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  1. absolutely not. I just helps me to have a different URL on my development machine so i can have www.project1.webdev as a base install of PW, www.project2.webdev for another installation of PW, www.project3.webdev for playing with something else, etc. It just helps to keep everything separated instead of doing localhost/project1, localhost/project2, localhost/project3
  2. As Teppo mentioned, rewrite rules. Make sure they are enabled. sudo a2enmod rewrite Then restart Apache.
  3. Don't forget to restart Apache sudo service apache2 restart
  4. My apache had errors until I added this to my .conf file try changing this: <Directory /var/www/html/processwire/> Options +FollowSymlinks AllowOverride All Require all granted </Directory> to this: <Directory /var/www/html/processwire/> AllowOverride all Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Require local </Directory> Is that really the name of your virtualhost?
  5. What do your apache logs say? Do you know where they are located? Did you follow my write-up from my sig? Are you using virtualhosts?
  6. Nope. None of those are needed. Check my signature, I'm running a full LAMP setup
  7. LOL. Windows was happily removed from my computer. I'm so excited! Ran a fresh install of Debian two nights ago. Couldn't be more thrilled.
  8. Every time I see a mention of phpMyAdmin, I have to suggest Adminer https://www.adminer.org/ It is a single page PHP file that totally replaces the need for phpMyAdmin. I have used it for years. The English only version is just 205kB. Just download, rename to index.php and upload to a new directory in your website www.yoursite.com/db and there ya go, instant access
  9. Can you first attempt a default new PW install before trying to import your current one? Linux Mint is Debian based. Check my signature. I have a detailed write-up on a LAMP install that will help you cover all the bases before you proceed. I've never used OSX so I wouldn't know about migrating this Dev site over.
  10. Yes, the disk must be mounted so your OS and www-data can see it. Test everything by setting a locally accessible directory in the file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Just to make sure that Apache and everything else is properly configured. Once you got that set, then try mounting the other drive.
  11. In recent posts, Kongondo has mentioned quite a bit about his use of Linux. I am certain there are other users of Linux here in the community forums of ProcessWire I have been a loyal user of FOSS and GNU Linux for as long as I can remember. Every single Android device I have owned has been rooted. My Linksys router runs DD-WRT. Every computer I have had has had some distribution of Linux at one time or another. Back in the late 90's my ex-girlfriend gave me a big box set of Suse and another of RedHat. I have since then distro-hopped from those to Arch, Mandrake, Suse, everything *buntu and I settled on Crunchbang++ for a few years. I have yet to play with CentOS or Linux From Scratch (LFS) but that is on the horizon I have always preferred Debian and everything in its family tree, including Sparky. I just don't like XFCE nor LXDE. Openbox has always appealed to me, as well as i3wm. I finally got around, by special request by Kongondo, to share my LAMP set up. It's a file I have modded over the years but it remains pretty simple. I formatted it to MarkDown and threw it up on github for your viewing. I hope to help our growing community in something I kinda sorta know a bit about https://github.com/OrganizedFellow/LAMP
  12. Here you go amigo https://github.com/OrganizedFellow/LAMP I've had that readme.txt for a while now, making edits as needed and I suppose it is now ready to share with the community
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