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  1. Hi @MadeMyDay, I haven't finished the module because of some problems with api auth / token of the used flarum version. Maybe it's easier with a current flarum version, but I haven't looked into it for a long time...
  2. Thanks Adrian, it looks like I posted the wrong module link...
  3. Take a look into the documentation linked in the initial post. But You should move to Login/Register/Profile module.
  4. jQuery is fine, but backend / jQueryUi dependencies should be removed. Why use a external form framework in frontend instead of the PW form / inputflieds? I know the form / inputfields work in the frontend, but designed for backend use only and not supported in frontend.
  5. Would be great to use small / fast / minimal frameworks with extensions / plugins to build forms, inputfields, ... working fine with backend and frontend
  6. Awesome! Looks like a great tool (features, UI) to work with.
  7. Thanks @bernhard, I haven't used it before, but need to take a look. [pagebreak] is supported by PW ckeditor? Should be replaced with the "<pagebreak>" html tag supported by mpdf? Maybe the best / easiest solution to set pagebreak with the ckeditor. I have to test it. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I want to generate a PDF with dynamic page breaks so that started paragraphs are pushed to the next page. Is that possible with pages2pdf or another php solution? If dynamic page breaks are not or not so easy to implement, a tool would be interesting, in which one could put the page breaks manually in a preview view before generating the PDF. Does anyone have an idea? Greetings
  9. Some tests done, but I don't know if TemplateEngineFactory fits my needs (current page inside of the global layout, ajax friendly usage, layout / current page scripts and styles).
  10. I used a simple TemplateFile extension to build a similar module which works fine with ajax (load current page / page part without global layout). The module is small and simple: But maybe it would be better to move to your TemplateEngineFactory because it's well written and much more flexible. I think it would be better to have one base instead of different modules with the same goal. TemplateEngineFactory supports global template / layout. So it outputs the current page inside of a global layout template. Is it possible to skip that for ajax usage? Just output the current page part if it was a ajax call? Add cache feature to Processwire engine should be easy with WireCache? Or wouldn't it be a good option? At the moment it isn't needed. What's about multi lang and caching)? scripts / styles in global or current page context? For example to handle just current page scripts and styles if requested by a ajax call.
  11. So I need a template and page to use template cache. I take a look at MarkupCache and WireCache. Thanks.
  12. Should WireCache used instead of MarkupCache? Pro / cons to use MarkupCache?
  13. Hi, I use TemplateFile class to render custom files like _layout.tpl (base html layout file), but output I think output isn't cached. Because there is no template added to PW I can't configure template cache I think. How to activate template cache inside of php code temporarily or persistent (for example with a hidden / system template created)? Should be done with code (module install or inside a php file).
  14. This topic reminded my on my tests with reference based access control. I don't know about performance / production usability... But maybe You would take a look. Manage view / edit permissions based on a reference chain page -> group -> user. Wow... it's three years old... So it's untested with PW versions newer than three years
  15. Haven't used it for a long time. An update breaks frontend usage. If I remember correctly it was the same problem fixed by loading additional field JS / CSS.