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  1. Hello Werner, I'm glad you got it working. I tried to figure out why this is happening but I couldn't get my head around it just yet (maybe it's a Chrome issue?). Among some other sites, I use the module on my own website (https://johannesdachsel.com) as well. I checked the dev tools on there and everything seems to be working fine as I get the OK response for cached assets. What does your Network panel in the dev tools say? Are there any clues on wether or not the assets are delivered from cache?
  2. Adds a Service Worker to your Processwire site which can be customised. The service worker script itself is heavily based on Jeremy Keith’s work – thank you Jeremy! More information: https://github.com/johannesdachsel/processwire-serviceworker
  3. Thank you so much for creating this Gregor! I didn't have a closer look at it yet, but I will definitely test the module on my site. Out of necessity I wrote a very simple webmentions implementation for Processwire a couple of weeks ago at Indie Web Camp in Brighton. But it's by far not as advanced as yours. At the moment it can only receive and display webmentions and I use it in combination with brid.gy to pull in responses to tweets I send out from my site (like here). One question came up when I read your documentation. You wrote that every URL in the page body would be sent a webmention. Would it be possible to specify just one URL that I can send a reply to? I can't wait to give your module a test run and I will be back with further feedback soon!
  4. What browser are you using? A colleague of mine experienced the exact same issues after upgrading to the latest Firefox version…
  5. Thank you, that sounds good, I'll give that a try. The person configuring the module is the developer in most cases anyway, so it doesn't need to be that user friendly.
  6. Hello Processwire community, I am currently writing a configurable Textformatter module. For the configuration page I need a dynamic set of options, each consisting of two fields like so: Option: name1:value1 name2:value2 and so on… At the moment I am using a JSON string in a text field but I was wondering if there is a better way to do this? Ideally I would be able to use a repeater, but I think that's not possible for a module configuration page, correct? What's the best way to achieve this?
  7. You could use a custom Textformatter module for this. I quickly hacked together this one, nothing perfect as it replaces all occurrences of opening p tags, but you could spice it up using regex etc. I gave it a quick test – it does it's job. This should get you started: <?php class TextformatterAutoClass extends Textformatter{ public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'AutoClass Textformatter', 'version' => 100, 'summary' => "Adds a class to the automatic p wraptag of CKEditor" , 'author' => 'Johannes Dachsel' ); } public function formatValue(Page $page, Field $field, &$str) { $str = str_replace("<p>", "<p class='summary'>", $str); return; } }
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