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  1. I have made no changes to my account, none at all. It just stopped receiving emails. I have multiple accounts, one personal and the other for business. It is my business account (G Suite) that I do not receive emails for. There is no method of seeking help because all my queries lead no where. Is anyone else having troubles? Found the problem, silly me. Used this tool (https://mxtoolbox.com/) to realize I didn't have the MX setting set with DigitalOcean (my host).
  2. Thanks for your contributions to the community πŸ˜„ Good luck in all that you do - we'll see you around pwFoo πŸ™‚
  3. But that's kind of the similar case as many of the Modules, with their last updates being years old. Are they no longer being updated because the developer lost interest in updating it? OR they work perfectly well still, with no need to update? lol, it could go both ways. It's a pleasant surprise when I test out an old module and it works perfectly with the later version of PW ❀️
  4. Great news! Adding this to my "next to try" Modules, lol.
  5. I've always relied on Digital Ocean because I liked the task of setting up a LAMP stack and having that stack be a nearly identical setup as my development Linux laptop. I've always gone with Ubuntu or Debian and I follow the same tutorial (in my signature) so I get the same results across the setups. I have been out of the web development game for a few year. I have been focusing on family stuff. I recent quick Google comparison between Digital Ocean and Linode revealed that Linode was faster across many tests and has better docs and support/service. The last time I used a shared hosting service was with Site5 about a year ago. What do YOU look for when shopping for a host (here in the States)? Who do YOU use now?
  6. Thanks, I missed that step πŸ˜„
  7. I read through all 14 pages, hoping to find some solution to my problem. I learned that I can no use my regular Gmail password, instead an App Password was generated for my account and I have that in place in the settings πŸ˜‰ Thanks to whomever suggested that! I've gone through and entered all relevant fields pertaining to using Googles Gmail SMTP for my localhost testing. This is being done on my laptop running Linux (PopOS). smtp hostname = smtp.gmail.com smtp port = 587 smtp user/password = my gmail credentials and the generated app password start tls checked, use ssl checked I submit/save settings but I see no where where it says "SUCCESS! SMTP settings appear to work correctly" 😞 I have the following in a template: <?php $to = 'organizedfellow@gmail.com'; $from = 'organizedfellow@gmail.com'; $subject = 'email testes'; $textBody = 'this is the body of the test email'; $numSent = wireMail($to, $from, $subject, $textBody); ?>
  8. When I was in school we were given a Thinkpad E590 with 32GB RAM and two SSDs (500GB and 1TB M2). It came with Win 10 Pro. and I hated it. I missed the freedom and the speed of my old Linux system. I have two old Thinkpad T400s, one runs minimal Debian with openbox and i3, the other is Arch. I still prefer Debian. Last weekend I wiped my M2 drive to run PopOS and couldn't be happier. I have no booted into Windows except maybe one to run Affinity Designer (similar to photoshop). I was never a fan of Gnome but it is truly growing on me, liking it more every day! Although I do miss i3 πŸ˜„ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚
  9. My most ambitious project is on the horizon πŸ˜„ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ They want a forum and it would have to integrate users/profiles with the PW being built. What do you all wonderful people recommend?!
  10. I tried the above suggestion. It still doesn't work after restarting apache. Any idea why? I am stumped.
  11. A droplet on Digital Ocean running a LAMP stack (see my sig).
  12. #Force www: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^915website.com [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.915website.com/$1 [L,R=301] my static site is no redirecting as expected 😞 i have my htaccess at the root alongside index.html and style.css
  13. Client receives this error. Server error: '452 too many recipients' He is an older gentleman (Pastor of a church) and wants to continue using Outlook. I chatted with web hosting tech support, they say he can NOT send to more than 50 addresses at the same time. Client emails are sent to 300-400 people several times per week. I did request an email limit and the host granted the request. Client is allowed to send 750 emails per hour, which is nice. However I am looking for a solution that allows client to continue using Outlook. I think it might be troublesome to get him to adopt using a phpscript or PWmodule, as he is older and set in his ways.
