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  1. PERFECT! Firefox extension + installed the VSCode extension = SUCCESS!!
  2. I agree with you amigo! I'm back to school and they issued us these nice ThinkPads with Win10Pro. I like it, but I do miss my Debian.
  3. WELL, I just discovered that Laragon bundles Node + NPM πŸ˜„ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ node = 12.5.0 npm = 6.9.0 NOW to find a reliably written tutorial.
  4. WOW 😲 that's pretty crappy. I didn't know there was a limitation, as I did no RTFM, lol. I have always had a tough time getting Node + NPM to install, whether on Debian or Windows. I always end up cluttering my system with crap that doesn't work, so I don't really wanna go the Gulp route 😞
  5. I've not coded a website in a few years and recently am taking on the task of rebuilding my church website. It's currently on Concrete CMS and of course, I will be redesigning & rebuilding entirely on πŸ˜„ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ in the past I had used Gulp to assist in my workflow: minify js, parse SCSS to CSS, and most importantly was the Live Reloading. However the reloading was always buggy and I spent more time trying to fix it than making actual progress 😞 So today I was searching for alternatives and I came across blisk.io. Currently working on this little project and knowing the live reloading is handled without any scripting on my part is a dream come true.
  6. Thanks buddy. This is a new laptop, new SSDs, and new Laragon setup. Previously I would code on my aging Thinkpad T420, so I had made that backup to USB flash drive (should've been to gitlab - dummyme).
  7. I have an old script that no longer works. My previous workflow was: prior to running git push, I would run a git alias that did a quick backup of the project, save with timestamp-filename, and then after successfully backing up, it would continue with git push to remote. That script is old and not working anymore. Rather than fix the script, I am wondering if anyone here has one they might share?!
  8. The machine exists, but as an addicted DistroHopper, it's been wiped. Client? I use the command line. No worries amigo, I have accepted the loss and will restart the project again tomorrow 😞 LESSON LEARNED!
  9. no luck. i may have lost everything. damnit. next time, I should (and will) use remote git, i have both gitlab & github. Why I did not use them for my project? I DUNNO!
  10. Sadly git was my backup 😞 I attempted several git checkout xxxxxx, but the error persists 😞 😒
  11. This was relocated from my other PC/workstation to another. Nothing LAMP related is different, they are both identical. I'm thinking something else is broken and may have to start over, as git is also throwing errors (see comment above).
  12. Git diff reports errors, uh oh πŸ™„πŸ˜ž
  13. I haven't worked on this site in months. Today when I opened my project, I am greeted with this cryptic error. πŸ˜„ 😒
  14. I LOVE suckless tools. Especially their terminal. @wbmnfktr are you a fellow Linux user?
  15. here's what i have in mine: AllowOverride all Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Require local AllowOverride all Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Require local
  16. Through years of trial-and-error my friend. I've been a Linux/Debian user for many years. I stopped using "traditional web hosts" about 6-7 years ago. When I first heard of Digital Ocean, Linode and all the others - I wanted to tinker and learn how to run my own server. At the time I didn't know how much I would enjoy it, nor how simple it would make my web development hobby. At the time I was using *buntu but without a LAMP setup. It was then that I started to get serious about coding. I can't tell you how many partitions and Windows dual-boot setups I ruined by learning, but here I am. Both my laptops run some distro. Thinkpad T420 with Debian stretch off a netinstall using i3wm and a little Acer Chromebook C720 running BunsenLabs but soon it will run Arch. My third ThinkPad will run either CentOS or Void, perhaps LFS (Linux From Scratch) if I can dedicate the time.
  17. absolutely not. I just helps me to have a different URL on my development machine so i can have www.project1.webdev as a base install of PW, www.project2.webdev for another installation of PW, www.project3.webdev for playing with something else, etc. It just helps to keep everything separated instead of doing localhost/project1, localhost/project2, localhost/project3
  18. As Teppo mentioned, rewrite rules. Make sure they are enabled. sudo a2enmod rewrite Then restart Apache.
  19. Don't forget to restart Apache sudo service apache2 restart
  20. My apache had errors until I added this to my .conf file try changing this: <Directory /var/www/html/processwire/> Options +FollowSymlinks AllowOverride All Require all granted </Directory> to this: <Directory /var/www/html/processwire/> AllowOverride all Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Require local </Directory> Is that really the name of your virtualhost?
  21. What do your apache logs say? Do you know where they are located? Did you follow my write-up from my sig? Are you using virtualhosts?
  22. Nope. None of those are needed. Check my signature, I'm running a full LAMP setup πŸ‘
  23. LOL. Windows was happily removed from my computer. I'm so excited! Ran a fresh install of Debian two nights ago. Couldn't be more thrilled.
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