-spam-blacklist/master/spammers.txt
  10. Well I think it makes sense. Take the date field for example. You define an input and an output format. But "input format" means how it is displayed in the backend - not how you really put data into it. "Output format" means how it is outputted if you call $page->datefield; If you call "$page->datefield" you don't get the real field but the formatted output (a string) by a runtime formatter. But the field itself does not know how it's output looks like. So If you try to overwrite it the field will not know how to interpret. But if you disable of first the value you get/set is the "real" value of the field. So just try to keep in mind to disable of before editing a page/saving fields
  11. @guenther55: Go to the settings page and select the templates that should get seo fields
  12. Well <?php echo wire('page')->seo->render; ?> or <?php echo $page->seo->render; ?> are the way to go. In your settings you can either enable automatically insertion of the meta fields (so you dont need to do this) or you can enable "manual" and then you will need this code (or you're rendering the tags in some other way)
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