  14. YUP! That was it, haahaa, I knew it was something simple. Thank you amigo.
  15. My videos page is only showing one page and not the others 😞 Link here -> http://biz265.inmotionhosting.com/~lovero8/videos/ Currently 4 videos are shown (as expeccted) and it is linking each accordingly. But each page only shows the first link to the first video, not each one like it's supposed to - UGH! I mean, each of the 4 pages only shows the link, description, etc. of the first posted video,thats not right. I cant figure out why. <?php namespace ProcessWire; $settings = $pages->get("template=settings"); $videos = $pages->get("template=videos"); ?> <nav pw-append='content-body'> <?=ukDescriptionListPages(page()->children)?> <?php echo "<p>{$videos->youtube_description}</p>"; echo "<p>{$videos->youtube_link}</p>"; ?> We would love if you shared this video. Please feel free to copy and share the link below: <p><input class="uk-input" type="text" value="<?php echo $videos->youtube_sharelink; ?>" id="myInput"></p> <p><button class="uk-button" onclick="myFunction()">Copy Link</button></p> </nav> <aside id='sidebar' pw-prepend> <?=ukNav(page()->rootParent, "depth=3")?> </aside> <script> function myFunction() { /* Get the text field */ var copyText = document.getElementById("myInput"); /* Select the text field */ copyText.select(); copyText.setSelectionRange(0, 99999); /*For mobile devices*/ /* Copy the text inside the text field */ document.execCommand("copy"); /* Alert the copied text */ alert("Copied the text: " + copyText.value); } </script>
  16. Over two years later with PW 3.0.123 I was getting the above mentioned error about Unrecognized HTTP host I emptied out the httpHosts = array(); and the error went away. TESTED. CONFIRMED. Working in 2019 running PW 3.0.123 πŸ˜„ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚
  17. lol, i see amigo, I just didn't want to have to go re-invent the wheel, ya know? I'm liking this little gem https://fullcalendar.io/ Just gotta figure out the best way to implement it πŸ˜‰
  18. I've been browsing the forum for a while today, in need of a calendar. Nearly every post points to Recurme. I don't mind paying for a full-featured Modules, but I just don't need all the features of that calendar. The modules section has very few entries, and the tutorial I came across is pretty old. 😞
  19. Thank you πŸ˜„ not done by hand ya know! A Sublime3 extension thing. lol, it was auto generated amigo, it's called ASCII Decorator. Today I Learned: Matomo was once Piwik, I used to use Piwik back in the day. I would rather run that than Google Analytics: self hosted is a better solution for me πŸ˜„ thank buddy
  20. Udemy and YouTube for learning is only that - learning. Following someone who is better understanding of the topic of Networking. These suggestions are NOT for Certifications, for that you must go to https://www.comptia.org/certifications CompTia is the organization that will provide you the certifications. Everthing else you come across is for furthering your knowledge of switches, the OSI model, subnetting, IPv6, etc. You have TONS of learning to do, here are lots of other topics related to Networking https://www.reddit.com/r/ccna/ https://www.reddit.com/r/networking/ I am currently in school to get my Cisco Certifications, starting with A+ and Net+, going as high as I can. Hopefully ending with Cyber Security and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). But the road is NOT EASY. GOOD LUCK
  21. I have the tracking code properly pasted in the page. It's been active for about a week. It's a simple landing page for my freelance work. I have a ways to go. Can you lovely PW Friends visit my little site? It's a single html page with a little css and no js => http://915website.com/ I'm not asking for critiques or nothing, just a simple visit so I could troubleshoot. AND ANOTHER THING!? Are meta keywords and description still important for SERP?!?!
  22. Google 'professor messer' and check out a course on Udemy, a course by Chris Bryant for CCNA video bootcamp.
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